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12nd April 2024

“The Head” continues its international growth with new sales deals signed for season 3 at MIPTV
The latest installment of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO's principal international franchise, yet to be released, has been acquired by Australian broadcaster SBS, Latvia’s Tet TV+ and Estonian public broadcaster, EPB

The Mediapro Studio Distribution closes this latest edition of MIPTV in Cannes with important sales agreements which also include the series “Primate” and the announcement of the new series “Quiet”, in co-production with 3Cat

“The Head”, the major international franchise from THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, continues to add new sales deals with the commercialization of its third season, already guaranteed by practically every operator that premiered and broadcast the two previous installments in more than 90 countries, including the USA, Latin America, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, northern Europe, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The most recent distribution deals for the series were closed this week at MIPTV with the confirmation that the final season of the trilogy, currently in post-production, will air on Australian public broadcaster SBS (Special Broadcasting Service), Latvian operator Tet TV+ and Estonian public broadcaster EPB (Estonian Public Broadcasting), once again confirming the international success of the haunting thriller starring John Lynch, available on HBO Max in Spain and the United States.

The balance from The Mediapro Studio Distribution's visit to this latest edition of MIPTV in Cannes also includes other significant sales agreements and one of the titles that has attracted most attention in the market has been the raw comedy 'PRIMATE', produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO for Prime Video in Latin America and Spain. Based on the real-life anecdotes of series protagonist, Colombian actor Christian Tappan, the show was acquired by Colombian public broadcaster RCN for broadcast on free-to-air TV. The scripted fiction is a comedy portrayal of the experiences of a man in the midst of a midlife crisis who never considered he would someday grow old, written by Andrés Burgos ("News of a Kidnapping") and directed by Andrés Beltrán ("MalaYerba"). The cast of this series also features Diego Cadavid, Juan Pablo Urrego, Natasha Klaus, Katherine Porto, Luciana Tappan, John Alex Toro and Roberto Cano.

Another significant highlight in terms of sales during the market is the commercial agreement reached with NBCUniversal International Networks & Direct-To-Consumer for DIVA in the Balkans. The company has acquired the broadcasting rights to several of the films in the Johnson Production Group slate, the rights to which are part of The Mediapro Studio Distribution's portfolio, including family entertainment and romantic comedy films such as 'Digging up Love', 'Would you kill for me?, A Royal Christmas Crush, The Most Colorful Time of the Year, Noel Next Door' and 'My Grown Up Christmas List'.

Another important novelty from this year’s edition was the announcement of the new series “Quiet”, a thriller in co-production with 3Cat, TV3's streaming platform, starring David Verdaguer and Ángela Cervantes, filming on which is scheduled to get underway shortly in Barcelona, with The Mediapro Studio Distribution handling international sales rights.

And finally, another highlight from this year’s edition was the interest aroused in and reception given to content presented by the company, including a formidable presence of unscripted titles, such as those presented at MIPFORMATS by Ran Tellem, Director of International Content Development, and Salvador Romero, Head of Non-scripted Format Strategy, on the panel 'Meet the Creative Minds Behind THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO' Formats', moderated by journalist Rebecca Leffler, where panelists commented on titles such as “El Conquistador”, “Crush”, “Call Me When You Get There” and “400”, all currently on broadcast on different channels in Spain, and the new format “Unanimous”.

11st April 2024

Filming wraps on “Su Majestad”, a Prime Video original series produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and Sayaka Producciones
Anna Castillo and Ernesto Alterio lead the cast, which also includes Pablo Derqui, Ramón Barea, Ana María Vidal, Lucía Díez and Freddie Dennis, among others

“Su Majestad” is written by Diego San José, José Antonio Pérez Ledo and Borja Cobeaga, who is also in charge of the direction along with Ginesta Guindal

Prime Video announced today the end of filming for its next Original series "Su Majestad", a comedy created by Borja Cobeaga (“Superlópez”, “Spanish Affair”, “Friend Zone”) and Diego San Jose (“Vota Juan”, “Spanish Affair”). Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and Sayaka Producciones, it will premiere in 2025 on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories around the world as part of the Prime subscription.

During the 10-week shoot, the series’ cast and crew has traversed some of the most traditional and majestic mansions, estates, and locations in the Community of Madrid and its surroundings, such as Linares Palace, Madrid Casino, Palace of Santoña, Quinta de Mirabel in Toledo and La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia. Furthermore, emblematic locations within the capital included the Faro de Moncloa, Mercado de la Cebada, Teatro de La Latina, Escuela Superior de Canto and Church of San José.

"Su Majestad" stars Anna Castillo ("Nowhere," "Holy Camp", "The Olive Tree”) as Princess Pilar and Ernesto Alterio (“Perfect Strangers”, “A Normal World”, “Narcos”) as Guillermo, the Princess's Secretary. Rounding out the cast are Pablo Derqui (“God’s Crooked Lines”, “Honeymoon”, “La Línea Invisible”) as King Alfonso XIV; Ramon Barea (“Stories to Stay Awake”, “Everybody Knows”, “Lullaby”), who plays the head of the Royal Household; Ana María Vidal (“Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos”, “El último invierno”, “Los misterios de Laura”) in the role of Guillermo's mother, and Lucía Díez, (“A Hipster in Rural Spain”, “El Cid”, “A Different View”), who plays Camino, Princess Pilar's best friend; Pablo Vázquez (“Galgos”, “1000 Miles from Christmas”, “Vis a vis: El Oasis”), as the head of security; and Freddie Dennis, (“Queen Charlotte: A Brigerton Story”, “The Nevers”, “Une amitié dangereuse") who fills the shoes of an old flame of the Princess; among others.

Diego San José and Borja Cobeaga form the writers room together with author and screenwriter José Antonio Pérez Ledo ("Orbita Laika”, "Estación Apolo", "Caminantes”). The film is directed by filmmaker Ginesta Guindal ("Elite", "Perfect Life," "The Neighbor") along with Cobeaga. Executive producers are Laura Fernández Espeso, Alejandro Flórez, Javier Méndez and Diego San José for THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, and Nahikari Ipiña and Borja Cobeaga for Sayaka Productions.

Synopsis: Spain, the year 2024. Pilar is a young princess and future queen of Spain who, suddenly and abruptly, is forced to take the helm of the institution after a scandal taints her father, King Alfonso XIV, and makes him to sideline from the front line of public life for several months. Pilar must prove to the country that she is not as irresponsible, insolent, lazy and useless as everyone believes her to be. The thing is, they may be right.

11st April 2024

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO to produce “Crush” for TelevisaUnivision
The format adaptation will air in Mexico and the United States

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO has reached an agreement with TelevisaUnivision to produce an adaptation of the gameshow “Crush”, which will be filmed in Mexico and will be broadcast on one of the main free-to-air television slots in this country, TELEVISA's Las Estrellas channel’s Sunday prime time, with the quiz show also to air in the US on Univision.

"We are very proud to be able to bring to viewers in Mexico and the U.S. the adaptation of 'Crush', one of STUDIO's most original entertainment formats, which we will produce entirely with our crews in Mexico, and to do so together with one of our main partners in Latin America such as TELEVISAUNIVISON," said Catalina Porto, Content Director of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in Mexico and Colombia.

"We love 'Crush' because it breaks the mold of classic trivia quiz shows and is a universal format, very versatile for adaptation. As such, we are delighted that to witness the opportunity for a new version with TelevisaUnivision and that the quiz show has chosen Latin America to continue its international expansion" said Amparo Castellano, Director of Non-Fiction at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

Created and distributed by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, based on an original idea by Ran Tellem, Director of International Content Development at the STUDIO, and Sergio Sancho, from Phileas Producciones, 'Crush' is a family-friendly quiz show, in which two teams of four compete each week to win a cash prize by answering a series of questions, aided with help from a well-known celebrity. The challenge for the contestants is to choose the correct answers and avoid being 'crushed' by a huge safe suspended above them full of money.

Conceived as a blockbuster, the exciting aspect of the quiz show is very much associated with the staging together with a major media deployment consisting in a large circular set with a studio audience, the use of special robotic cameras such as travelling cam or the Skycam, which fly around the set as if it were a football field, and five safes with heavy metal structures that threaten to come crashing down on top of the contestants if they should make a mistake when choosing the correct answers to the questions.

“Crush” premiered in Spain on RTVE in 2018, and since 2020 has been a major hit on the VTV channel in Vietnam, where it has been the highest rated show on TV, which is aired under the title of “Chọn Đâu Cho Đúng”.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO is the content creation, production and distribution factory of GRUP MEDIAPRO, responsible for implementing high quality projects worldwide, developed in association with renowned talent of national and international prestige, including Paolo Sorrentino, Woody Allen, Isabel Coixet, Ran Tellem, Oliver Stone, Daniel Burman, Fernando León de Aranoa, Iván Escobar, Javier Fesser, Patricio Guzmán, Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José, Marc Cistaré, Manuel Huerga, Ernesto Daranas, Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn, Laura Belloso, Marc Vigil, Fernando González Molina, Berto Romero, Andreu Buenafuente, Clara Roquet and Coral Cruz, among others. Present in 24 of the group's 52 offices, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO produces drama series, films, entertainment programs, short-formats and documentaries of all genres. THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO's partners include many of the industry's key operators, such as HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Viacom and WarnerMedia, and its productions have garnered various international awards, including 2 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Daytime Emmy Awards and multiple Goya awards.

8th April 2024

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO presents the thriller “Quiet”, starring David Verdaguer and Ángela Cervantes, in a co-production with 3Cat
Set in Barcelona, filming on the series created by Lluís Arcarazo and directed by Marta Pahissa is set to get underway in the coming weeks

“Quiet” will premiere on 3Cat and The Mediapro Studio Distribution owns the commercial rights to the series worldwide

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO today announced at MIPTV its new series “Quiet”, an eight-part thriller co-produced in association with 3Cat, which will premiere on TV3 and the 3Cat platform. Lluís Arcarazo is the creator of this scripted fiction, set in Barcelona, which tells the story of an investigation to uncover the identity of a serial killer who choses their victims from among the most vulnerable members of society: the homeless. David Verdaguer (winner of two Goya Awards for “Jokes & Cigarettes” and “Summer 1993”) and Ángela Cervantes (twice nominated for the Goya Awards for “La maternal” and “Chavalas”), will star in the series, with filming scheduled to get underway in Barcelona in the coming weeks, directed by Marta Pahissa.

Laura Fernandez Espeso, Javier Méndez, Lluís Arcarazo and Bernat Elías are executive producers for THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and Oriol Sala-Patau and Conxa Orea executive produce for 3Cat. The series is set to premiere initially on 3Cat while The Mediapro Studio Distribution owns the worldwide commercial rights.

"With “Quiet” we’re taking the thriller to another level. The series adopts a classic narrative style, indebted to some degree to the grand masters of contemporary cinema like David Fincher and Michael Mann, drawing influence from films such as “Seven”, “Zodiac” and “Collateral”, or like “Mindhunter”, providing a minutely detailed introduction to the investigation into similar crimes in the context of a less than dazzling Barcelona, albeit fascinating in its portrayal and photography," said Javier Méndez, Head of Film and Co-Head of Television at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

“Quiet” is created and written by Lluís Arcarazo, who also takes the helm in the writers’ room for every episode in the series, with the collaboration of screenwriters Guillermo Cisneros and María Jaen. Arcarazo previously worked with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO on the film “Salvador (Puig Antich)” and on the series “Night and Day”, directed by Oriol Paulo, which became a hit in Australia, Italy, Brazil, the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom, among others.

Marta Pahissa, a scripted fiction and documentary director with more than twenty-five years’ experience sits in the director’s chair for all eight episodes. Pahíssa’s previous work includes titles such as “Rapa” for Movistar Plus+, “Smiley” for Netflix, and “Ser o no ser” for RTVE, the latter also produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

Based on a true story, the plot of “Quiet” unfolds at the end of April 2020, in the midst of the COVID-19 lockdown. The authorities arrest a man accused of murdering several homeless people one after another on the streets of Barcelona. The murders all share a common pattern in that they were all committed while the victims lay sleeping and were always committed with extreme brutality. With this proposal, and in this context of a deserted and locked down city, Arcarazo develops the idea for “Quiet”, drawing on the double meaning of both the muted voices of the homeless and the silent but deadly virus infecting its victims.

The protagonists in this story are the team of homicide detectives in charge of the investigation, their closest circle of friends and family, and those forced to live on the streets of Barcelona for whom there is no hope of fleeing from evil of any kind.

David Verdaguer is currently one of the most in-demand actors in Spain and winner of two Goya awards for “Jokes & Cigarettes” and “Summer 1993”, as well as two Feroz awards and two Gaudí awards, among many other accolades. Ángela Cervantes, one of the most prominent leading ladies at present, twice nominated at the Goya Awards for “La maternal” and “Chavalas”, films for which she won two Gaudí awards.

This project is produced with the assistance of the ICEC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Enterprise).

4th April 2024

The Mediapro Studio Distribution showcases its might at MIPTV with fresh content in international scripted fiction and unscripted formats
Series such as “Witness 36”, “Celeste”, “The Famous Five”, the third season of “The Head” and formats like “Call Me When You Get There” and “Timeless”, are just some of the major titles presented at this year’s edition

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO will also participate in MIPFORMATS, a prelude to the market dedicated to non-fiction, with participants on several panels

The Mediapro Studio Distribution faces a new edition of MIPTV with significant additions of titles to an already extensive slate, the result of the company's alliances with the principal partners in the industry worldwide, as well as national and international projects currently in full swing production.

One of the main titles at this year’s edition of MIPTV is the series “Celeste”, a co-production in association with Movistar Plus+ created by Diego San José, which has just begun filming and whose point of departure is that of an almost retired tax inspector charged with carrying out an investigation to prove that a major Latin music star is obliged to pay taxes in Spain.

Other notable titles from The Mediapro Studio Distribution include “The Famous Five”, the revamped adaptation of the popular novels by British writer Enid Blyton, a co-production in association with BBC Studios, for which the company owns the distribution rights for Spain, Portugal and Latin America; The Head, the STUDIO’s major international franchise, the second season of which was listed among the best series of 2022 by Variety magazine, and with a third and final season currently in post-production.

A new scripted fiction project presently in development, “Witness 36” deserves a special mention after a successful run at the Berlinale Series Market and the Co-Pro Pitching sessions of Series Mania. “Witness 36” is a spy thriller that tackles the subject of where truth stands in the digital age through the exploration of identity, justice and second chances. Written by Daniel Burman (“Lost Embrace”, “Yosi, The Regretful Spy”), Natacha Caravia (“Yosi, The Regretful Spy”), Juan Matías Carballo (“Love After Music”, “The Roar of the Butterflies”), the series also features the participation of American producer Michael Nozik, who has joined the team at Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) on this project.

This year, The Mediapro Studio Distribution presents fresh content and unscripted formats with titles such as “Truca quan arribis. Atacama” (Call Me When You Get There), a multiplatform format where three couples of content creators have to overcome a series of challenges in the Atacama Desert (Chile), in an adventure reality show created by El Terrat (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), where teamwork and competitiveness are just as important as the ability to find legal loopholes in the established rules.

In addition, The Mediapro Studio Distribution will also present other already tried and tested successful formats in the Spanish market and which are now seeking international expansion, including “Ztanda” (Timeless), a new musical talent show that has conquered Generation Z in the Basque Country, where contestants take a dizzying journey into the past, looking back on and performing iconic tunes from decades past; “Vosaltres Mateixos” (You're it!), the El Terrat program that marks the return of Andreu Buenafuente to TV3 with a weekly comedy show where the protagonists are everyday people in a format that sees Buenafuente improvising and entertaining as he listens to stories from viewers; and the docureality “400”, also produced by El Terrat, where each week presenter Pere Aznar accompanies the staff of a different charitable organization in search of reasons to overcome challenges and find happiness. The show has sparked interest from the Italian market after two successful seasons on air.

Other outstanding entertainment formats that make up The Mediapro Studio Distribution's slate include two seasoned, hit shows, such as “El Conquistador”, the most extreme and successful reality show on Spanish television today already entering its 20th season on ETB after making the leap from regional to nationwide broadcast on TVE last year, and “Atrápame si puedes”, currently airing on eleven regional channels throughout Spain.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO will also be present at the MIPFORMATS gathering, which will take place on the weekend of April 6 and 7. Two days of conferences to explore the latest trends in international unscripted formats through a series of panels featuring the participation of Ran Tellem, Director of International Development at THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO; Salvador Romero, Strategy Director for Non-scripted formats at TMS and Mònica Terribas, showrunner of the Non-Fiction Department at TMS.

On April 7, Tellem and Romero will address how they create, develop and launch new unscripted formats for the international market, a challenge in an industry where everything already appears to have been invented, in a panel titled "Meet the creative minds behind THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO's formats", scheduled to take place at 3:15 p.m. in the Riviera room.

Meanwhile, and also on the same day, Mònica Terribas will moderate the panel "The role of the documentary in the quest for truth vs misinformation", scheduled for April 7 at 5:00 p.m. in the Palais room, to discuss the role contemporary documentaries play when it comes to telling an exhaustive story in a society thirsty for information. Mike Lerner, Producer at Roast Beef Productions and Emanuel Rotstein, Head of Documentaries at ICON DOCS are the speakers of what is sure to be a compelling discussion.

1th April 2024

Laura Fernández Espeso has been honoured in the United States with the title of "International Media Woman of the Year" by Variety magazine
She is the first Spanish woman to receive this distinction, which the publication awards annually to a prominent female figure, recognized for her achievements in the audiovisual industry on a global scale

Variety highlights her decisive role in establishing, expanding, and positioning THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, ultimately consolidating the company as a leading force in independent international film and television production

Laura Fernández Espeso, CEO of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, has been named International Media Woman of the Year by Variety magazine in the United States. This prestigious accolade, bestowed annually by the renowned publication, recognizes a prominent female figure for her professional achievements. The honour coincides with the celebration of International Women's Day in March. Notably, this marks the first time such recognition has been awarded to a Spanish individual.

Variety highlights Laura's impressive career trajectory and her crucial role in initiating, expanding, and globally positioning THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO. Leading the group's content creation, production, and distribution strategy, she has firmly established the company as a leader in independent film and television production on a global scale.

Furthermore, it recognizes her dedication to fostering creative talent, facilitating co-productions, and forging partnerships for content creation and distribution with leading figures in the global audiovisual sector. This encompasses initiatives such as the establishment of Moonlyon production company alongside Penélope Cruz, the strategic alliance with the Turkish production powerhouse Medyapim, and the proactive approach to production across the company's 24 locations spanning Spain, Europe, Latin America, and the United States.

Variety also includes testimonies from prominent industry personalities.

“It’s been an amazing connection from the first. We have very similar taste and motivations when we choose what projects to do together”, says Penélope Cruz about her working relationship with Laura Fdez. Espeso. “I am learning so much from her. I really admire her work ethic. It's very impressive to see somebody that works 12 or 14 hours non-stop every day and with that attention to each detail.

Laura is really smart and has a very strong sensibility. I am very happy for everything that is happening with her. I feel very lucky that she's the person that I'm doing this with”. “Laura is an executive with vision and strength and, at the same time, a great human being,” says Pierluigi Gazzolo, CEO of TelevisaUnivision’s streamer ViX, with which THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO has a close production relationship.

“Her humility, empathy and constant desire to learn makes her a unique executive with whom it’s an authentic pleasure to work with,” says Movistar Plus+ CEO Cristina Burzako.

Erik Barmack, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO’s partner in the production Company Wild Sheep Content, says: Laura is uniquely good at understanding the business needs of media companies in lots of markets around the world.”

Committed to fostering equal opportunities and nurturing emerging talent, Laura is the driving force in THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO's Screenwriting Master's program, in collaboration with UCM in Madrid and ESCAC in Barcelona. She actively serves on the Diversity and Sustainability Committees of GRUP MEDIAPRO. Furthermore, Laura's influential contributions have earned her a place in various prestigious lists recognizing women in the media and entertainment industry. These include Forbes' list of the 100 most influential women in Spain, Forbes' list of the 50 most influential women in the Spanish media and entertainment industry, and The Hollywood Reporter's compilation of the 35 most powerful women in international television.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and a juror for prestigious awards such as the International Emmy® Awards and the Rose D'Or Latino Awards, Laura Fdez. Espeso oversees a plethora of significant productions across both film and television. Noteworthy titles among her extensive portfolio include acclaimed films like The Good Boss and Official Competition, as well as television series such as The Head, Iron Reign, Iosi, the Repentant Spy, El Otro Lado, the Vota Juan" saga, Paraíso, Nasdrovia, Express, The Boarding School Las Cumbres, along with a range of compelling docuseries and programs such as Matar al Presidente, Lola, Los 8 de Irak, MotoGP Unlimited, Fernando, Six Dreams, El Intermedio, Zapeando, and La Resistencia.

Currently, THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO has two new films in post-production: The 47, directed by Marcel Barrena, and Hard Truths, the English-language film by British director Mike Leigh. Additionally, they are filming Intercambiadas alongside ViX in Mexico. In terms of television, their latest fiction offerings include the series Celeste, co-produced with Movistar Plus+, and Su Majestad, for Prime Video. Furthermore, they are gearing up for the upcoming release of Consuelo on ViX.

Laura Fdez. Espeso is a member of the Management Committee and the Executive Committee of GRUP MEDIAPRO and will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of the group on January 1, 2025.

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