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9th July 2024

55,000 professionals behind GRUP MEDIAPRO's 30 years

The group has become a benchmark in the sector

A Music Festival in Andorra was Mediapro's first project, 30 years ago. Back then, MEDIAPRO was just a team of 4 people based in a tiny office in Barcelona, whereas currently, GRUP MEDIAPRO is made up of more than 7,000 professionals working in 52 cities on 4 continents.

Throughout these 30 years, more than 55,000 people have passed through the doors of the group, contributing their creativity, talent and professionalism to help make the company a benchmark in the audiovisual sector and the only company in the entire world that works the entire value chain, creating, designing, producing and distributing every kind of audiovisual and experiential content through the five business areas and with a constant commitment to innovation.

The Mediapro Studio is GRUP MEDIAPRO's content creation, production and distribution factory and is responsible for the implementation of high-quality global projects, developed in association with renowned talent of national and international prestige. Broadcast Media Services, the audiovisual services division, has one of the largest Outside Broadcast fleets in the world with more than 20,000 productions per year and its 16 production centers located on 4 continents are equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Through Mediapro Xperiences, the group designs, produces and manages experiential spaces in all types of formats leveraging the most innovative technology. The Rights division established itself as one of the principal audiovisual rights management agencies in the sector. And through the Channels and OTT unit, the group produces and manages up to 15 channels of its own for such major operators including ESPN, LaLiga and Movistar.

The 22@Network association, which brings together companies located in the innovation district of Barcelona, recently recognized the trajectory of GRUP MEDIAPRO during these 30 years, 20 of which with its headquarters located in this district.

9th July 2024

Valeria Castro composes and performs the main theme of the film 'El 47'

The Canary Islands artist is the composer and performer of 'el borde del mundo', main theme song of the movie, the teaser of which has already been released

Produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and distributed by A Contracorriente Films, 'El 47' is set to open in movie theaters throughout Spain on September 6th. The movie is written and directed by Marcel Barrena and stars Eduard Fernández, with the teaser and first images already available.

The main theme song of 'El 47' is the 'el borde del mundo’ (the edge of the world), composed and performed by Canary Islands artist Valeria Castro, winner of various awards and a Latin Grammy and Goya Awards nominee.

Valeria has said “‘el borde del mundo’ evokes those who live in forgotten places, those who carry a burden, and the weight of neglect and all that this involves. As a composer, becoming part of the vast movie-making machine was an amazing breath of fresh air. But doing so in a film like 'El 47', far away in terms of distance but with something so important in common as that feeling of being in one of those parts of the world that no one looks at, made it an authentic luxury.”

Marcel Barrena, the film’s director, is convinced that 'el borde del mundo' is the best song that 'El 47' could possibly have: “When our much-missed Lynn Fainchtein (Music Supervisor at The Mediapro Studio) introduced me to Valeria Castro’s music, I didn't hesitate – that voice had to feature at the end of 'El 47'. Days later, upon showing the film to Valeria, we all felt it and her eyes showed it – it had to be her. That’s because this is also her story, the story of her Canary Islands family. Every note and every verse is pure emotion. Because the song, like the movie, is about all of us. I would even go so far as to say that 'el borde del mundo' is – in terms of music, voice, art and feeling – one of the best songs I have heard in a long time and, without a doubt, the best that a film could have."

Fed up with Barcelona City Council claiming that public transport couldn’t reach the Torre Baró district because the streets were too narrow and unsafe, Manolo Vital, a local resident and bus driver for the city’s public transport service, set out to show, from behind the wheel of the route 47 bus – ‘El 47’ – that the authorities were wrong. ‘El 47’ is the inspirational true story of a man, a bus and a neighborhood’s fate.

Marcel Barrena (Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea, winner of three Goya awards; 100 meters, winner of two Gaudí awards; and Little World, Goya-nominated for best documentary) is the director of the film and author of the screenplay, co-written with Alberto Marini (El desconocido, Sleep Tight).

The cast of 'El 47' features Eduard Fernández (winner of three Goya awards, a San Sebastián Silver Shell and three Silver Biznagas from the Malaga Film Festival, among other accolades), Clara Segura (Goya nominee for Creatura), Zoe Bonafonte (Escándalo. Relato de una obsesión, Amar es para siempre), Salva Reina (Iron Reign, Marshland), Carlos Cuevas (Merlí: Sapere Aude, Smiley), Betsy Túrnez (One for all, The One-Eyed King), Oscar de la Fuente (La Casa, The Good Boss), Aimar Vega (Los pequeños amores, Prison 77), Vicente Romero (Intemperie, Express) and David Verdaguer, winner of two Goya awards for Summer 1993 and Jokes & Cigarettes. In addition, dozens of Torre Baró residents participated in the film as extras in scenes shot in the neighborhood.

'El 47' was made in association with Movistar Plus+, with support from the ICEC, the participation of RTVE and 3Cat, as well as the involvement of Triodos Bank and with ICO financing. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Distribution is responsible for international sales.

9th July 2024

GRUP MEDIAPRO takes part in the production of ‘Saca tu orgullo’

Eumovil and Overon provided audiovisual services for the TVE special celebrating LGTBI+ pride day

Eumovil and Overon, both GRUP MEDIAPRO companies, recently took part in the production of the ‘Saca tu orgullo’ program, a special show which TVE broadcast last Saturday which coincided with International LGTBI+ pride day. The group was responsible for the large technical deployment which featured an OB van, 16 HD cameras, a drone, 3 backpack Live U broadcast units and 5 DNSG’s providing suppprt for TVE for the program production. The group produced and distributed four hours of live coverage of the march which crossed Madrid from  Atocha to Colón Square, with the slogan: “Education, rights and peace: Pride that transforms”.

The LGTBI+ Pride which takes place on the first Saturday of July in a host of Spanish cities with a variety of events and festivities looking to consolidate and push forward the rights of the gay community as well as raising awareness of diversity and rights equality. The events culminate in a huge march in the Spanish capital which brings together close to 2 million people every year.

9th July 2024

'Las Pelotaris 1926', now available on SkyShowtime

The series, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in association with TelevisaUnivision, has just received the Best Pilot Award at the Aura Awards in Mexico

The entire season of the latest SkyShowtime original, Las Pelotaris 1926, has been available on the platform since last Friday. 'La Pelotaris 1926' narrates the struggle of three Basque pelota players, who struggle to achieve their dreams, overcoming prejudice and the domineering chains of the 1920’s, when men monopolized power. Idoia, Itzi and Chelo are successful athletes who assume the consequences of breaking the mold in a world where women were denied ambition and sexual freedom in this story of love, aspirations and power.

The series is produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in association with TelevisaUnivision, created by Marc Cistaré ('Locked Up', 'The Boat', 'Victim Nº 8') and starring Claudia Salas, María de Nati and Zuria Vega, who breathe life into the three protagonists, Idoia, Itzi and Chelo. The lineup is completed by an international cast of actors including Spain’s Alex Onieva, Krista Aroca, Eva Rubio, Jesús Castejón and Peter Vives; Argentine David Chocarro; Mexico’s Marco de la O, Vicente Tamayo, Héctor Kotsifakis, Antonio Gaona and Eligio Meléndez; and Colombian actress Viviana Serna.

'La Pelotaris 1926' was shot on location between Spain and Mexico, the two countries where Basque pelota acquired greater relevance at the beginning of the last century. Filming in Spain took place in Madrid, Guadalajara and the Basque Country at several emblematic locations including the Hotel Londres and Playa de la Concha in San Sebastián, as well as at the Plaza Berri fronton in Biarritz, along with on the streets of several Basque towns such as Artikutza and Pasaia. Locations in Mexico included the iconic Zócalo, the modernist Gran Hotel Ciudad de México, and other places such as the magical town of Tepoztlán and the paradisiacal enclave of Las Estacas.

'La Pelotaris 1926' has already picked up several awards and nominations with the most recent being last week in Mexico, where the production received the Best Pilot award at the first edition of the Aura Awards. Zuria Vega won the Produ Award for Best Actress for her performance in the series, in addition to nominations for the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish for Best Series and the India Catalina Awards in the category of Best Ibero-American Scripted Series.

9th July 2024

Success of LVP tournaments at OWN Valencia

The final of the Rising MediaMarkt Intel and the two-day Super League event attracted thousands of fans

This past weekend saw the celebration of OWN Valencia, the new video game and entertainment festival with LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO) tournaments taking center stage at the event. 

The festival hosted the in-person final of Rising MediaMarkt Intel, the national VALORANT league and in the afternoon of Saturday, July 6, the main stadium at OWN Valencia was standing room only with its more than 1,000 seats filled to witness the exhilarating clash between UCAM Esports and Barça eSports. Although the final started with UCAM’s clear advantage, the Barça team rallied and tied the series at 2, to win the final map and eventually go on to conquer the tournament title, succeeding KPI Gaming for the throne of the Rising MediaMarkt Intel. 

Meanwhile, on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning the main stage of the venue played host to two days of the exhilarating and electrifying League of Legends Super League event. Thousands of fans enjoyed the performance by the 10 teams that make up the Super League in Valencia, as they battled it out for League of Legends mathematical classification of three teams for the playoffs, scheduled to be held this coming July 20, as Barça eSports, Ramboot Club and Los Heretics marched to glory.  Both tournaments were also streamed live via LVP's Twitch channels. 


9th July 2024

‘Órbita Laika’ begins filming of its tenth season

The program recently picked up two awards at the 7th Industry Awards in Spain

‘Orbita Laika’, the science educational show produced by RTVE in collaboration with K 2000 (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), which this year will be celebrating its tenth anniversary, has started filming a new season and will continue to bring science to a wider audience in an entertaining way without losing its scientific rigour, on La 2.

The program which is a mix of entertainment and scientific rigour will be presented by Eduardo Saénz de Cabezón, in what is set to be his sixth season at the helm for the mathematician. New features for the upcoming season include the welcoming on board of a new chemistry expert, Elisabet Prats. Prats hold s a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Barcelona and is currently working at the Micro-Electronic Institute in Barcelona in the Bio-medical Applications Department. Her recent research is centred on chemical and biological sensors and the description of materials such as graphene both for neuronal purposes as well as the detection of bio-markers.

‘Órbita Laika’, created by the script-writer, writer and director José Antonio Pérez Ledo, has recently picked up two awards at the 7th edition of the Industry awards in Spain, “for its educational work and for being able to blend entertainment and science with a very successful formula”. Both the program and its current presenter, Eduardo Saénz de Cabezón, picked up awards in the Communication category.

The prestigious award, comes on the back of important accolades such as the Silver Globe 2020 at the International World Media Festival in Hamburg awarded to the ‘Seas and Oceans’ program, which also won the #LabmeCrazy audience award at the Science Film Festival 2021/22; the Zapping Awards in 2015 and 2022 as well as the award for Best TV Show at the SIGRE Journalism awards. Saénz de Cabezón also won the Smartick award for Best Educator in 2022.

The high-profile mathematician and science educator will be back at the helm for the tenth season heading up at expert team featuring Ricardo Moure (Biology), Deborah García Bello (Chemistry), José Miguel Viñas (Meteorology and Climatology), Helena González-Burón (Genetics), Nahúm Méndez (Geology), Laura Morán (Psychology), Xurxo Mariño (Neurosciences) and Marián García (Pharmacy and Nutrition).

In the new season, in addition, the animated film section is set for an upgrade (sponsored by the Scientific Culture Department at the University of the Basque Country) with Scientific Milestones of the 21st century and will be tackling entertaining topics from amusement parks to football.

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