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29th November 2022

The Mediapro Studio Distribution acquires the international rights to the highly acclaimed thriller "Cromosoma 21"
Successfully premiered on Canal 13 in Chile with huge Media repercussion, the series breaks down barriers by starring two actors with Down's syndrome

Produced by Film and Maker and Canal 13.1, in co-production with Wild Sheep Content, the North American company allied with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO for the production of content

The Mediapro Studio Distribution announced at Content London that it will be responsible for international sales of the "Cromosoma 21" series. This original suspense thriller, which breaks down barriers by starring two actors with Down's syndrome, has received huge repercussion and laudatory reviews in Media not only in Chile, but abroad in Latin America and Europe. The fiction is a Film and Maker and Canal 13.1 co-production together with Erik Barmack's Wild Sheep Company, strategic ally of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO for the production of content.

Created by Matías Venables and Nico Martínez Bergen, who are also executive producers of the series along with Erik Barmack, "Cromosoma 21" consists of eight episodes and premiered in October on Chile's Canal 13. The series breaks the mold of traditional crime thrillers by focusing the action on two characters with Down's syndrome.

The series offers a combination of action, suspense and passion through it narrates a crime investigation, the main suspect in which is Tomy (Sebastián Solorza), a man with Down's syndrome who the police discover at the scene in a state of shock. Tomy's story is marked by his relationship with his girlfriend, Cristina (Pia Urrútia), a young woman, also with Down's syndrome and whose parents are against their union because of their personal circumstances and the fact that they come from different social classes, a narrative feature that allows series creators to portray modern-day Chilean society, where your origin continues to greatly influence the opportunities available to each individual throughout their lives.

One of the most lauded qualities of "Cromosoma 21" is the treatment received by the protagonists, considered responsible adults, just like any other character in the series, not only normalizing life for people with Down syndrome, but avoiding a condescending attitude towards them. The cast of the series is completed by Valentina Muhr, Claudia Di Girolamo, Gastón Salgado, Mario Horton and Daniel Muñoz.

The Mediapro Studio Distribution also presents a slate of other outstanding content in London including THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO's major franchised shows "The Head", whose second season will premiere on HBO Max Spain on December 22, "Express", "The Paradise", upcoming series in Spain such as "UPA Dance", and content from other companies such as the horror series "Pulse" or the films of the label Johnson Production Group, one of the world's largest independent producers of dramatic television.

Highlights in cinema include Latin American production "Utama", debut film by Alejandro Loayza, and one of this year's biggest award-winners having picked up the Grand Jury Prize in the World Cinema Dramatic competition at the Sundance Festival, winner of four Biznagas at the Malaga Film Festival, award at the Guadalajara Film Festival, in Mexico, and multi-award winner at several international competitions, picking up more than twenty awards thus far. "Utama" has also been chosen by the Bolivian Film Academy to represent the country at this year's Oscars® and the Goya Awards. So far in Spain the film is already a candidate for Best Ibero-American Film at the Forqué Awards.

28th November 2022

Prime Video announces its latest Original Spanish series, "Romancero", produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)
The series, starring Sasha Cocola and Elena Matic, was written by Fernando Navarro and directed by Tomás Peña

Ricardo Gómez, Guillermo Toledo, Belén Cuesta and Julieta Cardinali complete the main cast, which will also feature the special participation of Alba Flores

Filming of "Romancero" has just gotten underway in Almería

Prime Video has announced its next original series in Spain, "Romancero", a horror story with overtones of the supernatural delivered at breakneck pace, written by author and screenwriter Fernando Navarro (Venus, Verónica) and directed by Tomás Peña, member of the Manson group, in which it what is to be their first foray into dramatic production, after directing video clips for artists including Rosalía, C. Tangana, Katy Perry, Raw Alejandro, Bad Gyal and Prodigy.

Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), "Romancero" brings together an eclectic cast of promising young talent and big names from the world of Spanish film and television and the series stars Sasha Cócola (Food & Shelter, Paco's Men) and Serbian-born actress Elena Matic, making her debut in a dramatic series in Spain. The cast is completed by Ricardo Gómez (The Replacement, La Ruta, Cuéntame cómo pasó), Guillermo Toledo (The Minions of Midas, Ferpect Crime, 7 vidas), and Goya Award winner Belén Cuesta (The Endless Trench, Paquita Salas, Holy Camp!), in addition to Argentine actress Julieta Cardinali (The Candidate, Maradona: Blessed Dream, The Rich Do Not Ask For permission) and special participation of Alba Flores (Money Heist, Locked Up, Sagrada familia).

Cornelia is a girl whose childhood has been stolen. Jordan is not a boy, nor is he a man. They are two helpless young individuals fleeing the force of law, powerful supernatural creatures and themselves. "Romancero" is the story of this flight, of the persecuted and the persecutors, framed within the backdrop of a desert-like and cruel Andalusia, as real as it is mythical, during a nightmarish night plagued with demons, witches and those who drink blood.

With an electrifying narrative, Fernando Navarro and Tomas Peña have drawn their inspiration from a wide variety of sources including comics, Gothic literature, tales of witches, ghosts and creatures, the poetry of Federico García Lorca and esotericism, all of which takes place to the backdrop of the all-encompassing scenario of a barren, desert-like and cruel South, where the cliches of a more rural and thuggish Spain coexist with supernatural creatures, ghostly apparitions, violence, revenge, redemption and love.

"We are very happy to work with Fernando Navarro and Tomás Peña on a project as extraordinary as Romancero is." said James Farrell, Head of International Originals, Amazon Studios. "Romancero is an excellent example of how we create our international originals; featuring the very best emerging talent both in front of and behind the camera, with a clearly local story narrated by a creative team at its best. We can't wait to see the result."

"Romancero is a horror series with a strong local point of view, an approach that allows us to offer a unique and modernized vision of our traditions and culture," added María José Rodríguez, Head of Spanish Originals. "We want to offer audiences extraordinary stories, singular voices that resonate and impact. We are convinced that Romancero is guaranteed not to leave anyone indifferent."

"With Romancero we are taking the next step in our commitment to new creative voices and exploring diverse conceptual, narrative and visual paths. The series has special significance for us given that it's the first production to emerge from THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO LABS, the ideas factory and birthplace of this story with which Fernando and Tomás immerse us in this incredible, terror brainchild we hope can transcend borders and captivate Prime Video audiences", said Laura Fdz. Espeso, CEO of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

"Romancero is one of the most ambitious 100 Balas productions, a fantastic genre tale, which will entail a very significant level of post-production and special effects, as well as some incredible locations in Almería", said Alejandro Florez, General Manager of 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO).

Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), the series will consist of six half-hour episodes with the action taking place throughout one single night. Filming has got underway on location at several natural settings in Almería, while interiors will be shot in Madrid. For THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, Laura Fdz. Espeso is the producer of "Romancero" and Javier Méndez, Fernando Navarro, Alejandro Florez and Maya Maidagan are executive producers of the series.

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO is the content creation, production and distribution factory of Grup MEDIAPRO responsible for implementing high quality projects worldwide, developed in association with renowned talent of national and international prestige, including Paolo Sorrentino, Woody Allen, Isabel Coixet, Ran Tellem, Oliver Stone, Daniel Burman, Fernando León de Aranoa, Iván Escobar, Javier Fesser, Patricio Guzmán, Borja Cobeaga, Diego San José, Marc Cistaré, Manuel Huerga, Ernesto Daranas, Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn, Laura Belloso, Marc Vigil, Fernando González Molina, Javier Olivares and Ruth García, among others.

Present in 24 of the group's 53 offices, the STUDIO produces drama series, films, entertainment programs, short-formats and documentaries and among THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO's partners are many of the industry's key operators, such as HBO Max, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Viacom or WarnerMedia and its productions have achieved several international awards, including 2 Oscars, 2 Golden Globes, 2 Daytime Emmy Awards and multiple Goya awards.

22nd November 2022

Bartomeu and Masferrer to face trial for Twitter and Facebook accounts against Jaume Roures

Josep M. Bartomeu and Jaume Masferrer are set to face trial for an alleged crime against the honor of Jaume Roures, as ruled by the Court of Instruction No. 13 of Barcelona which initiated an abbreviated dossier. The facts the parties will be judged for have to do with their association with the creation of several social network accounts, mainly on Twitter and Facebook, ("Jaume del Terror") from which Jaume Roures was slandered and defamed. The accounts, created in January 2018 by Nicetream-I3 Venture clearly had offensive content and a clear purpose of damaging the image of Jaume Roures. In July 2020, Jaume Roures and GRUP MEDIAPRO filed a libel and slander suit and as such, Josep M. Bartomeu and Jaume Masferrer will now face trial for having contracted the company Nicetream-I3 Venture to create these accounts to slander Jaume Roures.

The Provincial Court of Barcelona recently established that there was sufficient evidence of the commission of a crime by Josep M. Bartomeu and Jaume Masferrer to place them in the dock. The private prosecution by Jaume Roures and GRUP MEDIAPRO is already preparing the prosecution brief, a step prior to the beginning of the oral trial.

17th November 2022

LVP and Deloitte Gaming carry out in-depth analysis of eSports consumer profile in Spain for the very first time
24-year-old male, with third-level education and not a huge consumer of TV: this is the eSports fan profile in Spain, according to a recent survey involving 3,774 individuals

More than 70% of Spanish eSports fans are Gen Z, in other words, between the ages of 14 and 25

The average fan has been consuming eSports for almost five years, coinciding with the launch of the Super League, the most influential competition in Spain

LVP (GRUP MEDIAPRO), the largest organizer of professional eSports tournaments in Spain, and Deloitte Gaming, the multi-disciplinary consultants to the gaming ecosystem, have prepared the "eSports Consumer Report - Spain 2022", the largest study of fans of the sector ever carried out in Spain. The findings from the publication prove that video games and eSports are a fundamental part of the entertainment preferences of millennials and Generation Z.

A 24-year-old single male, with a third-level education who barely watches any television. This is the profile of the fan as revealed by the report by LVP and Deloitte Gaming, from a study carried out between the months of May and June and with a sample of 3,774 individuals. If the responses of female eSports fans are analyzed, the profile is very similar: 24 years old, single and with third-level education, albeit more passionate about music and even less interested in television than men.

"The eSports industry is young, but this report shows that they are already a critical component of millennial and Gen Z entertainment. As the driving forces of the sector in Spain and Latin America, we believe that audiences will continue to grow thanks to the loyalty of current fans, who will continue to consume eSports, but also new fans who are only now discovering the sector. We are confident that this report, prepared in association with the best possible partner, Deloitte, will contribute to further developing the eSports industry," explains Jordi Soler, CEO of LVP.

"2022 is proving to be a year of records for eSports here in Spain. The recovery of in-person events has been a huge success and audiences have also grown exponentially, breaking records at all the main national tournaments and approaching the figures set by other leading countries internationally. Without a doubt, now was the ideal time to get to grips with the fans, understanding who they are, their opinions and what motivates them, for the purposes of contributing to the sector's growth and transformation", says Christian Herreruela, founder of Deloitte Gaming.

The eSports industry is more than ten years old and has a young fan base. According to the survey, more than 70% of fans are members of Generation Z (between 14 and 25 years old), although we find more and more followers over 25 years old: 14.8% are between 26 and 30 years old and 11% over 31 years old. By autonomous communities, Catalonia (18.5%), Madrid (18%), Andalusia (14.3%), Valencia (11.1%) and Galicia (7.5%) are the ones with the most eSports fans.

66% of respondents spend more than five hours per week playing video games and 2 hours and 45 minutes following eSports competitions. In addition, 60% say they do not watch traditional television, and instead, make intensive use of social media, spending more than two hours a day on Twitch and WhatsApp, among others.

An additional noteworthy finding from the report is that of fan loyalty to the sector with fans consuming video game tournaments, on average, for almost five years (4.9), while 66% have been consuming video game tournaments for longer. Another significant milestone is the significant development initiated by the sector in 2017, with the creation of the League of Legends Superliga – the most important tournament in Spain and an international benchmark – as well as the entry of GRUP MEDIAPRO to LVP and the consequent step forward in terms of audiovisual production and international expansion.

In terms of video games, the undisputed king of eSports continues to be the League of Legends and, consequently, the game's tournaments are also the most popular among fans in Spain: LEC (67.8%), European tournament; Worlds (66.5%), the World Cup; and the Superliga (65.6%), the national league; they occupy the first three places in terms of following. The newly created VALORANT Rising (47.5%), with just over a year of life, is the fifth most followed among respondents.

The study also details the eSports clubs with the greatest following in Spain. G2 Esports (65.4%) is the one with the most fans; followed by KOI (56.3%), the new team of Ibai Llanos and Gerard Piqué; and the Giants, the most successful team and one of the oldest on the national scene. In terms of content creators, Ibai Llanos (65.8%) is the most followed, followed by Illojuan (45%) and Auronplay (37.6%), with Cristinini (15%) as the first female creator on the list.

11st November 2022

Mediapro Exhibitions creates "211 Cultures. One Game" for the FIFA Museum in Zurich
The exhibition explores football cultures around the world through the 211 FIFA Member Associations

The museum division of GRUP MEDIAPRO was also commissioned to refurbish the museum's first floor

Mediapro Exhibitions, the GRUP MEDIAPRO division specializing in the creation and development of exhibition and museographic projects, carried out the refurbishment of the first floor of the FIFA Museum in Zurich, converting the space into a multifunctional area devoted to housing temporary exhibitions and other museum experiences. Mediapro Exhibitions also created the first temporary exhibition on this floor to inaugurate today the newly remodeled space: "211 Cultures. One Game".

The proposal for "211 Cultures. One Game" revolves around two main axes: accompanying visitors as they explore footballing cultures around the world, from its rituals and traditions to some of the most iconic football moments of all time; and to strengthen the bonds between the 211 member associations of FIFA through disseminating each members' distinctive football culture. To meet this challenge, Mediapro Exhibitions designed an interactive tour through 211 emblematic objects using large-format and interactive audiovisuals to experience the thrill of the beautiful game, among which stand out:

Heartbeat: Fans from every corner of the globe, a myriad of colors, chants, multicultural sounds... An "infinite", immersive and "instagrammable" space, ideal for taking those all-unique selfies. A kaleidoscope that immerses visitors into the center of a passionate crowd of spectators on match day and to experience the emotion of the fans.
Game on: Interactive multi-screen quiz in which players challenge and expand their knowledge of world football culture. A game based on 211 questions, one for each of FIFA's member associations, which visitors must complete together.
Fan Lingo: an interactive event to discover interesting facts and anecdotes about the language of football around the world, directly from the mouths of fans.

New features of the 1st Floor
In addition to these productions designed specifically for the temporary exhibition "211 Cultures. One Game", Mediapro Exhibitions carried out a full-scale remodeling of 750 m² of the 1st floor of the museum in a project which included the design and production of the museography for this new space.

The unique installation that presides over the "Welcome Area": a large 20m LED screen, comprising rotating panels displaying the temporary exhibitions' audiovisual content, as well as content form the museum itself.

About Mediapro Exhibitions
Mediapro Exhibitions is the division of GRUP MEDIAPRO specialized in the creation and development of exhibition and museum space projects with a wealth of experience in the design and management of exhibitions, unique spaces, museums, themed pavilions, cultural and leisure spaces, interactive installations leveraging state-of-the-art audiovisual technologies (stereoscopic 3D, virtual environments, augmented reality, immersive sound, interfaces).

The division is responsible for the Torre Glòries Observatory (Barcelona), awarded the Golden Dolphin at Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards and winner of the Remarkable Venue Awards as the most innovative venue of 2022, #LaNUBE{IA} at CaixaForum Valencia, the Parlamentarium and Europa Experience (Brussels), the Territorio Atleti (Madrid), Sala de l'Univers at CosmoCaixa (Barcelona) and eFootball and The Virtual Pitch at the FIFA World Football Museum (Zurich), among others.

GRUP MEDIAPRO is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector unique in the integration of content, audiovisual production and distribution. With a presence in 31 countries, the group produces more than 12,000 events worldwide each year through the provision of the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce and distribute any multichannel audiovisual project in any corner of the globe.

10th November 2022

New victory against piracy in football in Spain
Supreme Court holds Igor Seoane liable for infringing intellectual property rights of Spanish football

Reported by MEDIAPRO, Seoane obtained significant profits from offering illegal access to LaLiga matches via Rojadirecta

GRUP MEDIAPRO and LaLiga continue their fight against audiovisual piracy and fraudulent consumption of sports content

The Supreme Court declared Igor Seoane, director of the company PUERTO 80 PROJECTS, S.L. owner of the Rojadirecta website, as personally liable for breaching the intellectual property rights of GRUP MEDIAPRO and LaLiga. In this way, the Supreme Court corrects the ruling by the Provincial Court of A Coruña which disassociated Igor Seoane from the illegal activities carried out by Puerto 80 and the illegal distribution of LaLiga matches, from which Seoane netted huge profits.

In 2015, MEDIAPRO filed a libel suit against the Rojadirecta website for the unauthorized distribution of content, considering the company Puerto 80 and its sole director Igor Seoane, liable for the website. The court of first instance condemned both the company and Igor Seoane himself, who eventually successfully appealed this decision before the Provincial Court of A Coruña. Now the Supreme Court has rectified this decision and holds Igor Seoane responsible for the illegal activities carried out by the Rojadirecta website. At the same time, GRUP MEDIAPRO has filed a suit claiming damages against the company Puerto 80 to the amount of €354 M. In light of the Supreme Court sentence, GRUP MEDIAPRO will also be claiming damages form Igor Seoane.

The Rojadirecta website had been providing access to illegal content since 2010, in breach of intellectual property rights via a series of links that allowed users to watch football matches live. Although access to the web for users was free, Igor Seoane, creator of the web, received millions in revenue through providing links to other websites and from selling advertising on these sites. For all these reasons, GRUP MEDIAPRO is claiming damages totaling E354 million.

This proceedings are part of the actions taken by GRUP MEDIAPRO and LaLiga to eradicate piracy in football in Spain. GRUP MEDIAPRO and LaLiga will continue their fight against audiovisual piracy and fraudulent and irregular consumption of content protected by intellectual property rights.

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