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25th November 2022

The Spain games at the World Cup on at the best cinemas around the country

A different and immersive experience with the very best picture and sound quality experience 

GRUP MEDIAPRO has reached an agreement with Cinesa and Yelmo, the two leading cinema operators in Spain, to show the Spanish national team games in the group stage at the World Cup in Qatar.

Football fans will be able to enjoy the Spanish national team games against Costa Rica (November 23rd), Germany (November 27th) and Japan (December 1st). As well as being able to watch the French games exclusively in the Sala Aribau Cinema in Barcelona.

GRUP MEDIAPRO continues to provide fans different and immersive experiences which will allow family and friends the chance to see the Spanish national team games together on the big screen. A unique opportunity to watch football in a comfortable environment and see the world’s most important sporting competition with the very best picture and sound quality. 

The matches can be seen in more than 80 cinemas around Spain:

Cinesa Getafe Nassica, Cinesa LUXE La Maquinista, Cinesa Proyecciones, Cinesa Diagonal, Cinesa LUXE Bonaire, Cinesa Festival Park, Cinesa Bahía de Santander, Cinesa Parc Vallès, Cinesa As Cancelas, Cinesa Coruña Marineda, Cinesa Camas, Cinesa Urbil, Cinesa Nueva Condomina, Salera, Cinesa Puerto Venecia, Cinesa Oviedo, Cinesa LUXE intu Xanadú, Cinesa Diagonal Mar, Cinesa Príncipe Pío, Cinesa Méndez Álvaro, Cinesa Max Ocio, Cinesa Parquesur, Cinesa Gran Casa, Cinesa LUXE Oasiz, Cinesa LUXE Equinoccio, Cinesa Zubiarte, Cinesa LUXE Garbera, Cinesa Las Rozas, Cinesa El Muelle, Cinesa LUXE La Moraleja y Cinesa LUXE Barnasud.

Yelmo Abrera, Yelmo Alicante, Yelmo Área Sur, Yelmo Artea, Yelmo As Termas, Yelmo Baricentro, Yelmo Berceo, Yelmo Boulevard-Vitoria, Yelmo Castelldefels, Yelmo Comedia, Yelmo Espacio Coruña, Yelmo Fuerteventura, Yelmo Icaria, Yelmo Ideal, Yelmo Imaginalia, Yelmo Islazul, Yelmo Itaroa España, Yelmo Lagph Premium, Yelmo Las Arenas, Yelmo Los Prados, Yelmo Megapark, Yelmo Meridiano, Yelmo Ocimax, Yelmo Orotova, Yelmo Parc Central, Yelmo Planetocio, Yelmo Plaza Mayor, Yelmo Plaza Norte II, Yelmo Plenilunio, Yelmo Puerta Europa, Yelmo Rincón de la Victoria, Yelmo Rivas Futura, Yelmo Roquetas, Yelmo Rosales, Yelmo Sant Cugat, Yelmo Tres Aguas, Yelmo Valencia Mercado De Campanar, Yelmo Vecindario, Yelmo Vialia Albacete, Yelmo Vialia Málaga, Yelmo Vigo, Yelmo Vinalopo, Yelmo Peñacastillo, Yelmo Premium Bahía Sur, Yelmo Premium El Faro, Yelmo Premium Vialia Vigo, Yelmo Alisios, Yelmo Sagunto, Yelmo Torrecárdenas, Yelmo Vallsur, Cine Yelmo Palafox, Parque Corredor.

French matches: Sala Aribau de Barcelona.

25th November 2022

Filming of “Mano de hierro” underway

A new fiction series for Netflix produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO

Netflix has announced the start of filming of its new project, the series “Mano de hierro”, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO. The thriller, created and directed by Lluís Quílez, will be made up of six episodes and stars Chino Darín (“El Reino”, “Historias para no contar”), Jaime Lorente (“La casa de papel”, “Élite”), Natalia de Molina (“Quién te cantará”, “Un año, una noche”), Sergi López (“La vampira de Barcelona”, “Mediterráneo”), Enric Auquer (“Vida Perfecta”, “Sky Rojo”) and Eduard Fernández (“Criminal: España”, “30 monedas”).

The maritime port in Barcelona receives close to 6,000 containers every day. Goods from all around the world, which in one year might hide more than 30,000 kg of cocaine, making the city of Barcelona one of the biggest ports of entry in Europe for the lucrative sale of the drug. Joaquín Manchado, is fully aware of the situation as the owner of the main term port in the city. If someone wants to use the port to import an illegal shipment he has to be in on it as well as having the support of the whole criminal network which has formed around him. However, an unexpected accident and the disappearance of a large load of cocaine is set to lead to a desperate fight with a whole host of killings and scoring settling. la principal terminal del puerto de Barcelona.

The series has just started filming and in the coming weeks will be shooting in site in and around Barcelona as well as Lleida and Girona.

25th November 2022

America’s Cup and Mediapro Exhibitions to transform the old Imax interactive centre for the America’s Cup 2024

The project in coordination with the Barcelona Port Authorities and Dortoka

The Imax Port Vell cineplex is set to get a comprehensive makeover with the help of Dortoka and Mediapro Exhibitions turning it into an interactive experience covering the 37th edition of the America’s Cup, which on August 22nd next year kicks off in Barcelona. This immersive centre, called the America’s Cup Experience, will be open to the public to help raise awareness of the competition in Barcelona from the summer of 2023 until December 2024.

The holding of the America’s Cup goes all the way back to 1851, before even than the modern Olympic Games which started in 1896. It’s the oldest sporting competition in the world and is considered a huge event with an enormous repercussion in the host region with a world-wide audience of more a billion viewers and only behind the Olympics and the Football World Cup. In Barcelona, after the official opening in August 2024, the preliminary qualifying rounds will take place followed by the Challenger Selection Series, which is the lead-in to the America’s Cup Match, in October 2024.

25th November 2022

HBO Max launches “Muxes” produced by Oficina Burman and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO 

Written by Santiago Roncagliolo and Gisela Antonuccio

HBO Max has recently premiered “Muxes” in Latin America, a Max Original documentary developed and produced by Oficina Burman and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Mexico, which is looking to raise awareness of the culture of this little known race of people and their fundamental role in society.

With the script written by the writer and journalist Santiago Roncagliolo in collaboration with the writer Gisela Antonuccio, “Muxes” brings together a team made up of a photographer, a poet, a teacher, and an activist as they go inside the world of this little known community, highlighting their fight for acceptance and integration from the standpoint of the violence and discrimination which they face and even on occasions from within their group. From these first-hand accounts, the series showcases how this community is fighting for integration through dance, cuisine and festivals such as the Vela, a celebration which emerged in the 1970’s as a response to the rejection the Muxe community faced.

The documentary takes the viewer to the Tehuantepec, Oaxaca region in Mexico, also known as the cradle of the Muxes. This region in the south of the country is home to the biggest Muxes community in the country with close to 3,000 members. Cooks, seamstresses, weavers and artisans are just some of the skills within the group whose name comes from the Zapata term for the man who assumes the role of a woman either in a social, sexual or personal context in the local community. That’s why it’s impossible to separate the term Muxe from the community, as it’s part of their thousand-year old identity.

The executive producers of the series from Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) are Jimena Hernández, Lucía Chávarri and Sandino Saravia Vinay.

25th November 2022

LVP fills the PortAventura Convention Centre with the final of the Iberian Cup

UCAM Tokiers, crowned champions with 200,000 spectators following all the action on the LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) Twitch channel

The League of Legends Iberian Cup, the knock-out competition organised by LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO), has crowned a new champion: UCAM Tokiers. The team from Murcia beat Heretics, the current Superliga and European Masters champions, in a closely-fought battle (3-1) played last Saturday at PortAventura Convention Centre in PortAventura World, which had already sold out the venue for the 900 tickets available for the event. The final attracted 200,000 spectators on the LVP Twitch channel, the best numbers of the Iberian Cup, with more than 127,000 hours watched, reaching a peak of 32,602 simultaneous viewers.

UCAM Tokiers beat the pre-event odds and came away with the Iberian Cup League of Legends, which this year was holding its fifth edition of the competition. With the Pole Dominik "Zamulek" Biela at the helm, the MVP in the final, the team from Murcia won out against a Heretics team that pitched up at PortAventura as the Superliga and European Masters champions.

There was no triple for the heretics, despite running out easy winners of the first map. UCAM Tokiers, however, came out fighting in the second map showcasing the excellent level of play which had taken them to the final. In the fourth map, one of the most even of the series, Heretics were still right in it and looking likely to take it to a fifth map, but UCAM was able to win the group battles and ended up winning the map and were crowned champions.

The Iberian Cup League of Legends was sponsored this season by OMEN, Intel, El Corte Inglés, Mahou, Takis, Domino´s, PortAventura, Air Europa and. Goldcar.  

25th November 2022

Berto Romero creates and stars in “El otro lado”

A Movistar Plus+ original mystery genre production in collaboration with El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)

Berto Romero has taken his first steps in the world of horror productions with “El otro lado”, a Movistar Plus+ original production in collaboration with El Terrat, directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro. Berto Romero is the creator and scriptwriter along with Rafel Barceló and Enric Pardo, as well as starring in the production which is currently being filmed in Barcelona and which is slated for premiere in 2023 on Movistar Plus+.

For the creator and star of the series, “El otro lado” it’s "a challenge in all respects". "The series is technically much more complex than the series 'Mira lo que has hecho' was, we’ve got two directors (Javier Ruiz Caldera and Alberto de Toro) to help with a similar format: six 30-minute episodes". "Comedy and horror are good bed-mates a priori because they produce spontaneous reactions, laughter and shock produce body spasms and I thought it would be great to see what happened when you mix the two genres. It’s not something I invented, but I was interested in taking it a little bit further than it had been before and try to get a greater symbiosis. Take two extra steps forward with radical emotions".


Berto Romero (“Mira lo que has hecho”, 'El Pregón”, “Tiempo después”, “Ocho apellidos catalanes”) heads the main cast alongside Andreu Buenafuente (“El Pregón”, “Tiempo después”), Eva Ugarte (“Mira lo que has hecho”, “El juego de las llaves”), María Botto (“Código emperador”, “Malnazidos”), Nacho Vigalondo (“Veneno”, “Camino”, “Open Windows”), Albert García (“Rebooted”), María Pascual (“Amor de cans”) and the teenage actor Hugo Morenilla (“Campamento Newton”, “Un hombre de acción”).

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