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18th June 2021

Mediapro US provides production facilities for fuboTV’s original programming around the South American Qatar World Cup 2022 Qualifiers
The programs are streamed in both English and Spanish alongside fuboTV’s exclusive live OTT rights to the Conmebol matches

Mediapro US is providing the production facilities for fuboTV’s original content in support of the South American Qatar World Cup qualifying matches. The programs originate from the Group’s Broadcast Center in Miami in both English and Spanish and are streamed across the fuboTV platform before and after the matches, as well as during half-times. Mediapro US uses two studios, two fully equipped control rooms, and two multi-channel MCR (Master Control) rooms.

fuboTV, the leading sports-first live TV streaming platform, announced in April it had acquired the exclusive live streaming rights to the matches. The Mediapro US/fuboTV production partnership began with the June CONMEBOL match window and continues through 2022 in the lead-up to the World Cup

With over 200 professionals and 25 years of experience, Mediapro US has specialized in content production, post-production, sports rights management, and television broadcasting and distribution. Annually, Mediapro US produces more than 5,500 hours of live content, post produces more than 30,000 hours, and manages the national and international television channels of beIN Sports USA, beIN Sports Canada, beIN Sports ñ, Hola TV LATAM, Hola TV US, Golf Channel Latam, Pasiones US, Pasiones Latam, Centroamerica TV, and Television Dominicana.

Mediapro US has provided various services for the Concacaf Qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as well as for the Final Four of the Concacaf Nations League, the MLS is Back Tournament, the Concacaf Champions League, the Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores, and many other productions.

18th June 2021

Javier Cámara returns as Juan Carrasco in “Venga Juan” for HBO Max
The 8x30” series is created by Diego San José and is produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) for HBO Max

“Venga Juan” follows on from the acclaimed comedy series Vota Juan (Season 1) and Feroz Award winning “Vamos Juan” (Season 2) with the third instalment finding Juan Carrasco having reached a peak in his career. Thanks to a series of political revolving doors, he has a spectacular new office, is 22 pounds lighter and, most importantly, is no longer bald. 

It all means there is now plenty of room for the things that matter in his life, all except for his wife Paula, his daughter Eva and his former publicity manager Macarena. However, his joy is short-lived as documents from his time spent in Logroño start to implicate Juan in a local corruption scandal.  As he tries to erase his past in Logroño, he soon realizes that his present is the real problem.

The main cast of “Vota Juan” and “Vamos Juan” return to “Venga Juan” led by Javier Cámara as Juan Carrasco; María Pujalte, as Macarena, his loyal publicity manager; Adam Jezierski as his assistant; Joaquín Climent as ruthless Vallejo; Cristóbal Súarez as charismatic Recalde; Yaël Belicha as his wife and Esty Quesada as his daughter. 

Also joining the cast is Coppa Volpi winner, Oscar Martínez (The Distinguished Citizen); Best Actor Goya winner, Manolo Solo (The Fury of a Patient Man, 30 Coins), and Ramón Barea (Rosa’s Wedding).

The writers’ team, led by Diego San José, creator and showrunner of the series, includes Víctor García León, Daniel Castro and Pablo Remón. Joining this season are Diego Soto and Pilar Palomero who will also direct one of the episodes with Víctor García León. Tom Fernández, former writer of previous seasons of the show, will direct two episodes.

Guillermo Farré, Jose Skaf and Miguel Salvat are executive producers for HBO Max. Production services for the series are provided by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, with Diego San José, Alejandro Flórez and Javier Méndez serving as executive producers.

18th June 2021

UHD Spain carries out the first simultaneous UHD HDR and SDR via satellite, TDT and the Internet in Spain
The broadcasts have started in the MEDIAPRO studios in Barcelona, the site where the signals are received for subsequent distribution

UHD Spain has launched UHD HDR and SDR broadcasts via satellite, TDT and the Internet, using streaming and HbbTV technology from the Barcelona studios of MEDIAPRO, a member of the association formed to promote the development of Ultra High Definition (UHD) in Spain.

In the MEDIAPRO studios, located in the 22@ technology district, the UHD HDR and SDR signals are received for their subsequent distribution to the different media outlets. Hispasat is responsible for the satellite broadcasts. Cellnex, Axión and Telecom CLM distribute the signal via TDT from more than 45 broadcast centers around Spain. Internet broadcasts are carried out via the UHD official website, together with the app developed by the Corporación Catalana de Medios Audiovisuales (CCMA) for Smart TV.

This first simultaneous broadcast strengthens UHD Spain’s commitment to developing a collaborative framework around the new audiovisual technologies and in particular UHD, with the objective of showing both the industry and the general public the potential of the broadcast technology.

More than 9 hours of content

The content used in the project has been given away by production companies such as Medina Media and national TV networks such as RTVE- as well the regional channels such asRTVA, CARTV and CCMA (via FORTA). Viewers will be able to enjoy unseen footage of LaLiga, the film “El Abuelo”, and documentaries about the Cadiz Carnival, the Easter parades in Seville and the El Rocío religious festival, among other content.

Technical tests and UHD best practice guide in Spain

Alongside these broadcasts, the different project groups at UHD Spain (filming, post-production, coding, broadcast and signal reception) will be carrying out a host of technical tests to the HDR technology as well as WCG (Wide Color Gamut) and Bitrate, among others. Their conclusions will be included in the Best Practice Manual which the association will be publishing to coincide with the 4K HDR Summit later on this year, which is the leading Ultra High-Definition event and which year is set for November 16th to the 19th.

UHD Spain was founded by 30 partners, leaders in technology and UHD content production: ADM, Ametic, Ateme, Atresmedia, Axión, Canon, Cellnex, Dolby, Egatel, Fecotel, Fenitel, Fraunhofer, Gsertel, Henneo, Hispasat, Hurí, Lavinia, MEDIAPRO, Medina Media, Rohde & Schwarz, RTVE, Sapec, Secuoya, Tedial, Telecom CLM, Televés, Tredess, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Uteca and Vestel.

18th June 2021

Daniel Burman, on the awards jury in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival
Burman the Director of Content at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in the USA and the CEO of Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)

Daniel Burman, the Director of Content at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO US and the CEO of Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), will be part of the awards jury in the Un Certain Regard Section of the 74th Cannes Film Festival. Un Certain Regard is a competitive section, outside of the Official Section, which has been running since 1978 and in which different style films, with diverse and original visions in search of international recognition are presented.

The British producer Andrea Arnold will be head of the jury, which also features the Algerian producer and writer, Mounia Meddour, the French actress Elsa Zylberstein and the director, writer and American actor Michael Covino.

Daniel Burman is a director, producer and script-writer, with more than 10 feature-length films under his belt in his career to date, has received more than 100 international awards for his work as a writer and a director. 

In 2014, he created Oficina Burman a company which set out to become a content and production factory in the TV industry and across new platforms in the international market. At the start of 2017, Oficina Burman became part of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO group, where since then it has been behind productions for Netflix, Globo Internacional and ViacomCBS, a company alongside whom it premiered in 2019 the series "Little Victoria", which was nominated for the Emmy International Awards and won a Rose d’Or for Best TV Soap Opera.

He is currently working on the production of “Iosi, el espía arrepentido”, Amazon Prime Video’s first original production in Argentina, as well as other projects in Latin America and the USA, which include the series “Código Implacable”, which is currently in filming and new projects in development such as “The Doctor”, together with Assaf Bernstein, and the adaptation of “There Is No Place On Earth For Me”, with John Turturro.

18th June 2021

Spotify launches “El bar de Los Broder Tolquin”, a production with the collaboration of El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) 
12 30-minute episodes each one featuring Raúl Cimas and Javier Coronas 

Spotify, the world’s largest audio streaming company in the world is launching “El bar de Los Broder Tolquin”, a new original podcast featuring Raúl Cimas and Javier Coronas. All Spotify users will be able to listen to the comics who are currently taking part in the TV show “Late Motiv” (Movistar+).

In 2010, the police started an investigation that would end with the breaking up of a dangerous criminal gang. The investigation used hidden microphones in a humble Madrid bar. The same bar that by chance Javier Coronas, Raúl Cimas, El Pirata and a host of diverse-looking friends spent their afternoons. All the conversations and chats that were recorded as part of the investigation were recorded and now appear in “El bar de Los Broder Tolquin”.

The new Spotify original podcast, directed by Cimas and Coronas, is a production together with El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and will made up of 12 30-minute episodes. The first episode is already available for users of the platform and every two weeks listeners will be able to enjoy a new instalment of a small dose of surreal comedy.

Listen to it on Spotify 

18th June 2021

Enhanced tourism and cloud-gaming reach Valencia thanks to VISYON
The company is taking part in a joint venture which will be rolling out 5G technology pilot experiences

VISYON will be developing two pilot 5G experiences in Valencia in the tourism and gaming sector. The company is part of the joint venture featuring Orange, Robotnik, CFZ Cobots, Elewit (Grupo Red Eléctrica), Aracnocoptero, Idrica and ETRA, which will be developing different concept projects in the 5G environment. The objective of the project, which has a 10-million-euro budget provided by the Valencia Regional Government and the Valencia City Council, among others, is the search of new applications for the new stand-out technology.

Of the 15 projects planned, two will be carried out by VISYON. The first will be about enhanced Tourism: tourists will be able to discover the history of sites around the city using enhanced reality glasses and mobile devices. The second pilot project will be carried out alongside the first project in Orange’s main shop in Valencia and will be showcasing how 5G is capable of improving the online gaming experience hosting part of the development in the cloud, with the growing sector of cloud gaming.

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