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26th February 2021

LaLigaTV Bar incorporates English language option into its audio channels
This new option will be added to the audio menu options LaLigaTV Bar offers football fans for watching the games

LaLigaTV Bar, the only official channel authorized to broadcast football in public establishments in Spain, has incorporated the option of following LaLiga matches with commentary in English into its audio menu features. A new measure to improve the fan experience in establishments and adapt to the needs of all its customers.

As such, public venues that wish to do so will be able to offer their clients LaLiga Santander matches with commentary in English, an option that is now incorporated into the different audio possibilities that LaLigaTV Bar offers its customers.

The newly added English language commentary feature comes as an addition to the already well-supplied menu of options LaLigaTV Bar offers fans of the sport, which include original commentary in Spanish, or with audio from regional radio stations that follow the main teams in each clash, to personalize and enhance the experience of fans who come to watch football in public venues. 

With this new initiative, LaLigaTV Bar once again demonstrates its commitment to the hospitality industry by enhancing support measures due to the major health crisis. The channel makes every effort to promote compliance with all security measures in public venues, improving and personalizing the experience of fans to follow the best LaLiga football matches.

26th February 2021

Monday March 1st sees the launch of “Nadie al volante”, a new Movistar+ original production with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)
The original format which is a mix of fiction and reality TV sets out to recreate the day-to-day behind the scenes action of the making of a TV-show, with large scoops of humor and which will never see the light of day

A long-suffering co-director Maite (Mireia Portas), a cocky script-writer, Esteban (Esteban Navarro (Esteban Navarro), a big-mouth producer (Ismael Fritschi), an ass-licking, fully-committed writer (Rebeca Plaza), among others, will all be alongside Patricia in the new show which she thinks she’s directing. 

In “Nadie al volante”, a sharp parody of the world of television which is a mix of sit-com and best-of channel hopping, with manipulated trailers, script-writer gossip, famous TV personality interviews and loads of laughs.

25 minutes of weekly humor with Ángel Cotobal at the helm, which sees Movistar+ adding to their original entertainment content production.

“Nadie al volante” is a Movistar+ original production in collaboration with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)

Do you know what really goes on behind the scenes in TV program making" The precision required to plan every minute of a live show" The stress of having to be on the ball at all times in a live-show with nothing slipping through the net" And above all, can you imagine the huge responsibility and pressure of having to coordinate and supervise all that work"

Don’t worry, Patricia Conde is not in a better spot to be able to decide, although she thinks she is.

Patricia Conde is back on #0 de Movistar+ with “Nadie al volante”, a new, original Movistar+ production which goes behind the scenes of the making of a TV show... and reveals what really goes on. 

Patricia Conde will be at the helm of the show, or she thinks she will be, which includes a long-suffering co-director Maite (Mireia Portas), who is only an ass-licking, fully-committed writer, an ambitious producer as well as a cocky script-writer, Esteban (Esteban Navarro), who thinks he’s too good for the show, among others and which will soon become known to audiences and which will be driving Patricia crazy as everything that could go wrong does.

Vicente (Ismael Fritschi), the producer, who has to make the best of a tight tudget, doing it the best he can and Laura (Rebeca Plaza), the editor, who dreams of being Patricia. Together they have to arrange the guests, put together the fun channel-hopping videos and a witty script, but things don’t always go as planned.

“Nadie al volante” is a cutting parody of the world of television a mix of sit-com and channel-hopping, recreating the ins and outs of TV production and everything that happens before a Tv program hits the screens.

Manipulated trailers, the script-writer gossip, famous TV personality interviews, all set to be part of “Nadie al volante” which will go to make it a fun mix of fiction and non-fiction with large scoops of humor. Mariló Montero is set to be the first guest on the show which launches on #0 on Movistar+ on Monday March 1st at 22.30.

In “Nadie al volante”, a Movistar+ original production in collaboration with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), Patricia will be giving her comedy side full rein, working alongside one of Spain’s most important creators/directors, Ángel Cotobal. A weekly 25-minute show which is slated to debut on #0 in the near future, consolidating Movistar+’s investment in original entertainment production, helping to keep its number one status in the sector in Spain. 

26th February 2021

ON-AIR Talks sessions by wTVision focusing on Enhanced Reality graphics 
The event can be seen via YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn 

wTVision has recently held a new installment of their ON-AIR Talks, this time focusing on how to improve the flow of AR graphics with intuitive tools. The session which was targeted at the broadcast technology industry took place on February 25th and was shown across MEDIAPRO Group’s social media accounts on: YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. The videos will be available via all the Group’s official accounts as well as on their web-site.

wTVision staff highlighted how their AR “turn-key” software integrates new functions and how it’s possible to add virtual graphics to the broadcast of a sports event without manual intervention. Their experience in Enhanced Reality solutions has made possible the development and the improvement of their AR3 Football software which now features a new tool, InsertAR, allowing the broadcast of the very best live sports graphics with up-the-minute up-dates with no manual intervention needed.

26th February 2021

“Atrápame si puedes” becomes Canal Sur Televisión’s most-watched show this season 
The program is consolidating its position on Canal Sur with a 9.4% average share in the pre- prime time slot

“Atrápame si puedes”, which airs from Monday to Friday on Canal Sur, is currently the most-watched show on the Andalusian regional channel, after posting a 9.4% average share and 313,000 viewers. In second and third spot respectively are “Canal Sur noticias 2” and the early-evening program “La Tarde, aquí y ahora”.

The game-show presented by Manolo Sarria, which is set to go over the 200-program barrier next week, is consolidating its position as an audience favorite, especially among women with a 10.2% share average. In addition, 18% of Andalusian viewers over the age of 64 choose to watch the 45-minute show.  

“Atrápame si puedes”, which is already offering a 30,000€ jackpot, closed its best ever week with a 11.3% average share from January 18th to the 22nd.  

The program is an adaptation of the successful show which made its debut in 2014 on ETB2, produced by Hostoil (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO). It has been adapted for broadcast with excellent audience figures across a host of regional TV networks in Spain including: Aragón TV, À Punt, Canal Sur, IB3, Televisión Canarias and TV3.

26th February 2021

“Eso no se pregunta”, an Ondas 2020 winner, set to get fourth season on Telemadrid
The new shows will raise awareness of adopted people, drag queens and ex- drug addicts, among other groups

How did you find out that you’re adopted" When did you first decide to dress like a woman" Who helped you give up drugs" are just some of the questions that Telemadrid viewers will be putting to the adopted people, drag queens and former drug-addicts. These are three of the ten groups who will be putting themselves in front of the cameras and fronting up in the fourth season of “Eso no se pregunta”, a Ondas 2020-winning Telemadrid show, which won the award for the program devoted to people with mental illness, for “the professionality and emotional intelligence for tackling a problem that a significant percentage of Spanish society faces and is an elephant in the room which not everybody wishes to see”.

Other groups set to feature in “Eso no se pregunta” the show produced by Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) are students bullied at school, former sportsmen and women, twins, emergency workers, prodigies, people who want to live alone and people who live in small villages. The guest groups answer all the awkward questions presented to them without making a big deal of it.

Since its launch on Telemadrid on 2018, “Eso no se pregunta” has picked up two important awards: the Ondas 2020 Award in the Best Program broadcast by regional networks, and the Iris Jury Award in 2018: “for raising awareness of groups of people in society which are less visible in the media and providing honest answers to their day-to-day problems”.

Based on the successful “You can’t ask that” show which aired on the Australian public TV network ABC which is now into its fifth season, the show has also been broadcast in Israel, Canada, Italy, France, Holland and Norway; and was the winner of the prestigious Rose d’Or for the Best Reality Show in 2017.

26th February 2021

“El Éxito de la Temporada” to premiere at the La Latina Theatre in Madrid on April 1st  
El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) celebrates its 30th anniversary with the comedy which can be seen in Madrid after successful launch in Barcelona

There’s no stopping the 30th anniversary celebrations for the audiovisual and theatre production company El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO). These last few months, the company led by Andreu Buenafuente has been celebrating its mile-stone anniversary with the production of a belly-splitting comedy which premiered in January in Barcelona and which has been both an audience and theatre-critic success.

“El Éxito de la Temporada” is a comedy which can be seen from April 1st in the La Latina Theatre and which features a high-profile cast of actors closely associated with El Terrat, including Sílvia Abril, David Fernández, Fermí Fernández, Oriol Grau, Mònica Pérez, Jordi Rios and Mònica Macfer.

The show, written and directed by Enric Cambray and Israel Solà, revolves around the story of six friends who star in successful TV and radio programs, and who decide to team up to put on “Romeo and Juliet”, to showcase their acting talent. An unlikely turn of events means the show never sees the light of day and twenty years on, the six friends get back together to try to do what they weren’t able to do all that time ago.

Somewhere between fiction and reality, the play’s over-riding theme is friendship as well as reflecting on the passing of time, winning, the relationship between success and fame, satisfaction, personal frustrations and the life of a comic through the figures of actors Catalan theatre-goers have seen grow old and who’ve they’ve laughed along with. The show isn’t a potted history of the production company but rather a new creation which sets out to recapture the spirit and language of the company built around a hilarious plot full of strong emotions.

Despite the challenging situation faced by the theatre industry, the company continues to believe in quality shows and is determined to do all it can to maintain the cultural sector alive and provide audiences with entertainment which helps to escape from the day-to-day hardships of the last year and have a good time. El Terrat and Grupo Pentación are keen to demonstrate their commitment to culture and provide safe environments for audiences to enjoy their productions.

The tickets to see the new show are now on sale via the La Latina Theatre web-site.

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