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3rd April 2020

“Submarine” presented at the Series Mania Digital Forum
A new THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO series created by Ran Tellem, Mariano Baselga and Marcos Bernstein, written by Marcos Bernstein

“Submarine”, the new THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO series, produced together with the Brazilian company Globo Studios, is one of 16 projects being presented at the Series Mania Digital Forum. The annual content festival, which was to be held in Lille (France), is taking place virtually and allows producers, networks, buyers and media outlets to find out about all the new series for next year.

The series, written by the Brazilian Marcos Bernstein and created jointly by him and Ran Tellem and Mariano Baselga (both from THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), will be filmed in English and is a political thriller. “Submarine” is about the capture of Brazil’s first nuclear submarine by a criminal organization who want to turn it into a fast, efficient and undetectable drug transporter for carrying their product from one side of the Atlantic to the other.

3rd April 2020

Overon providing comprehensive news coverage of the coronavirus with a remotely operated MCR
Over the last few days, it has provided a host of technical equipment for every possible live link-up

From last Saturday, the Master Control Room (MCR) at Overon has been operated remotely. The MCR staff are working from home, as well as the production, special events, planning and commercial divisions. The satellite and camera operators, as well as operational and maintenance staff are carrying out their work following stringent safety measures along with using protection kits at all times to minimize risks.

Over the last few weeks, Overon has provided technical equipment including remotely controlled back-pack broadcast units and mobile telephones to carry out live link-ups from news teams and TV presenters who are now working from home.

Overon is continuing to provide live services from La Moncloa, covering all the daily announcements both from The Coronavirus Crisis Management Committee as well as the various government ministers and prime minister. The broadcasts are carried out live via satellite for all media outlets and streamed for La Moncloa web-site, as requested by the Prime Minister’s office.

3rd April 2020

Telson faces the coronavirus-related crisis at 100% of its operational capacity
Thanks to a comprehensive contingency and teleworking plan, the MEDIAPRO Group company has quickly adapted to the new situation to provide prompt and efficient services

Telson, the post-production company of the MEDIAPRO Group, maintains full operational capacity in its four service areas: audio and video post-production for drama; audio and video post-production for advertising; corporate audiovisual production; and TV channel broadcasting, monitoring and quality control.

The planning and subsequent execution of a comprehensive contingency plan, outlined more than a month ago and gradually implemented in recent weeks, has allowed the company to currently maintain 100% of its work and even provide a prompt and effective response to the new needs of clients, in response to the current situation.

Almost all of Telson's employees currently operate from their homes, remotely or locally, using encrypted media, thanks to the painstaking work of the company's engineering and IT areas, in collaboration with Unitecnic, the broadcast engineering division of the MEDIAPRO Group. In addition, the adoption of security measures and reinforcing the cleaning, disinfection and sanitation of the two buildings owned by Telson in Calle Alcalá in Madrid make all the facilities fully operational to finish any work that cannot be completed remotely, thus enabling clients such as ONCE and "El Hormiguero" to continue producing their programs, albeit on a smaller scale.

The contingency plan adopted by Telson has allowed the company to maintain the schedule of its drama department, which delivers audio, color, 3D and VFX post-production and mastering for series produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, including "The Head" , "Por H o por B", "Nasdrovia" and "The Ministry of Time"; television shows such as "Órbita Laika"; and films including "Hasta el cielo" (by Vaca Films, directed by Daniel Calparsoro) and "El año de la furia" (by Aliwood, directed by Rafa Russo). The same is true for its advertising division, where it continues to meet the needs of all its clients, including ONCE, Telefónica, Acciona, Johnson & Johnson, L'Orèal, and the Mahou Group.

Telson also performed a seamless transition of its playout, monitoring and quality control services of all its channel customers, incident free: Disney, Viacom, Vodafone, DKISS and TEN. In addition, the company is meeting delivery deadlines in the provision of audiovisual content for the host country's pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, while it continues to adapt its audiovisual content logistics services for Renfe, responding daily to the progressive service level as requested by the company.

3rd April 2020

Mediapro Bolivia joins the fights against COVID-19
The company is set to produce audiovisual educational material with health advice from the Bolivian government

Mediapro Bolivia staff are currently producing audiovisual material for the people of Bolivia with government coronavirus health recommendations. As the situation worsens around the world with the rapid expansion of the virus, Mediapro Bolivia was keen to help. The company is creating educational material which will include government advice for combatting the spread of the virus and allow the population to be as well informed as possible.

Mediapro Bolivia is joining forces with the medical authorities with all the work done from home as they comply with the lockdown imposed by the Bolivian government.

3rd April 2020

Mediapro Brands produces the new “Tributo” campaign for LaLiga
The creation of the different audiovisual pieces was done working from home

In order to lend its support to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, LaLiga has launched a campaign with a message of hope and support for Spain in these difficult times, in the only way it knows how: shouting out its support and applause from thousands of people. Fighting back against the stream of bad news, a growing movement of recognition for the work that people are doing to help is gaining ground.

With the campaign, LaLiga sets out to say thanks to all the people who are giving their all at work to help save lives. And once again “No es fútbol. Es LaLiga” becomes even more important and now more than ever is the time to showcase the true values of the brand.

Mediapro Brands produced all the audiovisual pieces for the campaign, created by the McCann agency, for the very first time working entirely from home.

The campaign is made up of 60”, 20” and 15” pieces for airing both on television and digital platforms.

See video:"v=x8nNEzV6Z2Q

3rd April 2020

UBEAT doubles its number of viewers with younger audiences all locked down
Platform influencers such as Bruno Kapo013, Goorgo, Nil, Emmapache, Christian Vilchez and Invert all lend their support to the message stopping the expansion of COVID-19 with #YoMeQuedoEnCasa with UBEAT

The best way young people have got to enjoy themselves during the lockdown is tune into UBEAT. The multi-platform eSports and entertainment option from the MEDIAPRO Group is experiencing a significant rise in audiences in the last few weeks, thanks to the confinement imposed by the Spanish government and the quality of content being offered by UBEAT which continues to air its flag-ship shows as well as offering viewers new content. In addition, in order to help combat the COVID-19 virus, leading influencers are encouraging people to stay at home as well as offering advice for the lock-down via #YoMeQuedoEnCasa with UBEAT.

With the school-kids being sent home and locked down, Internet and TV content viewing has gone up significantly. UBEAT (both via the web-site and mobile devices via and the 24/7 channel on the leading TV operators’ platforms) has seen a big jump in viewers in the last few weeks.

The week from the 16th to the 22nd, for example, the number of views on the platform doubled compared to the previous week, making it one of the best week’s ever for the OTT. In addition, it also saw a 50% increase in the number of unique users on, and viewer numbers on its flag-ship show “Hoy no se sale” (which is still on air, filmed from the homes of the presenters) and “Ubeat Crew”. All as a consequence of the younger audience spending more time at home and their looking for quality content.

#YoMeQuedoEnCasa with UBEAT

To help combat the COVID-19 virus it’s essential to stay at home. And to encourage people to do just that, the UBEAT content creators are taking part in the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa initiative with UBEAT. Via a video, Bruno Kapo013, Goorgo, Nil, Emmapache, Alde, Fernando Cardenete, Christian Vilchez and Invert, among others, are providing tips and tricks to get through the lock-down and encourage everybody to stay at home.

In addition, the #YoMeQuedoEnCasa section has been created on where some of the very best eSports and entertainment videos have been posted.

UBEAT is available via the channel 24/7 on the main pay-tv platforms in Spain (Movistar, Orange, beINCONNECT, Telecable, Euskatel and R), Latin America (Movistar eSports UBEAT) and Mexico and Central America (Sky) and on the online platform.

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