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26th November 2021

The Acrobatic Drone, the big new LaLiga MEDIAPRO audiovisual feature 
Filming has already begun around all the LaLiga Santander grounds 

LaLiga and MEDIAPRO are currently filming some spectacular images from around the grounds of the LaLiga Santander teams thanks to a new “acrobatic” drone, capable of recording footage from every corner of the stadium, from the pitch-side tunnel to the top of the stands.

The project, led by LaLiga together with MEDIAPRO, consists of filming in every stadium to build up a database of images which will help to feed the match day broadcast content and the LaLiga Santander in-house shows providing a unique, immersive experience for all Spanish football fans.

Iván Merino, the two-time Spanish drone-racing champion was signed up for the filming, visiting each one of the stadia around the country with his special equipment. A mini drone capable of moving at super-high speeds and getting in and out of any nooks and crannies in the football grounds. Kitchens, changing rooms, offices, tunnels, stands, corridors, roofs, providing unique, never-seen-before images for the football fans. 

The drone’s battery is so small, to help facilitate its movements, that each flight lasts just three minutes. In addition, Iván has added a customized Go Pro 10 camera which weighs as little as possible but at the same time keeps its 5k recording quality. A drone which is without stabilizers or sensors, controlled 100% manually for maximum acrobatic capability. With a top speed of 180 km/h in one second, quicker even than a Formula 1 car or a Moto GP bike.

“Here at LaLiga we’re constantly trying to improve the quality of our audiovisual productions trying to create better content for our fans around the world. Using innovative filming techniques such as acrobatic drones allow us to present spectacular, immersive images from every little corner of the grounds of the LaLiga Santander”, commented the LaLiga Audiovisual Director, Melcior Soler.

“This new filming feature will further enrich the LaLiga broadcasts, improving the audiovisual experience for fans around the world. The images captured by the drone will allow viewers to see never-before- seen footage of their favorite grounds”, explained Òscar Lago, Head of Production at MEDIAPRO.

The Camp Nou, San Mamés and the Wanda Metropolitano are just some of the grounds where footage has already been filmed with the remaining grounds set to be covered in the coming days with the images being aired across all operator platforms both at home and abroad in future match days.

This new audiovisual technology used by the LaLiga and MEDIAPRO joins the drone which is already being used during matches for live aerial shots, the multi-camera signal for enjoying matches via simultaneous viewing windows, the aerial camera, the film-quality camera and 360 replays, etc.

26th November 2021

MEDIAPRO, responsible for Smart City Expo World Congress and Smart Ports: Piers of the Future online platforms and content
A 140-strong team of Group professionals showcased innovations in both sectors making them accessible to everyone

For the second year in succession, MEDIAPRO Group was commissioned to provide the content production and the online platforms for the Smart City Expo World Congress and Smart Ports: Piers of the Future, two world-class events of the two sectors held this week in Barcelona.

Last year, the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC), the event on smart cities and urban solutions organized by Fira de Barcelona, was entirely online with MEDIAPRO handling production of the event from their studios in Barcelona. This year however, the event returned to the on-site version which was held until November 18th at the Gran Via convention center, while also offering an online edition. In this sense, and principally through the Group’s Mediapro Events and audiovisual platforms division, the company was in charge of, the online platform enabling interested parties to follow the entire program online, with production from an ad hoc designed television studio, especially built for the occasion by the Group in Hall 2 of Fira - Gran Via.

The SCEWC Digital program featured over 10 hours of live programming, combining live connections and interviews with the key stakeholders in the smart cities industry. All content was available to follow throughout the duration of the event, as well as afterwards via the platform, which will host smart city related content year-round.

Mediapro Events and Mediaurban were also responsible for producing and directing content for the Tomorrow Mobility World Congress, which took place on November 18th within the framework of the SCEWC, as well as the production and broadcasting of the City Possible program. (Mastercard) under the framework of the convention itself. In total, more than 70 professionals from 12 Group companies made the project possible

Smart Ports: Piers of the Future 2021

In the case of Smart Ports: Piers of the Future 2021, an initiative organized by Port de Barcelona to showcase advances in port digitization and sustainability, the event has repeated the format of last year, holding the congress on November 16 and 17 from one of MEDIAPRO’s studios in Barcelona using broadcast TV format to reach the world over.

The Group was responsible for the online platform from where broadcasts, as well as creating part of the content. Over 35 guests connecting from several locations around the world attended the two-day event. In total, more than 70 Group professionals were involved in ensuring project delivery.


26th November 2021

This Sunday sees HBO Max premiere “Venga Juan”
Juan Carrasco is back after the success of “Vota Juan” and “Vamos Juan”

This Sunday November 28th sees HBO Max premiere episode 1 and 2 of “Venga Juan”, with a Juan Carrasco at the height of his powers. Thanks to a series of sliding doors, he works from a spectacular office, he’s trimmer and with more hair. But everything comes tumbling down when he gets caught up in a local council corruption scandal.

The 8-episode series produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) for HBO Max is the continuation of the acclaimed comedy “Vota Juan” (Season 1) and “Vamos Juan” (Season 2), a winner of a Feroz Award for Best Comedy and a recent winner of an Ondas Award for Best Comedy Series.

“Venga Juan” sees the same lead cast back as in the two previous seasons “Vota Juan” and “Vamos Juan”, led by Javier Cámara as Juan Carrasco, along with María Pujalte as Macarena, his loyal director of communications whilst he was minister; Adam Jezierski, who was his personal assistant; Joaquín Climent, as the implacable Vallejo; Cristóbal Suárez, as the charismatic Recalde; Yaël Belicha as his wife and Esty Quesada (“Soy una pringada”) as his daughter.

New faces for the third season include Manolo Solo, a Goya winner for best supporting actor in “Tarde para la ira”; Ramón Barea, a Film Writers’ Association medal winner for best supporting actor in “La boda de Rosa”, and Eduardo Blanco (“El hijo de la novia”, “Kamikaze”), among others.


Juan Carrasco has reached the height of his powers. Thanks to series of revolving doors, he’s now got a spectacular office, has lost 10 kilos and above all, has regained his hair. In Juan’s new life there’s room for a lot of things but not his wife Paula, his daughter Eva nor his former chief of press, Macarena. Everything starts to fall apart when there’s no escape from his past in Logroño. Papers emerge which see him caught up in a local council corruption scandal and mark the beginning of the end and his attempts to avoid going prison. A get-away which sees him try to erase his past in Logroño... and along the way makes him realize that what is wrong is his present.

26th November 2021

El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) launches exclusive iVoox podcast “Mochila al pasado”
The comedian Luis Fabra is at the wheel for the podcast with the science and history experts Alberto Aparici and Danny Boy-Rivera, along with 12 guests

iVoox is launching the podcast “Mochila al pasado”, produced by El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) which is another addition to the catalog of exclusive free podcasts on the number one audio platform in the Spanish language. A podcast full of fun and laughs along with a desire to educate listeners on history by challenging the special guests to travel back in time, discovering what five things they would put in their backpack if they had to go back and live in their given period of time.

The show’s presenters will travel back in time every week with a famous face, including, Raúl Cimas, Toni Acosta, Amarna Miller and the chef Pepe Rodríguez, to a remote period in time to find out what five things they need to take with them to keep themselves sane. They’ll be taking the journey along with two keen historians: the physicist and science educator, Alberto Aparici, and the comedian, biologist and the “La Resistencia” script-writer, Danny Boy-Rivera, with Luis Fabra at the helm, another “La Resistencia” and El Terrat script-writer. With the aim being of revisiting ideas about certain periods of history and discovering what it was really like to have lived in those times.

The podcast kicked off this Tuesday with a special show with extra content “Efutérides”, with a trip into the future with a guest on every episode giving their version of what’s in store for us in the not-too-distant future.

“Mochila al pasado” is set for 12 episodes going out every other week with the down weeks being filled by an episode of “Efutérides” with extra content. The first episode of “Mochila al pasado” will be available on December 1st and will see Raúl Cimas appear on the show and visiting the county of Nottingham to meet Robin Hood; future episodes see the actress and presenter Toni Acosta going back to Ancient Egypt and the difficulties that Keops’ Dad had straightening a pyramid; the chef Pepe Rodríguez will be cooking for Alexander the Great and his troops in the Persian Empire and the activist, writer and presenter Amarna Miller will be travelling back to 16th century Germany looking to see how to identify and exterminate witches.

Available exclusively on iVoox Originals

After the success of the launch of “Todo Pasa”, Andreu Buenafuente’s new podcast El Terrat and iVoox have teamed up again for the premiere of a second exclusive podcast.

“Mochila al pasado” is part of iVoox Originals, the biggest catalog of exclusive, free podcasts in the Spanish language which this November has seen the launch of twenty new programs.

26th November 2021

“Elcano 360°” by VISYON, Delfín Silver award winner at the Corporate Awards
An immersive documentary produced by Lab at RTVE together with VISYON

The documentary “In Elcano’s tracks: a 360° voyage”, produced by the Lab at RTVE together with VISYON, has recently been awarded the Delfín Silver Award at the 12th edition of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards in the best Virtual Reality and 360 video content category.

“In Elcano’s tracks: a 360° voyage °” is an immersive documentary that allows viewers to jump onboard the educational ship the Juan Sebastián Elcano in the fifth centenary of the first circumnavigation of the world to discover what it was like to be a sailor in the 21st century. The main goal of the project was to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of the first maritime circumnavigation of the world, the achievement by naval pioneers which can be followed step-by-step via a series of graphics, illustrations and videos of the voyage undertaken by Magallanes and Elcano from 1519 to 1522.

In order to make the documentary, VISYON provided its expertise in audiovisual technologies and content creation in 360 video and virtual reality, with the aim of helping the user to feel what it is like to be sailing one of the Spanish navy’s most emblematic educational ships.

In this year’s Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, one of the most competitive international events, a total of 888 projects from 42 different countries were presented, with 205 going through to the final phase.

26th November 2021

Adisar provides production and post-production services for the Spanish Women’s Handball team advert
The “warriors” and Carlos Baute all feature in the Royal Spanish Handball Federation video

Adisar Media was responsible for the production and post-production of the new “warriors” video, the players from the Spanish National Handball team, feature alongside the musician Carlos Baute. The singer/songwriter wrote the soundtrack for the “LaLaGol” video, the song of the Women’s World Handball Championship 2021, which is taking place from December 1st to the 19th in Torrevieja, Granollers, Llíria and Castellon.

Adisar was in charge of the entire production process, from the coming up with the original idea, directing, photography, lighting as well as providing all the camera equipment etc. The project team carried out the filming, editing, color correction and final delivery of the advert to the Spanish Handball Federation (RFEBM).

To see the video:  

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