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14th November 2019

MEDIAPRO acknowledged with the Honorable Mention at the National Communication Awards
Jaume Roures and Tatxo Benet emphasized that company professionals work “with freedom and transparency”

Jaume Roures and Tatxo Benet collected the Honorable Mention of the National Communication Awards of the Generalitat on behalf of all the professionals that make up the Group. The awards, created in 1999 on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of the first regular radio broadcast in Catalonia, distinguishes the most relevant contributions in the field of communication in Catalonia, whether by individual professionals or by a public or private body.

The jury awarded this Mention of Honor to the Group because “since its foundation in Barcelona in 1994, MEDIAPRO has become the largest Catalan production company and communication group in the country and a leader in the European audiovisual sector”.

When collecting the prize, Jaume Roures highlighted that “MEDIAPRO’s merit is that from nothing we have built something truly great, something that’s committed to the country and society; we’ve defended principles and freedoms and have shown that we never give up. This is the explanation for how far we’ve come to date.”

Tatxo Benet thanked the Generalitat for the Honorable Mention on behalf of the more than 7,000 professionals working in 36 countries on 4 continents. "MEDIAPRO is the product of believing in an idea and stubbornly sticking at it, laboring to fulfill goals, reach a destination and to do what we love doing most," he added.

14th November 2019

“El Ministerio del Tiempo” filming the fourth season with all its big names back
Globomedia to produce the new instalments of the emblematic RTVE series

Filming has recently got underway on the latest episodes of “The Ministry of Time”, the series produced by RTVE in collaboration with Globomedia and Onza Partners. Created by Javier Olivares and Marc Vigil, season four remains loyal to the original mix of fantasy, adventure and History genre which has characterized the series since its inception.

Julián (Rodolfo Sancho), Amelia (Aura Garrido), Pacino (Hugo Silva), Alonso (Nacho Fresneda) and Lola (Macarena García) are back under the orders of Salvador (Jaime Blanch), Irene (Cayetana Guillén Cuervo) and Ernesto (Juan Gea) with one mission in mind; to ensure the past remains unchanged. The abovementioned cast members will be accompanied by many other well-known faces from previous editions including, Angustias (Francesca Piñón), Velázquez (Julián Villagrán) and Elena (Susana Córdoba), are back on the job to detect and correct any fatal alterations in the course of history.

The up-coming season is set to take viewers on a trip the Golden Age of Spanish history with a young Phillip the Second on the throne as well as featuring the Madrid Scene of the 1980’s represented by “Laberinto de pasiones” by Almodóvar. A team of script-writers featuring Jordi Calafí, Isabel Sánchez, Daniel Corpas, Carolina González and Pablo Lara, are currently working on the historical scenes and characters which will be a big part of the new episodes.

“The Ministry of Time” premiered on La 1 on February 24th, 2015. Thirty-four episodes and three seasons later, the RTVE series has become a cult phenomenon and the recipient of widespread acclaim from both critics and the public alike. The show has over twenty prestigious awards to its name, including international awards such as Best Latin American Television Series at the 2018 Platinum Awards, best director at the Gold Panda Awards or the bronze medal at the New York International Festival. National awards include two Ondas Awards for the best Spanish series (2016 and 2015); four Feroz awards; three Fotogramas de Plata; Six Actors Union Awards; three MiM Awards; and six Iris Awards, among others.

“The Ministry of Time” is also set to grow its cross-media content, and which is slated to feature a prequel full of revealing surprises which will help to set the scene for the legions of fans of the series and new viewers for the upcoming season.

14th November 2019

Huge Overon deployment for Spanish general election coverage
A team made up of more than 80 people provided news broadcast coverage from a host of different sites around the country

For Spanish general election coverage last Sunday, Overon provided comprehensive broadcast services with the project featuring 30 DSNG’s, 48 3G/4G back-pack services, 55 ENG cameras and a 300 MHz broadcast capacity, as well as studio services including chroma key from its Puerta del Sol base in Madrid. In total 22 satellite operators, 52 camera operators, 5 producers, 1 technical director, 2 fiber cable technicians, 2 sound technicians and 1 general assistant took part in the coverage. 

Overon provided services from Madrid and Barcelona, as well as from other places around Spain including Teruel, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Seville, Granada, Benidorm, Valencia, Galicia and Extremadura. Services included SNG and exclusive 3G/4G back-packs, live services from key news interest points, as well as providing live feeds from outside the Spanish parliament for foreign news crews. Overon was present at all main political party HQ’s (PSOE, PP, VOX, Unidas Podemos, Ciudadanos, Más País, ERC, etc.).

Overon provided services for a host of clients including Antena 3, laSexta, Forta, ETB, Canal Sur, TV3, IB3, RAI, SRG Switzerland, ZDF, NOS Tv, 13tv, RTBF, Mediaset and Bloomberg.

14th November 2019

Two THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO series, “Malaka” and “Vota Juan”, nominated for MiM awards
The thriller set in Malaga has recently won the Best TV Series Award at the Benalmadena Festival

“Malaka”, the fiction series produced by RTVE together with Globomedia, and “Vota Juan”, the TNT original series produced by 100 Balas, have both been nominated for MiM 2019 awards. The 7th edition of the MiM Series, the only festival devoted exclusively to TV fiction in Spain will take place from December 10th to the 13th.

In addition, the thriller set in Malaga has just picked up the Best TV Fiction Series award at presented by the Unicaja Foundation, at the Benalmadena International Short-film Festival. The jury praised “Malaka” “for bringing a breath of fresh air to the TV schedule thanks to its true-to-life plot, script, characters and setting, helping to create alternative realities to the typical clichés of Malaga of cruise-liners and tourist scenes in a risky yet entertaining thriller”.

“Vota Juan”, the fiction series created by Diego San Jose and Juan Cavestany, is currently in its second season with the new name “Vamos Juan”. Starring Javier Cámara, the follow-up to “Vota Juan” presents a Juan Carrasco removed from politics, living a simple life working as a biology teacher in a school in Logroño. However, aware that he still has a lot to offer as a politician, Juan decides to bring his close-knit team of advisers together to form a new party.

14th November 2019

MEDIAPRO holds its first ever Audiovisual Production Seminar
An event devoted to TV production and the use of new technologies in football

The MEDIAPRO Group recently held its first ever Audiovisual Production Seminar at its base in Getafe from November 7th to the 10th. The first edition was titled “Production and the use of new technologies in football”.

Organized by the Audiovisual Services Division, it saw more than 40 staff from its operations in Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Mexico in attendance. In the auditorium in the MEDIAPRO facilities a series of conferences about topics such as Production, Executive Production, Event Organization, Graphics, Sound, Innovation Technology, Special Cameras, VAR, VR and AutomaticTV all took place. In addition, attendees got the chance to visit the production center in Getafe, as well as go to different LaLiga Santander matches over the weekend.

The goal of the Seminar was the exchange of experiences and work processes across the international offices within the MEDIAPRO Group taking into account aspects such as the cultural and geographical differences of each region, resource management and previous experience of bench-mark competitions such as LaLiga. With the organization of the event, channels of communication improve as well as enhancing the synergy between offices.

14th November 2019

MEDIAPRO, shortlisted for the 2019 EXPANSIÓN Compliance Awards
The awards recognize the work of companies that have stood out for his special contribution to the development of culture of legislative compliance


MEDIAPRO has been shortlisted for the 2019 Expansion Compliance awards which acknowledge best practices in this area in the category of Company with Best Practices in Compliance 2018/2019. A total of 107 candidates distributed in 7 categories were submitted for consideration in this second edition of the awards promoted by the Expansión business journal.

The Company with Best Practices in Compliance award aims to identify companies which are neither listed on the IBEX 35 or cataloged as SMEs, whose Compliance model ensures compliance with applicable internal and external regulatory obligations as well as with the most suitable procedures, tools and people. The distinction acknowledges the company with the most efficient model in this area.

The awards jury is made up of expert managers in compliance who work for renowned companies and institutions.

The MEDIAPRO Compliance area, directed by Joaquim Triadú, is responsible for the creation of the Code of Conduct that governs the 58 Group headquarters distributed over 4 continents. MEDIAPRO, a benchmark worldwide in the creation, production and distribution of multimedia content, focuses its business activities on four principal business units. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO produces fiction and entertainment for a diverse international client portfolio. With a fleet of 85 Outside Broadcast units, MEDIAPRO has the capacity to deliver more than 12,000 productions yearly and more than 50 sporting events weekly. In the field of audiovisual rights, the Group is responsible for the international rights to LaLiga, among others. In recent years, MEDIAPRO has committed significant resources to developing its digital innovation and eSports sectors, which in  turn have become a strategic business unit.

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