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15th January 2021

The MEDIAPRO Group produces the most important sporting events held in Africa in 2020
The Group delivered productions in Kenya, Morocco, Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Rwanda and Tunisia

MEDIAPRO has produced some of the most prominent sports competitions held in Africa in recent months. In addition, the level of production and events held in East Africa has increased in recent years and its expansion continues throughout the continent.

In Kenya, the Group will deliver the production of the FKF Kenyan Premier League for three new seasons (20-21, 21-22, 22-23). MEDIAPRO, which has produced the competition for the past three years, signed the contract extension with the new head of league rights that began last November. Medialuso is in charge of producing more than four matches weekly broadcast on the digital platform PVP Startimes and the national network KTN.

In Morocco, the MEDIAPRO Group provides VAR services to the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRFM) of the Botola Pro League for the second consecutive year. MEDIAPRO collaborates with the FRFM through the deployment of additional VAR units to Morocco for the completion of the Botola League within the planned deadline of the 2019-20 season. In addition, it provided VAR service coverage for the CAF  Confederations Cup and Champion League finals in November and in the Coupe du Trone, held between December 30th and January 3rd.

Also this month, starting on January 16th, the African Nations Championship (CHAN) will begin in Cameroon and where Medialuso will collaborate with the country's public television network and CAF to provide service with a large-capacity Outside Broadcast unit and production crew. Together with the local team of professionals, the company will be in charge of covering 50% of the matches, including the final.

The MEDIAPRO Group, through Medialuso, also produced seven matches in the same week during the month of November on the occasion of the qualifiers for the CAN 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, deploying crews of professionals and technical resources to countries including Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Cameroon and Tunisia.

Medialuso also produced the two rounds of FIBA AfroBasket qualifiers held in Rwanda (Kigali) and Egypt (Alexandria) in November with over thirty matches produced during the two qualifying stages.

15th January 2021

The MEDIAPRO Group, responsible for installation of audiovisual system in the new Ophthalmology surgical wing in Hospital Clínic de Barcelona
The most notable features of the new facility is its integration of technology and which will enable the performance of some 30 operations daily in its 4 operating rooms

Unitecnic, a MEDIAPRO Group company specialized in audiovisual engineering, carried out the audiovisual installation project for the new Ophthalmology surgical wing at Hospital Clínic, a pioneering facility given its spatial and technological design. This new operating area is located in the Maternitat facility in the Les Corts district in Barcelona. The facilities were inaugurated on December 10th as phase 1 in the creation of the CLÍNIC Eye Training Center (CETC).

The MEDIAPRO Group, through Unitecnic, was responsible for the installation of the audiovisual system for the 4 new operating rooms in which some 30 operations will be carried out daily. Each room is equipped with 4K screens, PTZ cameras, wireless microphones, multi-vision systems and management of internal connections in the operating room itself or external via streaming or videoconferencing (Zoom, Team, Webex, etc.). For this project, the company employed an IP transmission system that offers the highest video quality.

Unitecnic integrated all the audiovisual features with an automated control system operated from the nursing station computer itself. This control system facilitates the entire and seamless management of the system enabling medical professionals to operate the system without requiring advanced technical know-how.

The audiovisual system of the surgical wing integrated the Videoma recording system, existing in the central headquarters of the Clinic on Calle Villarroel, installed by the MEDIAPRO Group several years ago. This integration between the two centers allows three audio and video ingests, as well as ingesting direct metadata from file from the nursing station computer itself. In this way, the system streamlines recordings and Videoma system search engine that was initially available.

The Hospital Clínic Ophthalmology Surgical Wing at the Maternitat headquarters is part of a more ambitious project that involves the creation of the CETC, which will promote the first Ophthalmology training center to include practical training stemming from the initiative of a university hospital. The future CLÍNIC Eye Training Center will integrate training equipment and practical training.

The first phase of the construction of the Clinic's surgical wing, in which the MEDIAPRO Group has worked, will be completed with phase 2 of the creation of the Ophthalmology training center, which aims to become the most significant such center in Southern Europe. This future facility will include several training spaces, including a laboratory, DryLab, a WetLab laboratory as well as a conference room.

The WetLab laboratory will be equipped with 6 state-of-the-art microscopes and, like the conference room, will have an interactive 4K screen, multi-vision system, wireless microphones, public address systems, AV connections, etc. In addition, the surgical wing and the training center will be fully connected via an ethernet network as well as through the 10GB audiovisual system. As such, the interactivity of the two spaces will facilitate training and educational communications.

Unitecnic is the MEDIAPRO Group company specialized in audiovisual, multimedia and system integration engineering. The company designs, develops and delivers turnkey projects from the initial idea to the consulting stages through the integration, installation and maintenance of the implemented systems. Unitecnic operates a specialist division for medical environment projects and has offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Miami and Buenos Aires. In addition, it is an international distributor of all the major broadcast environment brands.

15th January 2021

“L’Èxit de la Temporada” celebrates 30 years of El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)
The play, written and directed by Enric Cambray and Israel Solà, will be on at the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona until February 28th 

El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) has kicked off 30th anniversary celebrations in style with the premiere of the play at the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona until February 28th. “L’Èxit de la Temporada” is a comedy which is a big part of the year-long party for the production company headed by Andreu Buenafuente. The play has a high-profile cast made of a host of actors closely linked with El Terrat over the years, such as Sílvia Abril, David Fernández, Fermí Fernández, Oriol Grau, Mònica Pérez, Jordi Rios, Mònica Macfer and Alba Florejachs.

The show, written and directed by Enric Cambray and Israel Solà, revolves around the story of six friends who star in successful TV and radio programs, and who decide to team up to put on “Romeo and Juliet”, to showcase their acting talent. An unlikely turn of events means the show never sees the light of day and twenty years on, the six friends get back together to try to do what they weren’t able to do all that time ago.

Somewhere between fiction and reality, the play’s over-riding theme is friendship as well as reflecting on the passing of time, winning, the relationship between success and fame, satisfaction, personal frustrations and the life of a comic through the figures of actors Catalan theatre-goers have seen grow old and who’ve they’ve laughed along with. The show isn’t a potted history of the production company but rather a new creation which sets out to recapture the spirit and language of the company built around a hilarious plot full of strong emotions.

L’Èxit de la Temporada”

The Coliseum Theatre (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 595 Barcelona)

Performances: from Wednesday to Sunday

Show-times: from Wednesday to Friday 20.00 / Saturdays 17.00 and 20.00 / Sundays 18.00

Ticket sales:

15th January 2021

The Superliga League of Legends is back on LVP on January 18th  
Every Monday and Thursday on Twitch and on TV via UBEAT

The Superliga League of Legends is back. Spain’s biggest video-game competition returns to LVP on January 18th (18.00, Twitch / UBEAT). The Superliga will kick off again with a re-run of the last competition final as the star attraction of the first match-day: Movistar Riders, the current champs, up against G2 Arctic, in one of the classic match-ups in the national competition.

The best ten teams in Spain will be fighting it out from January 18th to April for the title. This season sees the added feature of all the teams having Join Cam installed, the technology that allows live connections from stadia around the country by the LVP/MEDIAPRO production team in Barcelona. 

"Speaking on behalf of LVP our wish is for Superliga League of Legends to continue to be the stand-out competition in Europe. One of the goals for this season is to consolidate the new audiences we attracted in 2020. In order to achieve our aims, we’re continuing to develop the product both at a technical level as well as in terms of content production. We’ll be adding to the commentary team as well as generating new sections for the community, among other things. I’m sure our fans will continue to love the Superliga”, explains Jordi Soler, the LVP CEO.

A few days before, on January 15th (18.00, Twitch), the Superliga will be getting its own launch show on "Programa 0", an hour-long program which will highlight all the new features for the upcoming season.

15th January 2021

The 17th season of “El Conquistador del Caribe” kicks off with its best ever figures
With a 27.3% share, the return of the most brutal reality show on Spanish TV was the number-one viewer choice in its broadcast slot

“El Conquis” is back on ETB2 with its best-ever viewing figures. The 17th season of the long-running adventure reality show produced by Hostoil kicked off with a 27.3% share, making it the most watched show in its broadcast slot in the Basque Country, with an aggregate audience of 411,000 viewers in the region and its catchment area.

At the gala presentation, broadcast live on January 11th, Patxi Alonso revealed the names of the 36 contestants who, split into 3 teams, will be fighting it out for the coveted Basque flag. The show also featured an interview with Julián Iantzi to find out what was in store on the upcoming season of “El Conquistador”, which is back in some of the most unhospitable regions of the Dominican Republic and ready to put the contestants through their paces in what are likely to be some of the most challenging tests yet.

The launch of the new season also saw excellent viewing figures via and across social media. From the start of the program, the hashtag #conquisestreno was a Trending Topic on Twitter with close to 20,000 users connecting via a live streaming feed on the web-site the day of the launch and the "El Conquistador" web-site received 36,183 users and 68,113 page views.

15th January 2021

Mediasur to provide live subtitling services in Catalan for RTVE
The deal strengthens its accessibility unit as well as widening its market share in the provision of services in Catalan 

Mediasur has picked up another contract with Spanish state broadcaster RTVE to provide live subtitling services from the network’s Catalan broadcast center as well as services for recorded programs. The contract, which is set to run for six months and involve some 700 hours of subtitling, strengthens the company’s accessibility unit offering services in Catalan. Along with the 2-year agreement signed last August for subtitling services in Spanish, this new partnership brings the two organizations even closer together.

Since it was created four years ago, the accessibility unit at Mediasur has managed to establish itself as a key player in the live and recorded subtitling market as well as audiovisual translations, becoming one of the stand-out companies in Spain.


Mediasur are currently providing subtitling services for the entire Real Madrid TV programming schedule, GOL, as well as a host of shows on Canal Sur Televisión and Aragón TV. In addition, they have also subtitled individual programs, films, series and documentaries for companies and other business units from the MEDIAPRO Group (national and international content, corporate communication, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, The Mediapro Studio Distribution, Mediatem, Mediapro US, Telson, etc.) as well as for independent producers.


Audiovisual translation and interpreting services highlights include the services provided for Golf Channel Latam together with Mediapro US, the translation of LaLiga news conferences for a host of international channels as well translating scripts and episodes for programs, series and pilot shows such as “Paraíso”, “El Internado: Las Cumbres”, “Estoy vivo”…


So far, from their base in Seville, more than 15,000 hours of live subtitling and 5,000 hours for recorded show have been produced. Other highlights include the audio services provided for the blind, Sign-Language services in Spanish and Catalan as well as transcriptions.

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