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30th July 2018

MEDIAPRO wins public contest to provide VAR for CONMEBOL
The group is the VAR service provider for leagues in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and the Arabian Gulf League

The MEDIAPRO group will be the official provider of VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology for the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) for major competition games for the 2018/19 seasons. The group will provide VAR services starting in the quarterfinals for the Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana and Recopa. Additionally, the 2019 Copa América held in Brazil will feature this technology for the first time in order to analyze questionable plays at any time. This is MEDIAPRO’s second season providing VAR services for the Copa Libertadores.

MEDIAPRO is currently the official VAR technology provider for official competitions for leagues in Spain, Portugal, Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

The audiovisual group has completed the approval process for FIFA/FIBA to provide video assistant referee services for both national and international competitions. The VAR system is being used increasingly frequently to help referees determine whether there are infractions or questionable plays. MEDIAPRO will provide the teams of professionals and technical equipment in order to guarantee service in all official CONMEBOL games. With this project, MEDIAPRO will strengthen its position as one of the most notable providers in the VAR technology market.

The MEDIAPRO group is a top producer and distributor of audiovisual content, with 53 production centers in 35 countries including Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. It is the leader in technical production services and satellite broadcasts. It produces more than 3,500 productions per year and has a fleet of 55 mobile units which broadcast events in high definition and 4K around the world.

30th July 2018

“MI OBRA MAESTRA” , coproduced by MEDIAPRO, makes its world debut at the Venice International Film Festival
Directed by Gastón Duprat (“The Distinguished Citizen”, “The Man Next Door”), “MI OBRA MAESTRA” will premiere in Spain on November 16th

The Venice International Film Festival has just announced the addition of “MI OBRA MAESTRA” to the line-up (out of competition) for the festival’s 75th edition, to be held August 29th-September 8th in Lido, Venice. Biennale will host the world premiere of the MEDIAPRO coproduction directed by Argentinian Gastón Duprat, who is returning to Venice after his previous festival success with his acclaimed comedy “The Distinguished Citizen”. After its premiere in Venice, “MI OBRA MAESTRA” is scheduled for release in Spain on November 16th.

With a script from Andrés Duprat, “MI OBRA MAESTRA” tells the story of the relationship between two very different characters bonded by an old friendship: Renzo (Luis Brandoni), a gruff painter who is a bit wild and headed for a downfall; and Arturo (Guillermo Francella), an art dealer who is trying to revive the artist’s career. These two veteran Argentinian actors are accompanied by Spanish actor Raúl Arévalo (“Marshland”, “Negotiator”, “To Steal from a Thief”), winner of the 2017 Goya Award for Best New Director for “The Fury of a Patient Man”. Arévalo plays Alex, a young man determined to receive classes from Renzo. Completing the cast is Argentinian actress Andrea Frigerio playing the role of Dudú, an important international art dealer.

“MI OBRA MAESTRA” is coproduced by Televisión Abierta and Arco Libre (Argentina) and MEDIAPRO (Spain), in collaboration with Orange and Movistar+. A Contracorriente Films will distribute the film in Spain and Latido Films will be in charge of international distribution.

“MI OBRA MAESTRA” is the latest film to be added to the list of more than fifty MEDIAPRO group productions from directors such as Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, Fernando León de Aranoa, Javier Fesser, Isabel Coixet, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Patricio Guzmán and Roman Polanski. MEDIAPRO productions have been recognized by taking home 2 Oscars and 3 nominations, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Independent Spirit Awards, 1 Vulcan Award at the Cannes Film Festival, 1 Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival, 28 Goya Awards and 1 Golden Shell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival.

30th July 2018

Globomedia racks up 16 nominations for the 2018 IRIS Awards
Finalists include three fiction series, “Estoy Vivo”, “El Accidente” and “Vis a Vis”; and 5 programmes, “El Intermedio”, “Zapeando”, “Ninja Warrior”, “Eso no se pregunta” and “Pool Fiction”

The Spanish TV Academy has included 8 Globomedia productions (MEDIAPRO Group) in the nominees for the upcoming Iris 2018 Awards. In total 16 nominees from across the Group will be up for awards both for series and other fiction productions.

Across the three fiction series there are 9 nominations: “Estoy Vivo”, broadcast on La 1 on TVE, is a nominee for Best Fiction Series, Best Screenplay (Daniel Écija, Jesús Mesas, Guillermo Cisneros, Jon de la Cuesta, Federico Muñoz, Andrés Martín, Guillermo Clua, Jaime Palacios, Mercedes Cruz, Adriana Rivas) and Best Actor (Javier Gutiérrez); with “El Accidente” on Telecinco also up for Best Fiction Series, Best Screenplay (Inés París, Guillermo Cisneros, Adriana Rivas, Carlos Asorey, Eduardo Zaramella), and Best Actor (Quim Gutiérrez), along with a Best Actress nomination for Inma Cuesta.

“Vis a Vis” is up for a Best Director Award (Jesús Colmenar, Sandra Gallego, David Molina and Jesús Rodrigo) in addition to a nomination for Alba Flores as Best Actress for her role as Saray in the 3rd season of the series broadcast on Fox.

Five programmes are also up for Iris 2018 Awards. “Zapeando”, the unstoppable early-afternoon magazine entertainment show on la Sexta could come away with three awards: Best Script: (Eloy Salgado, Gabriel García Soto, Víctor López, Óscar Arenas, María Vega, Estefanía Losada, Quique Peinado, Nuria Roca, Amando Cabrero, Amador Moreno, Vanesa Pino, Juanjo Muñoz and Quique Sanz), Best Production (María Zarazua and Antonio Robleda), and Best Programme. In the same category it will be going up against “Eso no se pregunta”, the Telemadrid programme which raises consciousness of people at risk of social exclusion.

"El Intermedio”, the emblematic comedy news show on laSexta presented by Wyoming, will also be up for the Best Script Award (Alberto Gonzalez Vázquez, Manuel Gay Moreno, Raquel Haro Pérez, Diego Saucedo Tejado, Yaiza Nuevo Ojeda, Olalla Granja Rodríguez, Irene Varela Maestre, Mikel Uribe-Etxeberria, Miguel Cuervo Pérez, Juan Carlos Córdoba Paredes, Iratxe Fernández de Velasco Sanz, David Dato Pérez, Carles Sánchez, David César, Paco Páez), with “Ninja Warrior”, the spectacular obstacle course sporting entertainment show broadcast on Antena 3 up for the Best Production Award (Mónica Artigas).

In the Best Programme produced for Spanish broadcast on a themed channel, Globomedia's “Pool Fiction”, the film magazine show on Movistar+ has also been included among the nominees.

30th July 2018

2018 CIMA TV FESTVAL in Vitoria: "El Intermedio" wins First Prize for its “Mujer tenía que ser” segment
The award is seen as a continued prime time commitment aimed at giving women and talk of equality visibility in an entertaining and interesting way

“Mujer tenía que ser” (She Must be a Woman), an El Intermedio segment presented by Sandra Sabatés, has been awarded First Prize at Vitoria’s 2018 CIMA TV FesTVal for Equality, which will be presented during the FesTVal awards gala on September 8th in Vitoria.

Directed by Carmen Aguilera and produced by Globomedia (MEDIAPRO group), the ironic news bulletin launched this segment last year, a commitment by laSexta to give women a voice in the network’s prime time slot. In “Mujer tenía que ser”, Sandra Sabatés interviews women calling for the fight for equality who report the sexism with which society coexists or show the exertion required of women in order to get ahead in male-dominated fields.

The jury for this award –chaired by CIMA’s vice-president Isabel Raventós and composed of CIMA’s honorary president Josefina Molina, journalist Mariola Cubells, EITB’s CEO Maite Iturbe, FesTVal Vitoria’s director Joseba Fiestras, Fran Llorente, and ECAM’s director Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson– sees the award as a continued prime time commitment aimed at giving women and talk of equality visibility in an entertaining and interesting way.

The CIMA TV FesTVal prize values “Mujer tenía que ser” for taking the risk of giving female role models a voice on an entertainment program through interviews and allowing the world to hear messages advocating equality.

In “Mujer tenía que ser”, El Intermedio tells the stories of brave, brilliant women, pioneers who many people do not know about and whose careers give us food for thought. Marie Faye, Maria Marte, Margarita Salas, Itziar Castro, Carmen Sarmiento, Patricia Campos, Soledad Gato, Julia Santos, Mabel Lozano, Sara Giménez, María Izquierdo, Ana Bella Estévez, Maite Sánchez, Carmen Avendaño, Laia Sanz, Ángeles Durán, Carolina del Olmo, Silvia Gil, Lolita Chávez and Soledad Gallego-Díaz… These are the names of women who, thanks to their career path, have contributed and brought us one step closer to achieving a fairer and more egalitarian society and who have spoken with Sandra Sabatés in this segment.

With this window on El Intermedio, and an average daily viewership of two million people, laSexta contributes to giving society a firsthand glimpse of the difficulties women encounter in their daily life in order to develop their projects and get ahead in their professional career. If we just listen, acknowledge and reflect on reality, we will be able to move towards a society in which no one says “she must be a woman”.

30th July 2018

Overon provides news coverage of the fires in Greece for national and international networks
Alongside Mediapro Turkey and Mediapro Greece, Overon has deployed an outstanding team of professionals and technical resources to serve televisions around the world

Since last Tuesday, a group of professionals from Overon, Mediapro Turkey and Mediapro Greece consisting of 5 camera and satellite operators has been providing important news coverage of the fires that have been spreading in Greece, a disaster that has resulted in nearly a hundred casualties so far, over two hundred injured, and thousands of other victims.

A DSNG system sent from Turkey with two camera operators, one satellite operator from Greece and two camera operators from Madrid equipped with two 4G backpacks have been in the Greek village of Mati since last Tuesday, July 24th, serving television networks around the world that have come to cover the news.

Overon is providing multiple livestreaming services for TV channels such as the BBC, ABC News, Infonetwork, Rai, Cuatro and Telecinco, amongst other national and international operators.

30th July 2018

Luján Argüelles to present Telemadrid’s “La Báscula”
The MEDIAPRO series is preparing for its seventh season on Canal Sur

Luján Argüelles will present “La Báscula” (the scale) on Telemadrid, one of the autonomous channel’s major bets for the upcoming season. The popular journalist and presenter will join the program produced by MEDIAPRO whose aim is to spread healthy habits among both the contestants and the citizens of Madrid, a community in which half the population is overweight or obese; a problem which is even worse in children.

This is a change for the presenter, who will lead the educational docuseries which is already broadcast to a wide audience on Canal Sur and Aragón Televisión and has been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for its informative efforts to eradicate obesity. Luján will lead an experienced team made up of a doctor, a nutritionist, a psychologist and several personal trainers. All of them will help contestants lose weight in a healthy way.

“La Báscula” is currently preparing for its seventh season on Canal Sur, the autonomous network where it has become one of the longest running shows in the past 10 years. Since its premiere in 2013, more than 200 people have seen their health improve thanks to their newly-acquired lifestyle habits. Aragón TV has also broadcast the program for three consecutive seasons, reaching more than an 18% audience share.

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