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23rd May 2023

Statement on the origin of VAR footage

Given the repeated publication in the media and on social media of some inaccurate statements, GRUP MEDIAPRO wishes to clarify the following points:

• GRUP MEDIAPRO is responsible for the audiovisual production of LaLiga Santander and Smartbank matches, commissioned by LaLiga.

• All the footage captured by the cameras (between 20 and 32 cameras per match) present in the stadiums are sent simultaneously to:

    - The Outside Broadcast unit where the selection of images viewers see is made

    - The Video Operation Room (VOR)

• When there is a sequence of play to be analysed by the VAR, it is those responsible in the VOR who decide what footage to use in their decision-making and what images are shown to the referee on the pitch. The VOR is in possession of all the footage from the cameras and selects the footage they consider most relevant. GRUP MEDIAPRO DOES NOT intervene at all in this selection.

• VAR technology assistance service is not provided by GRUP MEDIAPRO.

The statement that the selection of the images used in the VOR is the responsibility of GRUP MEDIAPRO is entirely false.

18th May 2023

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO produces “The 47”, the new film directed by Marcel Barrena and starring Eduard Fernández
“The 47” is based on the true story of its central character, a man whose tenacity succeeded in transforming the city of Barcelona

The shoot, in Catalan and Spanish, will take place across various locations in Barcelona during June and July, 2023

Along with Eduard Fernández, the cast includes Clara Segura, Zoe Bonafonte, Salva Reina, Carlos Cuevas, Aimar Vega, Vicente Romero and David Verdaguer

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO has announced today the production of “The 47”, the company's new film project, written and directed by Marcel Barrena and starring Eduard Fernández. "The 47", the filming of which will kick off in June, is based on the true story of Manolo Vital, a man who, during the development of the city in the 1970s, used his grit to help shape the Barcelona we know today.

With Jaume Roures as producer, and Laura Fdez. Espeso, Javier Mendez and Eva Garrido as executive producers, the film is one of the projects THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Distribution is presenting for international sales at the Marché du Film festival currently underway in Cannes.

Filmed in Catalan and Spanish, “The 47” chronicles the story of an act of peaceful dissent and the grassroots movement that in 1978 transformed Barcelona and changed the image of its suburbs forever. It is a local tale about a universal story, that of a mobilization that was the catalyst for change, of people taking pride in their roots, of a neighborhood struggle and of the working class as a builder and driving force of cities.

In the 1960s and 1970s, much of Barcelona’s outskirts had been formed and built by immigrants from Extremadura and Andalusia who with their own hands erected neighborhoods that were not considered part of the city. Their shanty towns didn't even have running water or electricity. Fed up with the City Council saying public transport couldn’t service such areas because the streets were too narrow and unsafe, Manolo Vital (Eduard Fernández) a bus driver with the TMB, Barcelona’s main public transport operator, sets out to show, at the wheel of the route 47 bus - "The 47" - that the authorities are wrong.

“The 47’ is the story of how an ordinary man was able to change the course of a whole neighborhood with one apparently simple act - proving that a bus could reach Torre Baró. Marcel Barrena tells the story of Manolo Vital with the same simplicity”, explains Jaume Roures, producer of the film and founding partner of GRUP MEDIAPRO.

“This is the story that has moved me the most out of all those I have followed and heard about in my life. It is the one I felt most compelled to tell,” says Barrena, who was also the director and screenwriter of the Goya-nominated films “Mediterraneo: The Law of the Sea”, “100 meters” and “Little World”. Alberto Marini (“Retribution”, “Sleep Tight”) co-wrote the film with Barrena.

“The 47” will star Eduard Fernández, winner of three Goya awards, a Silver Shell award at the San Sebastian Festival, three Gaudí awards and three Silver Biznagas from the Malaga Film Festival, among other accolades, in the central role of Manolo Vital. In keeping with the sense of a transformative community that is central to the story, joining the actor are Clara Segura (“The Sea Inside”, “Creatura”), Zoe Bonafonte (“Escándalo, relato de una obsesión”, “Amar es para siempre"), Salva Reina ("Con quién viajas", "Marshland"), Carlos Cuevas ("Merlí: Sapere Aude", "Smiley"), Aimar Vega ("Prison 77", "Everlasting Love") and Vicente Romero ("Intemperie", "Express") among others. The film also features a special appearance by David Verdaguer, who won a Goya award for "Summer 1993".

"The 47" will be shot in Barcelona this June and July. The film is being made in association with Televisió de Catalunya and the support of ICEC with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO Distribution responsible for international sales.

16th May 2023

Mirador Torre Glòries observatory celebrates its first anniversary and over 100,000 visitors
The project developed by Mediapro Exhibitions for MERLIN Properties has become one of Barcelona’s cultural landmarks

Mirador Torre Glòries observatory, developed by Mediapro Exhibitions at the request of MERLIN Properties (owner of the Glòries tower), marks its first anniversary this Saturday, May 20, having become one of Barcelona’s leading cultural spaces and the new must-see for anyone seeking a fresh way to experience the city. In its first year alone it has clocked up over 100,000 visitors.

Of that total, 52% of visitors were of local or national origin and 48% from abroad. The international visitors came mainly from France (10.4%), Germany (8.3%), Italy (8.3%) and the United States (6.2%).

In its first year, Mirador Torre Glòries has scooped awards including for Most Innovative Venue in Spain in the 2022 Remarkable Venue Awards (Tiqets), a Gold Dolphin in the tourism films category by the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, the Gold Prize for Tourism Services in Japan’s JWTFF 2023 International Competition, and the Destination Barcelona prize in the Terres CHECK-IN International Hospitality Film Awards 2022.

Mirador Torre Glòres is a unique and innovative experience underpinned by a contemporary vision of culture and entertainment that is also responsive to today’s sustainability and climate emergency challenges. It offers two vantage points, one being the Hyperview on the first basement floor, a dynamic space that reveals, in real time, a remarkable and rarely seen side of Barcelona, allowing visitors to feel the city’s pulse via artistic installations combining art, science and new technologies. Then, on the 30th floor, and at a height of 125 meters, the Observatory permits exceptional views of practically every inch of the city. This dome is also the location of Cloud Cities Barcelona, a climbable installation by contemporary artist Tomás Saraceno.

To celebrate its first anniversary, the venue will offer free guided tours and access to Cloud Cities Barcelona throughout the weekend. That means that from May 19-21, with the purchase of a ticket, visitors can discover first-hand the inspiring story of the Observatory, and there may also be a surprise in store for them. Tickets are on sale at What’s more, joining in the celebrations over the same weekend is the Glòries tower, which will project a special light show from 8-Midnight to commemorate the Observatory’s first anniversary.

8th May 2023

GRUP MEDIAPRO joins Real Betis in the fight against climate change via Forever Green
The leading group in the European audiovisual sector and official producer of LaLiga matches combines with Real Betis to raise awareness of the need to tackle climate change

GRUP MEDIAPRO is joining Real Betis in the fight against climate change through the Forever Green environmental sustainability platform. In this way, one of the most prominent companies in the audiovisual industry is participating in the campaign to raise awareness of the need to take better care of the environment.

Forever Green will have access to one of the prime advertising mediums at the Benito Villamarín stadium - Real Betis' home ground in LaLiga Santander - in order to provide visibility for the campaign and boost its exposure via match broadcasts. This means the awareness campaign can cross borders and achieve a global reach.

The initiative is part of GRUP MEDIAPRO’s fight against climate change and its commitment to environmental sustainability along three key lines of action - Decarbonization, Energy Efficiency and a Circular Economy - that directly help reduce the environmental impact of the group's activities and services, improve its carbon footprint and, as a result, promote a slowdown in global warming, thus reducing the risks posed by climate change.

Under the umbrella of the Real Betis environmental sustainability platform Forever Green, football clubs, companies and entities from other sectors are collaborating to harness the major vehicle that football provides in order to save the planet from the effects of climate change. Thanks to Forever Green, Real Betis is the most sustainable football club in LaLiga and the second in Europe, according to a recent study by Brand Finance.

In the over two years since Forever Green was launched, Real Betis has already participated in over 100 actions, spanning 75 countries and 60 organizations, companies and clubs, and reaching 195 media outlets worldwide. What’s more, thanks to all these efforts, the club has managed to avoid 3,500 tons of CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to planting 21,500 trees.

23rd April 2023

Las producciones de THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, “Competencia Oficial” y “Iosi, el espía arrepentido”, premiadas en los Platino
Dirigida por Gastón Duprat y Mariano Cohn, la película interpretada por Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas y Oscar Martínez ha sido galardonada como Mejor Comedia Iberoamericana de Ficción

Alejandro Awada ha recibido el premio a la Mejor Interpretación Masculina de Reparto en una Miniserie por “Iosi, el espía arrepentido”, Original de Amazon Prime Video creado Daniel Burman

La película “Competencia Oficial” han sido reconocida en la X edición de los Premios Platino como Mejor película Comedia de Ficción Iberoamericana. Producida por THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, el galardón recibido por este largometraje dirigido por Gastón Duprat y Mariano Cohn, el mayor que otorga la industria audiovisual iberoamericana, es un triunfo más que se suma a su excelente carrera comercial internacional en salas de todo el mundo desde su presentación en el Festival de Venecia de 2021.

Protagonizada por Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas y Oscar Martínez, la película se ha visto a nivel mundial a lo largo del 2022 en España, Italia, Francia, Portugal, América Latina y Estados Unidos, donde recibió excelentes críticas que la presentaron como “hilarante”, “fresca”, “brillante” o “perversamente divertida”. Además, “Competencia Oficial” ha estado entre las películas favoritas del año pasado en las listas de medios internacionales como y Rolling Stone. El pasado mes de enero recibió el premio Feroz 2023 a Mejor Película de Comedia.

Por su parte, el actor Alejandro Awada ha recibido el galardón a la Mejor Interpretación Masculina de Reparto en Miniserie o Teleserie por su papel de Saúl en “Iosi, el espía arrepentido”. El Original de Amazon Prime Video producido por THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO ya cuenta con una segunda temporada en postproducción tras una primera entrega que no ha parado de recibir elogios de crítica y público. Presentada por primera vez en la Berlinale Series, “Iosi, el espía arrepentido” también cuenta con seis premios Cóndor de Plata.

Dirigida por Sebastian Borensztein y Daniel Burman, quien también es el showrunner de la serie, “Iosi, el espía arrepentido” está basada en el libro homónimo de Miriam Lewin y Horacio Lutzky y cuenta la historia de un agente del servicio de inteligencia argentino infiltrado en la comunidad judía para conseguir información que pudo haber sido utilizada para perpetrar dos de los atentados terroristas más grandes en Latinoamérica.

En la gala celebrada hoy 22 de abril, también ha resultado galardonado “Utama”, el largometraje de cuya distribución internacional se encarga THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO DISTRIBUTION y que ha conseguido dos premios: Mejor Música Original para Cergio Prudencio y Mejor Dirección de Fotografía para Bárbara Álvarez.

Dirigido por Alejandro Loayza, “Utama” ha recibido múltiples galardones internacionales, entre ellos el Premio del Jurado en el Festival de Sundance 2022 y con cuatro premios en el Festival de Málaga (Mejor Película Iberoamericana, Mejor Director, Mejor Música y el Premio de la Crítica), además de haber sido nominada a Mejor Película iberoamericana en los últimos Premios Goya e incluida en la shortlist de Mejor Película Internacional en los Premios Oscar 2023.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO es la factoría de creación, producción y distribución de contenido de Grup MEDIAPRO. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO es responsable de la puesta en marcha de proyectos globales de alta calidad, desarrollados junto a grandes talentos de reconocido prestigio nacional e internacional como Paolo Sorrentino, Woody Allen, Isabel Coixet, Ran Tellem, Oliver Stone, Daniel Burman, Fernando León de Aranoa, Iván Escobar, Javier Fesser, Patricio Guzmán, Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José, Marc Cistaré, Manuel Huerga, Ernesto Daranas, Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn, Laura Belloso, Marc Vigil, Fernando González Molina, Javier Olivares y Ruth García, entre otros. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO tiene presencia en 24 de las 53 oficinas del Grupo, desde las que se producen series de ficción, películas, programas de entretenimiento, formatos de corta duración y documentales de todos los géneros. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO trabaja con operadores clave de la industria mundial como HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Viacom o WarnerMedia y sus producciones han logrado diversos premios internacionales, entre los que destacan 2 Oscar, 2 Globos de Oro, 2 Daytime Emmy Awards y múltiples premios Goya.

21st April 2023

VISYON cooperates with CUPRA in the launch of Metahype, the open and collaborative space in the metaverse
The GRUP MEDIAPRO company participated in the technical development of the project and is responsible for the creative and artistic direction and gamification of the product

VISYON also designed and produced Metahype VR Experience in Berlin, a multi-user physical activation that, using virtual reality, immerses the user in the metaverse.

VISYON, an immersive creative company and pioneer in the development of extended reality solutions, and part of GRUP MEDIAPRO, cooperated with CUPRA in the launch of Metahype, an innovative and interactive exploration of the metaverse which the car company presented today in Berlin.

Metahype is a unique island in the metaverse w brands, creators and communities get together to socialize, collaborate, create, and live emotional experiences. The island, accessible from any computer at, is comprised of separate districts and common spaces that can be used by brands, startups and creators to connect and interact with one another.

When the user accesses Metahype for the first time, they land in Metahype Square, a space for socializing and meeting from which they can move to the different districts around the island. The CUPRA District features unique spaces such as CUPRA Racing, where you can participate in racing games; the CUPRA Metahype City Garage, where you can discover the latest models from the company, including the new Tavascan; the CUPRA Next, where users will be able to influence the future of the brand's design; or the CUPRA Hub that brings us closer to the spirit of CUPRA beyond the car industry itself.

Metahype will soon incorporate districts from other brands and events, the first of which is Primavera Sound, which offers music-related content and a gamified DJ academy.

VISYON was involved in the development of Metahype at several phases. The GRUP MEDIAPRO company participated in the technical development of the first phase of the platform. In addition, the company was responsible for the creative and artistic direction of Metahype and its districts (CUPRA and Primavera Sound), as well as the gamification system that transforms every user into the owner of a dynamic NFT, known as Metahype Passport, which evolves according to the user’s level of activity.

Additionally, VISYON also participated in the production and design of Metahype VR Experience, a physical activation installed in Berlin on the occasion of the CUPRA Exponential Impulse, an event at which both Metahype and the final version of the CUPRA Tavascan were presented. Metahype VR Experience is a multi-user virtual reality activation where attendees can immerse themselves and travel around Metahype by way of donning a virtual reality headset.

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