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20th February 2018

The full version of "Flipy's Tesla! Inventemos el Futuro" now available
The game turns the console into a mini-lab thanks to Virtual Reality technology / The launch strengthens the MEDIAPRO Group's investment in the creation of Virtual Reality content

The launch of "Flipy's Tesla! Inventemos el futuro", the game for PlayStation®VR, will allow players to turn their console into mini-virtual labs and see Science as they have never seen it before. As a consequence of the partnership between the MEDIAPRO Group, 100 Balas and Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain, as part of the support programme for Spanish video-games PlayStation® Talents Alianzas, the video-game sets out to get young people interested in science via an adventure game based on immersive experiences.

After the launch of their first experience, available since last December, the game sets out to bring science closer to younger people, to help them enjoy themselves whilst they're learning with the help of the Tesla! pupils, the first-rate Science school for young scientists.
The game, which is available in its digital version via PlayStation®Store, is a graphical adventure in which the player becomes a pupil of the school and together with Bio and Ziggy, they have to solve a series of strange events which threaten to wipe out all the knowledge stored in the Tesla! To start with, they have to find out what has happened to Flipy, also a pupil at the school, who has turned up in the playground unconscious in the playground.

The video-game, developed by the Spanish team at Animatoon Studio, includes a series of experiments which feature different task within the STEM scientific context, all designed for playing in the VR world. Via the puzzles and experiments, the player will also get the chance to learn about eco-science, anatomy, botany and chemistry. In addition, they'll get to find out what the Tesla coil does and how an Enigma machine works.

The game, which featured the participation of the scientist Javier Santaolalla, a Particle Physics professor, CERN researcher and science educator, is supported by CREATIONS, the educational innovation project financed by the European Union, which sets out to bring new educational activities to kids in classrooms which combine science and art to help promote creativity in the learning of the sciences.

The presentation today, which took place at the Brains International School María Lombillo, saw Flipy, content director at 100 Balas; Javier Santaolalla; M. Carmen Fernández Tallón, the head of the digital department at the MEDIAPRO Group and Roberto Yeste, the Senior New Business Development Manager at PlayStation Iberia; in addition to the students at the school, who were centre-stage as they tried to figure out the enigma of the Tesla! School as well as setting a challenge for the journalists present at the launch.

16th February 2018

Orient Hontai Capital joins Imagina Media Audiovisual as majority shareholder
The premier private equity group from China acquires the stakes of Torreal, Televisa and Mediavideo / Jaume Roures and Tatxo Benet will continue to control the management of the Group

The shareholders of the Imagina Media Audiovisual and Orient Hontai Capital ("OHC" or "东方弘泰" in Chinese) have entered into a definitive agreement by which the Chinese premier private equity group acquires the shares of Torreal (22,5%), Televisa (19%) and Mediavideo (12%), reaching a total of 53,5%. This transaction values Imagina at an enterprise value of EUR 1.9 billion. All remaining shareholders, the WPP Group (22,5%) and two of the Group's founding members, Tatxo Benet (12%) and Jaume Roures (12%), maintain their stake in Imagina. The agreement includes the preservation of the existing shareholders' agreement, by which the management of the Group will not undergo any change and will remain in the hands of Jaume Roures and Tatxo Benet.

This decision by particular shareholders to sell their stake in Imagina has generated great interest in the international market, evidencing Imagina's solid situation and its growth potential. A dozen initial proposals submitted by international investors were analysed. The final choice of Orient Hontai Capital as the new shareholder will generate clear synergies and converging interests.
On this point, the Group's managing partners, Tatxo Benet and Jaume Roures, highlight, firstly, that the operation results for Imagina in "a significant boost to its competitive strength in its traditional markets of Spain and Europe" and confirms "the markets' confidence in its business model and its growth strategy". Moreover, "the agreement will provide the Group with access to an emerging market like China and the advantage of accessing this market in association with such an important partner as Orient Hontai Capital". According to Roures and Benet, the three main areas of activity of the Group (rights, content and audiovisual services) present excellent perspectives for consolidation and growth in Spain, Europe, and America and growth in China and the Asian market.

The acquisition of a majority stake in Imagina reflects Orient Hontai Capital's continued commitment to the technology and media industry. "This acquisition is a crucial step towards Orient Hontai Capital's international expansion in Europe under the One Belt, One Road strategy. We strongly believe in the potential and prospects of Imagina and the new media technology industry as a whole," Tony Ma, CEO of Orient Hontai Capital, said in a statement. "The acquisition of Imagina will not only enable us to introduce advanced audiovisual production technology to China, but also opens new perspectives for exchanges and cooperation among China, Spain and Latin-America in fields like content, culture, sports, etc. With strong support from both Orient Hontai Capital and the best-in-class management team of Imagina, we are excited to witness the synergies and potential in China as well as globally, to be realized in the near future."

The transaction is subject to regulatory approvals and expected to close in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Citibank and Lazard acted as financial advisors to Imagina. Deutsche Bank and GBS Finance acted as financial advisors to OHC. Deutsche Bank (Left Lead), Citibank and Goldman Sachs acted as financing banks to the transaction. On the legal, financial and tax side, legal team of Eneko Belausteguigoitia and EY advised Imagina; Freshfields and KPMG Advisory China, to OHC.

With 45 centres in 28 countries, Imagina is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unique in its integration of audiovisual content, production and distribution, with activities worldwide. Moreover, the Group develops significant activity in the planning of smarts cities, design and implementation of interactive museum spaces using state-of-the-art technology and planning multiplatform content aimed at marketing and advertising. Imagina provides the creativity and technical solutions required to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project to any corner of the globe with a 6,500-strong team of professionals. 

In 2016, Imagina reported a turnover of 1.54 billion EUR (compared to 1.51 in 2015), with an EBITDA of 162 million EUR (130 in 2015). 2017 unaudited results suggest that the Group will beat 2016 (best ever financial year to date), with growth in revenues and EBITDA exceeding expectations.

Orient Hontai Capital is a subsidiary of Orient Securities Capital Investment Company Limited, which is wholly-owned by Orient Securities Company Limited (the "Group"), a China A-share and H-share listed securities company, and serves as an important direct investment platform of the Group. Orient Hontai Capital, via various funds under its management, has made domestic and foreign equity investments focused on the technology and media sectors, including investments in companies such as AppLovin, Funplus, China Mobile Games and Entertainment, Shanda Games, among others. Orient Hontai Capital has devoted significant resources in the media technology market and will continue to build on its track record of developing strong connections with leading companies in this area.

15th February 2018

Is it a crime to make a documentary?
An attack on the freedom of creation, expression and thought

The production and creation of the "1-O" documentary has been presented in a Guardia Civil report, sent to Judge Llarena and leaked to the press, as proof of Jaume Roures' and MEDIAPRO's involvement in Catalonia's unilateral declaration of independence, supplying the courts with a DVD of the documentary as proof.

MEDIAPRO considers it a particularly serious and pernicious attack on the freedom of creation, expression and thought that the Guardia Civil believes it to be a crime. Freedoms enshrined in the Constitution protect citizens and Mediapro asks for the same constitutional rights for the staff who were part of the "1-O" project, citing the obvious news interest in the events which took place on the 1st October 2017 and which were covered by media outlets from around the world.

MEDIAPRO defends the professionalism of the team that produced the documentary, as well as the fact that the content reflected the events that took place, providing a platform for the people who were a part of the day. Criminalising the documentary and its content is a clear attempt to try to silence any opposition voices. "1-O", which premiered on TV3 on the 9th January, posted best-ever audience figures with more than 1,100,000 viewers and a 34.4% share. The documentary was also shown on ETB.

MEDIAPRO is also at a loss to understand how the organisation of a press centre for media outlets flown in to Barcelona to cover events on the 1st October can be considered a crime. The list of press conferences is ample proof of the fact that the press centre was not a Catalan regional government mouth-piece, as only half of the press conferences were from spokesmen and women from the Catalan government. The centre provided access to more than 400 journalists from 150 media outlets from 33 countries from around the world. Companies who used the facilities included many of the world's leading news agencies: AFP, Reuters, Associated Press and Al Jazeera as well as many of the public foreign broadcasters: The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Sky and Sky Italy, RAI, Channel One, France 24, GloboNews, ARD TV, etc. and news outlets from places such as Argentina, Australia, Columbia, China, Denmark, Slovenia, the USA, Hungary, Japan, Latvia, Morocco, Norway, Rumania, etc.

6th February 2018

Antena 3 kicks off the recording of the 2nd season of "Ninja Warrior"
Patricia Montero joins the team of presenters alongside Arturo Valls and Manolo Lama

The challenge begins again! Antena 3 has started recording of the second season of "Ninja Warrior" in the Caja Mágica in Madrid. Arturo Valls and Manolo Lama are back to host the internationally successful show produced in Spain by Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group).

This time around sees them joined by Patricia Montero ('Fuga de cerebros 2', 'El don de Alba', 'Buenagente', 'Yo soy Bea') at the helm. In "Ninja Warrior 2", the actress will even have a go at some of the challenges designed to put the 200 warriors to the test over the course of the competition. A new experience for Patricia Montero, but a perfect fit with her background in sport with 10 years of competing internationally in Acro Dance, winning the Valencia regional championships 8 times, 8-time Spanish champion and once runner-up at the European championships.

Antena 3 viewers welcomed with open arms the launch of "Ninja Warrior España" on the 9th June 2017, with more than 2.5 million people tuning in (18.4% share). The season came to an end on the 7th July again going over the 2-milion viewer mark (2,162,000). The average of the five programmes aired in the prime-time slot was an impressive 16.1% and paved the way for the decision to make another 6 shows: 5 with 40 contestants in each show and a grand final with just 24 survivors set to do battle over the Mount Midoriyama course, the legendary test, which sees contestants having to try to scale a 20-metre rope with only their own hands for help.

"Ninja Warrior 2" is unlikely to disappoint fans of TV's most exciting sports show. The more demanding audition process will see tougher challenges for the 200 contestants on the start-line in the 5,565 m2 and 3 runs at the Caja Mágica Arena, a multi-discipline area managed by Madrid Destino.

The highlight of the Spanish version is a focus on the contestants' back-stories and this time around there will be more women taking part, with some unlikely competitor profiles.

5th February 2018

MEDIAPRO awarded the rights to the Italian League
The three-year contract will allow the Group to devote its expertise to the Italian competition

The Assembly of the Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A have accepted the bid submitted by the MEDIAPRO Group for the audiovisual rights of the Italian competition for the coming 3 seasons (2018/2019 to 2020/2021). The bid presented by the MEDIAPRO Group in the public tendering procedure covered the minimum price demanded by La Lega, 1.05 billion euros per season. La Lega issued a public request for tenders on January 6 for the exploitation of the audiovisual rights to Serie A. The agreement by the Assembly is subject to approval from the Italian anti-trust and competition authorities.

The audiovisual Group is looking forward to bringing its expertise in the management and marketing of audiovisual rights to bear on the Italian competition, introducing new features and improvements in the areas of match production and transmission. The application of the new management model will imply an increase in the number of subscribers, a significant boost to clubs' revenues from television rights and greater international exposure for the Italian competition. This, in MEDIAPRO's opinion, will lead to an increase in subscriber numbers.

The Italian La Lega is ranked among the top three best national competitions in Europe.

In Spain, through beIN SPORTS LaLiga, the MEDIAPRO Group commercializes the principal rights package to LaLiga: eight matches every week. The channel, which is the leading Pay-TV channel, is accessible via all operators as well as through beIN CONNECT.

26th January 2018

LVP consolidates its number one position in the eSports market in the Spanish speaking world
LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) broadcasts notched up more than 17 million unique spectators, a 44% jump on 2016

LVP, MEDIAPRO Group, closed out 2017 consolidating its number one spot in the eSports market in Spanish around the world, with significant improvements in the audience numbers over the last year.

The more than 3,500 hours of broadcasts of LVP events have seen 17 million unique spectators, a 44% jump over the previous year. More viewers but also more viewing time, 770 million minutes watched over the last 12 years, a 30% increase over 2016. The undisputed number one spot of the LVP in Spain, where it has racked up an 87% market share, is also seen internationally where it enjoys an 80% share in the Spanish speaking world.

The success of the broadcasts has also translated to the events organised by LVP, which have seen more than 85 thousand people visit over the course of the year.

Over the course of the year, 35 clubs took part in one of the four professional leagues organised by LVP and which saw the final phases played out at the two Gamergy events, with more than 78 thousand combined visitors in June and December.

2017 was also a year of international expansion with two key milestones notched up: an initial launch for LVP in Portugal and then in Latin America via its ArenaGG games platform; and a second more recent launch of its first live events outside Spain. Buenos Aires (Argentina), Mexico City (Mexico) and Lisbon (Portugal) all played host to an LVP event in the last quarter of 2017.

The next step, which is already up and running, is the organisation of the national League of Legends tournaments in Argentina, Chile and Peru, which provides access to the CLS, the most important competition in the region.

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