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21st January 2022

“The Good Boss” picks up 13 nominations at the Spanish Film-writers’ Association awards 
In total the film has received 20 nominations for Goya awards, 9 at the Feroz awards and has already won 2 Forqué awards

“The Good Boss”, written and directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, continues to pocket awards and nominations, with a recent 13 nominations at the 77th edition of the Spanish Film-writers’ Association (CEC) where it tops the list of nominations.

The movie, produced by REPOSADO P.C. and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, is up for Best Film, Best Director and Best Original Script for Fernando León de Aranoa, Best Actor for Javier Bardem, Best Actor in a Supporting Role for Manolo Solo and  Celso Bugallo, Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Sonia Almarcha, Best Debut Actor for Óscar de la Fuente and Tarik Rmili, Best Debut Actress for Almudena Amor, Best Photography for Pau Esteve, Best Editing Award for Vanessa Marimbert and Best Music for Zeltia Montes. The awards ceremony is set to take place on February 7th. 

The CEC nominations come on the back of the 20 Goya 2022, a best ever number, as well as the 9 the film picked up at the Feroz 2022 awards along with the awards for Best Feature-length film and Best Actor for Javier Bardem, at the latest edition of the Forqué awards.

“The Good Boss” has also been selected by the Spanish Film Academy to represent Spain at the 94th edition of the Academy Awards, having got through the first cut made by the Hollywood Film and Arts Academy it has been included in the list of 15 films selected for nomination for Best International Picture, with the five finalists being announced on February 8th. 

21st January 2022

LVP back as the official VALORANT Champions Tour channel in Spanish
The entire VALORANT international circuit can be seen online in Spanish via the LVP Twitch channel (MEDIAPRO Group)

LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) has reached an agreement with Riot Games to continue to be the official VALORANT Champions Tour channel in Spanish, the international shooter circuit. The first chance to see some action will be the kick-off of the VALORANT International season on the LVP Twitch channel this weekend with the broadcast of the LVP VCT EMEA Closed Qualifier, which will see teams battling it out for the two spots in the new VALORANT European league.

The VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 will be back with three competitions: the Challengers, Masters and Champions. Each Challenger event will feature a series of open for all tournaments and playoffs which provide access to the VALORANT Masters. In this phase of the competition the best teams from each region will go up against each other for a berth in the VALORANT Champions, which will be played in the second half of the year and will be looking for the best team in the world. In the first edition of the competition, played in December 2021, the winners were Acend, also crowned champions of the Spanish Rising Series.  

New features in 2022 see LVP also offering broadcasts of VCT Game Changers, a competitive circuit which will be providing new opportunities for up-and-coming talents from a wider gaming community including female players and other often marginalized groups within the VALORANT eSports eco-system. The first opportunity to see VCT Game Changers action in Spanish will be from February 3rd to the 6th. 

This season the LVP team will feature the usual line-up of Ulises Prieto, Sergio Ferra and Eugenio “Kam1” Mongi, along with other familiar faces such as Oriol “Uri” Ruiz and Emma Pache.

21st January 2022

El Obradoiro goes global with VISYON
The main square in Santiago de Compostela can now be seen in real time with virtual reality glasses

Obradoiro Square, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Spain, can now be seen in real time from anywhere in the world with special virtual reality glasses developed by VISYION and powered by 5G technology. The MEDIAPRO Group company has teamed up with Orange and Ericsson in a project for the Santiago City Council which sets out to showcase how 5G technology can help to develop new tourist opportunities for the city.

VISYON has installed a 180-degree camera on the City Council building which provides images of the square in real time. With virtual glasses and thanks to the power of 5G, anybody can see live images of the square and get information about different parts of the emblematic tourist attraction.

The MEDIAPRO Group company has also created a mobile and tablet app with which any tourist, guide or person living in the city can see themselves in the square and thanks to the enhanced reality environment and get information about the different points of interest. All thanks to the super band-width supplied by 5G technology which allows for the download of large amounts of information at super-high speeds and to be able interact virtually in real time thanks to the technology.

21st January 2022

Mediapro Argentina, together with wTVision, providing a new real-time data and graphics solution for ESPN
The package includes detailed stats from more than 15 international football leagues 

Mediapro Argentina continues to develop new technology solutions for its partner ESPN with the aim of improving the viewer experience of live sporting broadcasts through constant innovation. Teaming up with wTVision it has implemented a new stats solution for the world’s leading leagues for the show “Sport Center Plus” featuring live updates about key events as well as automated graphics solutions.

The projects two key features are: automated graphics and the constant integration of live data. In order to achieve the goal of the project, wTVision has designed a bespoke configuration of the Studio CG package (graphics on air and video controller), where the live updates and the world’s leading sporting events are the principal focus.

Studio CG receives all the information from the Stats Perform data center and backed up by the VIZ Engine is capable of generating continuous live broadcast graphics for sporting events. The data includes information from 15 international football leagues, with detailed stats such as free-kicks, corners, possession stats, player performance, time data, heat maps, and league standings.

The same technology solution is also set up to receive data from other sports such as Formula 1 and tennis. The wTVision broadcast design team were responsible for the development of the entire data graphics package.

In addition, the “Sport Center” production team is equipped with a Studio Web system, where broadcast routines can be customized, the graphics and data prioritized and completely automated. With this solution, wTVision and Mediapro Argentina have managed to reduce the manual input and the time needed to manage data and graphics over the course of a live broadcast.

21st January 2022

RTVE Play premieres the first original "Órbita Laika" podcast on January 24th
Presented by Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón and Ricardo Moure, it sets out to answer all the questions we ask ourselves

Why do we fall in love" Will we ever cheat death" Where do extra-terrestrials go" Will we ever be able to travel in time" Are just some of the questions that the “Órbita Laika” podcast will be looking to answer over the 12 episodes. Presented by Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón, the mathematician and presenter and the biologist and educator Ricardo Moure. Just like forensic scientists, Eduardo and Ricardo are set to take listeners on a voyage from the Big Bang to the future and the possible extinction of humanity.

The new project, a RTVE K 2000 production (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), is another step in RTVE’s decision to invest in science education through its programming schedule. The show will see listeners travel to the Moon onboard the Apollo 11, we’ll be visiting the Europe devastated by the Black Death as well as going to a mysterious party in Stephen Hawking’s living room.

A fun look at science

“Órbita Laika, el podcast” takes the spirit of the TV program, which has just launched its seventh season on La 2, to a new format with top-quality technical and artistic production levels. The objective continues to be the same, bring science to the general public in a fun, surprising way, for all the family. Why do we fall in love with one person and not another" Have we received a message from space which we’re still not able to interpret" Is it possible for someone to survive a nuclear war" How could it be done" What would happen if we went 11 days with no sleep" Has anybody ever tried it"

The usual team is back

For the detective forensic investigations, Eduardo and Ricardo will be drawing on the help of the usual team of collaborators from the TV show. The physicist Javier Santaolalla, the neurologist-scientist Xurxo Mariño, the chemist Deborah García Bello, the pharmacist Marián García, the meteorologist Jose Miguel Viñas, the geneticist Helena González-Burón and the geologist Nahúm Méndez.

“Órbita Laika, el podcast” will also see special guest appearances from renowned scientists who will be helping Eduardo and Ricardo in their search for answers. Guests include María Blasco, the director of the National Oncology Center, the cosmologist Licia Verde and Enrique Cabello Pardos, an expert in facial recognition and artificial vision from the King Juan Carlos University.

“Orbita Laika, el podcast” can be listened to weekly on RTVE Play, RTVE Play Radio and the leading podcast platforms. In addition, on the launch day on Monday 24th, the first three episodes will be made exclusively available on RTVE Play Radio.

21st January 2022

Mediapro Canada covers the country’s National Figure-skating Championships 
The ten-camera live production was carried out using a 4K/HD “Odyssey” OB van

The Audiovisual Services department at Mediapro Canada was responsible for coverage of the Canadian National Figure-skating Championships, which recently took place at the TD Place Stadium in Ottawa from January 6th to the 13th. The event was broadcast via CBC and CBC Gem. Mediapro Canada provided coverage with 10 cameras as well as using its “Odyssey” Ob van equipped with 4K/HD technology.  

The championship, the first since the start of the pandemic featured the men’s, women’s, pairs and dance categories on ice. The event was a key competition for selection for the upcoming Winter Olympics as well as other international competitions. 

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