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27th November 2020

El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) preparing “L’Èxit de la temporada” to celebrate its 30th anniversary
The play, written and directed by Enric Cambray and Israel Solà, to premiere in the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona from January 7th 

El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO ESTUDIO) is currently preparing the premiere of the show created to celebrate its 30th anniversary and given the current restrictions on mobility in force in Catalonia, it is slated to launch on January 7th at the Coliseum Theatre in Barcelona following all the health and safety protocols.

“LÈxit de la temporada” is a comedy which is part of the events which are set to take place over the anniversary year of the production company led by Andreu Buenafuente. The play features a high-profile cast including a series of actors who’ve worked closely with El Terrat over the years, such as Sílvia Abril, David Fernández, Fermí Fernández, Oriol Grau, Mònica Pérez, Jordi Rios, Mònica Macfer and Alba Florejachs.

The show, written and directed by Enric Cambray and Israel Solà, is based on six friends who are a success as comedians on radio and TV shows who decide to join forces to do their version of “Romeo and Juliet”, with the aim of proving themselves as actors. A chance event sees the premiere called off and twenty years on, the six friends came together again to finally put it on.

The play, which drifts between reality and fiction, is a call to friendship which also reflects on the passage of time, the relationship with success and fame, satisfaction, personal frustrations and what being a comedian is like through the characters who many people have grown up with laughing alongside them. The play doesn’t set out to look back over the last 30 years of the production company but looks to catch the spirit of the company and what it represents and the joy that it’s brought to thousands of people over the years.

It doesn’t often happen that you feel that something big is about to happen but that’s what’s brewing with “L’Èxit de la temporada”, a comedy which brings together actresses and actors who have been an integral part of the last 30 years in theatres around Catalonia. Audiences will get a chance to share the fun and get to do what they most like doing: having a good laugh.

Despite the difficulties of the current situation for the whole theatre community, El Terrat continues to invest in the future with this new production and offer its little bit of hope to the world of culture and give the chance for theatre lovers to go and see something and escape from the day-to-day inconveniences of a global pandemic and have a good time. El Terrat and Grup Balaña are committing themselves with conviction to culture and theatre, which has been shown- to be perfectly safe settings.

Tickets now available via:

27th November 2020

LVP and Electronic Arts join forces to produce the FIFA 21 EA SPORTS Global Series in South America
LVP (MEDIAPRO Group), with the support of EA, are to set produce and broadcast the entire competition with three simultaneous signals in Spanish, Portuguese and English

Electronic Arts (EA) and LVP (MEDIAPRO Group) have strengthened their ties moving into 2021 with a production and broadcast partnership for the FIFA 21 Global Series in South America. The competition, the biggest EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21 event in the region, brings together all the best FIFA players over the first half of next year. LVP, who is working together with EA for the third year running, will be in charge of the entire production, broadcast, distribution and sponsorship management for the Global Series in South America, with involves an impressive technical and staff deployment to be able to provide three simultaneous signals in three different languages.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series are divided into regions (Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Oceania, North America and South America). In the case of South America, the Global Series consists of five qualifying tournaments which will be played online between November and May both on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

In these tournaments, known as ‘Online Qualifiers’, all those FUT Champions verified players who are resident in South America are eligible to play. The four best from each console (eight players in total) will go through to the finals of each tournament, which LVP will broadcast via Twitch, Facebook and YouTube in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Over two days, the finalists will compete in straight knock-out matches to be crowned tournament champion. The winner will take home a cash prize as well as a large number of points to take to the regional finals. 

The finals are slated for June next year and will showcase the very best FIFA 21 players in the South America. The region will see the 48 players (32 on PS4™ and 16 on Xbox One) with the most points in the qualifying tournaments and the different national leagues in South America take part. The champions, in addition to the cash-prize, will earn a spot in the FIFA eWorld Cup 2021, the most prestigious FIFA 21 competition in the world.

The FIFA 21 Global Series has a total prize pot of 550,000 dollars, which will be shared out across the six tournament stops (the five qualifying tournaments and the regional finals). In addition, the competition will also feature three simultaneous broadcasts: the Spanish version will be broadcast from Argentina; English, from Barcelona; and Portuguese, from Mexico. The coverage will allow fans to enjoy the coverage of the competition around the world.

LVP will be in charge of the entire signal production for the events, as well as the coordination of the different broadcast teams in each country. The first broadcast of the FIFA 21 Global Series is set to take place on December 5th and 6th with the finals of first qualifying tournament. 

“At LVP we are the leading player in the organization of video-games in the Spanish language worldwide. We’ve been working for more than three years in the development of eSports in Latin America and this new project strengthens our presence in the region. We’re delighted to team up with Electronic Arts to operate the most important FIFA 21 competition in the world, the Global Series. We’ll be bringing all of our experience in the management of competitions, our broadcast know-how, and all our passion for eSports", commented Jordi Soler, the LVP CEO.

“We’re delighted to see how the FIFA 21 Global Series is growing across South America with our partnership with LVP”, added Sam Turkbas, the EA SPORTS FIFA Deputy Commissioner. “Fans are going to get more opportunities to see and cheer on the best FIFA 21 Global Series with broadcasts in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese and the competitors will get more chances to compete with the new regional format of the Global Series”, he commented.

Even more FIFA 21 on LVP

The partnership between LVP and Electronic Arts goes beyond the Global Series in South America. Both companies recently announced a new joint venture together with eLaLiga Santander Fan Cup, the new international FIFA 21 competition open to amateur players which will be rolled out across four continents: Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The grand final is set to be played live in Madrid on May 8th.

In Spain, LVP will be once again managing the eLaLiga Santander, the official national FIFA competition, for the fourth year running. LVP will be in charge of the online phase of the competition as well as the production of the live phase. In addition, it will be also in charge of the audiovisual production of all the live events.

27th November 2020

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO produces “Ferran Latorre. Més enllà dels 8.000” for TV3
The documentary follows the Alpine climber in his adventure to be the first Catalan to complete the 14 eight-milers 

This week saw the premiere on TV3 of “Ferran Latorre. Més enllà dels 8.000”, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in co-production with TV3, as part of the “Sense ficción” season and can now be seen via the channel’s on demand service. Directed by Manuel Huerga and Juanma Arizmendi, the documentary tells the story of an extraordinary adventure filmed by the protagonist over more than 20 years. 

The film shows what it’s really like to climb Everest with the first-hand account of the Catalan mountaineer as he displayed all his determination to achieve his lifetime’s goal. “Ferran Latorre. Més enllà dels 8.000” features spectacular footage filmed by Latorre himself thanks to his 13 years of experience as a camera-man on the “Al filo de lo imposible” program. Latorre is one of the very few high-mountain camera-men in the world who are capable of withstanding the extreme conditions that the work demands. 

When he was a boy, Ferran Latorre read the book by Peter Habeler “Lonely Victory”, in which the Austrian mountaineer details his climb to the summit of Everest, with the Italian climber Reinhold Messner, a milestone in the history of mountaineering. The reading of the book was the inspiration for the project that has been his life and has been captured in the documentary “Ferran Latorre. Més enllà dels 8.000”.

The decisive and tension-filled sixth expedition to reach the 8,848 meter high summit of Everest will see him relive some of the best and worst moments of what has become his life’s goal for the mountaineer from Barcelona: “Everest is the mountain of my dreams and at the same time, represents my limit, a love-hate relationship”, explains Ferran Latorre, on his way to achieving his dream. The documentary also includes interviews with other famous mountaineers such as Edurne Pasaban, Peter Habeler and Juanito Oiarzabal, who share their experiences with Latorre on different joint expeditions.

“Ferran Latorre. Més enllà dels 8.000” on TV3 on demand

27th November 2020

VISYON picks up two awards in just seven days 
The MEDIAPRO Group company is a pioneer in the development of immersive technology solutions 

VISYON has picked up two awards in the last week: one for the VISYON/ RTVE documentary “Tras la estela de Elcano: una travesía en 360º” which won a Bronze Lovie Award for Best 360º video and another the Catalunya Ràdio “Revolució 4.0” program award for Best Innovation.

“Tras la estela de Elcano: una travesía en 360º” is an immersive documentary which allows the viewer to go aboard the Juan Sebastián Elcano training boat on the 5th centenary of the first circum-navigation of the world and discover what it was like to be a sailor in the 16th century. The main goal of the project was to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of the first voyage around the world. To make the documentary, VISYON provided its 360 audiovisual video and virtual reality technology to the project, with the aim of allowing the viewer to feel what it was like to sail in what was one of the Spanish Armada’s most emblematic ships.

The documentary recently won the Bronze Lovie award for Best 360º Video. The Lovie Awards, organized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, are the most prestigious European awards in the field of the Internet, technology and digital creativity.

To top the week off, Sunday saw VISYON pick up another award, this time presented by the radio show “Revolució 4.0” which held its 3rd edition of its Business Awards with VISYON winning in the Innovation category.

27th November 2020

The entertainment and eSports channel UBEAT joins the Totalplay network in Mexico 
UBEAT will be offering Totalplay viewers coverage of the very best e-sport competitions as well as programs such as “Hoy No Se Sale MX” 

Totalplay viewers in Mexico can now enjoy UBEAT, the entertainment and eSports channel, part of the MEDIAPRO Group with more than 4,000 hours of the very best international video-game competitions, news, all the latest insider information and exclusive in-house content. The UBEAT channel is available on Totalplay acquiring the TV Básica package. 

UBEAT was created at the end of 2018 in Spain backed by the MEDIAPRO Group, one of the leading players in the European audiovisual sector, both in traditional channels and OTT’s ( UBEAT offers exclusive coverage of the best eSports competitions and events organized by LVP, as well as the most prestigious official international tournaments. So, Totalplay viewers will be able to enjoy the most important eSports competitions in Mexico such as the Free Fire National Circuit, the League of Legends Premier League as the LOL Copa Norte along with a host of other competitions from around the region, with commentary and analysis in Spanish from the very best Spanish-speaking casters.

In addition, UBEAT also offers interviews, analysis and content from other video-games such as DOTA 2, Clash Royale, Fortnite, FIFA and Call of Duty, among other titles, as well as the daily eSports news round-up and “Global eNews” video-game analysis.

But UBEAT also offers entertainment and Totalplay clients will be able to see every Monday at 11 in the evening “Hoy No Se Sale MX”, the TV program presented by the Mexican content creators RIX and Paco de Miguel. A talk-show which adapts a successful format with proven success in Spain and which with its off-beat tone and ability not to take itself too seriously, takes an in-depth look at the week’s events all with a touch of humor as well as featuring interviews with entertainment and digital world stars. The channel will also be airing the Spanish version of the show presented by Ibai Llanos.

The UBEAT suite also includes programs such as “UBEAT Crew”, which features some of the leading content creators in the Spanish speaking world; “Heretics Out of Context”, with exclusive videos from the famous eSports Team Heretics; “Al Toke”, which takes a fun look at all the football action; and “Buyeando”, presented by Los Buyer; among others.

With this partnership, Totalplay joins a host of platforms which carry UBEAT via its 24/7 channel in Spain and Latin America, as well as limited access to its free online platform and mobile application for both Android and iOS.

“Totalplay clients will be able to enjoy the very best e-Sport tournament coverage on UBEAT from Mexico and Latin America as well as the best content for new audiences. There is no other channel like it and we’re delighted to have joined forces with Totalplay, taking another step forward in the expansion of UBEAT in Latin America, where we already have a large fan-base”, comments Marta Ruiz de Gauna, the UBEAT boss.

Hugo Adrián Hernández, the director of TV and Content at Totalplay, highlighted: “We’re very proud to join the UBEAT family and offer it on Totalplay, with its entertainment and e-Sports content, we’re sure our viewers will enjoy what it has to offer”.

19th November 2020

MEDIAPRO makes significant committment to virtual events with "Smart City Live" and "Smart Ports 2020"
The digital congresses were broadcast for the whole world from the MEDIAPRO studios with more than 200 staff involved

The “Smart City Live” event, the digital edition of Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) organized by Fira de Barcelona, and “Smart Ports: Piers of the future”, backed by the Port of Barcelona, took place this week virtually with the MEDIAPRO Group providing more than 200 staff across 10 companies and departments of the Group to help the tens of thousands of participants enjoy the congresses live from all around the world.

In the ‘Smart City Live’ event, MEDIAPRO was in charge of the physical event production last years but this time around over two days there were more than 50 conferences, talks and round-table discussions held from the studios in Barcelona and which were broadcast around the world via online platforms, which in addition, will allow access until the end of the year.

‘Smart City Live was carried out in a 1,000 square-meter set in the Imagina Building in Barcelona, with more than 40 hours of live production and seven simultaneous content channels via the OTT platform developed by the Group ( In total, more than 44 digital events were produced using the 12 hybrid production systems with connections to 15 countries across three continents with content translated simultaneously up to 9 different languages.

In addition, MEDIAPRO was the tech’ partner for ‘Smart Ports: Piers of the future’, which was also produced in another set at the IMAGINA building in Barcelona, with debates and conferences on topics such as digitalization, sustainability and a whole host of other issues related to ports and which can be seen on

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