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31st July 2020

The production and broadcast of four simultaneous start match-days, proved a significant technical challenge but one which MEDIAPRO was able to meet successfully
The Group produced and broadcast the four simultaneous start match-days with virtual production of the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank in just 5 days

The simultaneous nature of the 11 matches per match-day for the last two rounds of matches in the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga Smartbank in just five days required significant logistical planning by the MEDIAPRO teams and an altogether different challenge from the typical match-day coverage with games spread out across the weekend. In addition, the challenge was even greater as the last two rounds of games were practically one after another, four in five days, with very little time in between to organize the deployment of staff and equipment.

For the project, MEDIAPRO used more than 1,000 staff and up to 11 OB vans around the different grounds with back-up support provided by Overon, which allowed them to produce and distribute the signal from all the grounds and the match-production needs at the same time. The simultaneous starts of the last two rounds of matches with seven matches at the same time and one with nine and the last but one round of LaLiga games.

Smartbank Liga with 11 simultaneous matches, which is done to make it a level playing ground for all those teams involved in the fight for the league, staying up, promotion and relegation or battling it out for the European spots meant that MEDIAPRO, who was in charge of production and signal distribution, a technical effort which involved receiving 60 simultaneous fiber optic signals, four additional continuous feeds and up to five extra ticket offices per match-day round both for 120 clients at home and abroad with all the match-day feeds arriving back at the production center in Barcelona, 42 match commentary booths in English and in Spanish and twice the normal number of graphics stations needed than on a normal match-day with the multi-match feed being distributed to both national and international clients and public viewing locations made it a significant technical challenge which needed to be stitched into a single signal in English and Spanish, with a highlights package for each match for viewers to be able to follow the day's action without changing channel. 

Added to the technical challenge was the availability of the virtual technology for the LaLiga games, generated and implemented also by the Mediapro Group which has allowed fans to enjoy a host of virtual enhancements since the start-up of the league again, such as the virtual stands and crowd noise, which provide genuine authenticity to the match atmosphere in the LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank, which are being played behind closed doors as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Once again MEDIAPRO was up to the unique technical challenge of virtual production and the simultaneous playing of the matches, with the added difficulty of meeting all the health and safety measures needed to be able to minimize the risks of possible COVID-19 infection among the staff taking part in the project.

31st July 2020

Agreement between Netflix and TELEFOOT (MEDIAPRO Group) in France
The channel will also feature Champions League football in its content thanks to recent deal with SFR

Mediapro is taking another step forward to being able to offer the very best footballing content to French fans across a range of possible technologies. Thanks to the deal signed with RMC Sports, Netflix and MEDIAPRO the agreement features the very best French and European football as well as access to series, films and documentaries.

This comb-offer will be available from August 17th and includes a TELEFOOT subscription as well as the standard Netflix package which features HD content and two simultaneous broadcast options in two devices. The launch price is 29.90 euros a month with a commitment of one year for the TELEFOOT service.

MEDIAPRO, a new key player in the French football market, will be offering the very best French football content with Ligue 1 Uber Eats (with the 10 best matches of the season and more than 80% of the matches), just about all the Ligue 2 games as well as UEFA Europa League until 2024. It will also feature comprehensive coverage of the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League next season thanks to the recent signed with SFR, one of the leading operators in France. MEDIAPRO is already offering French football fans TELEFOOT for 25.90 € a month in UHD with a commitment for a year and 29.90 € a month with no commitment.

Thanks to both deals Mediapro has been able to strengthen its position in the French audiovisual market both in general and football content, where football, film, series and documentary lovers will all be able to find something of interest thanks to the launch of the new partnership.

31st July 2020

“4x4”, a The Mediapro Studio and Televisión Abierta co-production, premieres in Spain today 31st July on Orange TV
Mariano Cohn directs this disturbing thriller and screenwriter together with Gastón Duprat

“4x4”, a film produced by The Mediapro Studio and Televisión Abierta goes on release in Spain today 31st July on Orange Series, Orange TV's in-house channel, whose programming is dedicated to drama series and content in 4K quality and premieres exclusively full seasons of the series preferred by viewers.

With a creative team led by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat ("The Distinguished Citizen", "My Masterpiece"), this disturbing thriller was presented at the last edition of the Sitges Festival and features a cast including Peter Lanzani, Dady Brieva, Noelia Castaño and the veteran Argentine actor Luis Brandoni, a mainstay cast member in Cohn and Duprat’s movies.

"4x4" premieres in Spain exclusively on the Orange Series channel on Orange TV, preceded by the success it achieved in Argentina, where it premiered in theaters in 2019 to excellent box office results. In addition to a stint at the Sitges Festival (Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya), the feature film also has a distinguished career in international film festivals such as Fantastic Fest (USA), Grimmfest (Manchester International Fantasy Film Festival), where it has won several awards, including the Best Actor award for Peter Lanzani and Best Cinematography for Kiko de la Rica, Cairo International Film Festival and the Havana Film Festival, among others

The arrival of "4x4" to Orange Series adds to the list of productions recently released by The Mediapro Studio exclusively on the Orange TV platform: "The Head", "Kosta (The Paradise)" and "Caminantes", first Original fiction series by Orange in Spain produced together with 100 Balas (The Mediapro Studio).

The premiere of 4x4 represents yet another project among the list of titles with which Orange demonstrates its support for production in Spain, both in the series and film production sections.

"4x4" is the second collaboration between the renowned Argentine directors and The Mediapro Studio after "My Masterpiece", a film presented at the Venice Festival and which won the Audience Award at Seminci, to which "Competencia oficial" will soon be added.

The film, whose international sales are handled by Latido Films, has confirmed distribution in France, Germany, Austria, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, as well as India, Brazil and the United States where remakes are planned.


"4x4" is a thriller with a disturbing opening. A luxurious SUV is parked in a neighborhood like so many other in Buenos Aires. A young man breaks into the vehicle intent on stealing it. But when he tries to leave, he can't. The doors do not respond, nor do the windows, the 4x4 is an armored bunker. The situation is desperate: he is effectively locked up. Someone from outside is in control of the vehicle and seems to have a plan.

31st July 2020

The "Pacos" are back ten years on in a new phase of the Antena 3 series
Amparo Larrañaga joins Paco Tous, Pepón Nieto, Carlos Santos and Neus Sanz in the new series of “Los hombres de Paco”, with Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva also joining the cast

Ten years on after the airing of the last episode of “Los hombres de Paco”, the actors who starred in the hit Antena 3 series are back again to sit down and read the script together as a precursor to filming the new episodes which are set to get underway in August following the strictest health protocols. 

Paco Tous, Pepón Nieto, Carlos Santos, Neus Sanz, Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva enjoyed an emotional reunion in the rehearsals and planning of the upcoming series back in the roles of Paco, Mariano, Povedilla, Rita, Sara and Lucas, the fun-loving, accident-prone cops. 

Keeping the spirit of the series alive, an important twist in the plot is set to be a water-shed moment for the characters. As a consequence of the change, Dolores Urbizu, joins the cast played by Amparo Larrañaga. There soon develops chemistry between her and Paco Miranda but the only thing they have in common is their job and catching criminals. 

Amaia Sagasti and Juan Grandinetti also join the series, playing Ika and Rober respectively. Ika is Paco's 20 something niece. Practical and with a great sense of humor, who joined the police force two years ago following in the footsteps of her uncle. Rober is another young cop, more reserved and a tele-communications expert. The production team is working on the rest of the cast before filming gets underway. 

Produced by ATRESMEDIA TV together with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), the new phase of the Antena 3 series will also be available on Atresplayer PREMIUM, the ATRESMEDIA pay-tv platform.

"Los hombres de Paco" also features Montse García and Marc Cistaré (script-writer and executive co-producer in the previous series) and Javier Pons as executive producers. Lucia Alonso-Allende is executive co-producer. José Javier Reguilón Sastre and Tom Fernández are also working on scripts. 

31st July 2020

MEDIAPRO back in charge of the VAR technology in Paraguay with the return of professional football in the country
The competition got back underway on July 20th after a four-month break

The Mediapro Group is back at the helm of the VAR technology in Paraguayan first division with the return of the official competition on July 20th, after four months away as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic. 

In the days before the start-up, the Paraguayan Football Association (APF) implemented stringent health protocols to allow the matches to return safely. Mediapro staff were an integral part of the process set up by the APF to be able to return to work following the safety guidelines. 

For this new phase of the season, each club will have a special room for the VAR technology and the OB vans which were used before the pandemic struck have been reconverted into operations rooms. The Mediapro teams that operate the VAR technology are strictly meeting all the safety and health prevention protocols to be able to carry out their work minimizing any possible risk. 

The Mediapro Group is in charge of the set-up and running of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in Paraguay for the 2020, 2021 and 2022 seasons

31st July 2020

DeAPlaneta and Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) to make the adaptation for television of publishing phenomena “El día que se perdió la cordura”, by Javier Castillo
His novels have been published in more than 40 countries

DeAPlaneta and Globomedia (The Mediapro Studio) have recently announced a collaboration agreement for the television adaptation of the best-selling novels by Javier Castillo, “El día que se perdió la cordura” (2017) and the sequel, “El día que se perdió el amor” (2018), which will be made into a television series after acquiring the media rights.

Javier Castillo's novels, published by SUMA Editorial, are a true publishing phenomenon with more than 700,000 copies sold. The agile, enigmatic style, full of shocking images and with a unique love story, has captivated not only thousands of readers in Spain, but also internationally. Javier Castillo's novels have been translated into 10 languages and published in more than 40 countries.

This mystery-action thriller begins in chilling form: A man walks naked through downtown Boston with the decapitated head of a young woman in his hands. From here, the investigators of this horrible crime, the director of a psychiatric hospital and an FBI agent, will be forced to tackle a plot filled with danger that will put their lives at risk and make them question their own conception of sanity.

Javier Castillo represents the last great phenomenon of literary sales in Spain. Since the success of “El día que se perdió la cordura” all his books have reached #1 on the best-seller lists. Born in Malaga and trained in business, prior to the success of his first novel Javier combined writing with his profession as a financial consultant. Castillo has also published “Todo lo que sucedió con  Miranda Huff” (2019) and, this same year, “La Chica de Nieve”.

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