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14th September 2021

"The Good Boss", the film by Fernando León de Aranoa starring Javier Bardem, has been shortlisted to represent Spain at the Oscars
In theaters in Spain, October 15

"The Good Boss", The film written and directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, produced by de Aranoa together with Jaume Roures, has been shortlisted to represent Spain at the 94th Academy Awards® in the category of Best International Feature Film, as just announced by the Spanish Cinema Academy. The final candidate to represent Spain will be announced on October 5.

When hearing of the news, Fernando León de Aranoa commented that he was "extremely grateful and delighted to have the support of the industry and the Academy, to know that the film is liked and well received; and convinced that the story it narrates has universal appeal, which goes far beyond our borders. I think being shortlisted is also a recognition of the spectacular work of Javier Bardem and the rest of the film's cast members".

"The Good Boss is a very personal project for Fernando and has enabled us to once again work with Javier Bardem twenty years after "Mondays in the Sun", a film that gave us immense professional and personal satisfaction. Being shortlisted tells us that with The Good Boss we are also on the right track", said Jaume Roures, producer of the film and Co-CEO of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

Produced by REPOSADO P.C. and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO in association with RTVE, TV3 and ORANGE, "The Good Boss" will have its world premiere on September 21 at the San Sebastián International Film Festival and the premiere in Spain will take place on OCTOBER 15, distributed by TRIPICTURES.

Starring Javier Bardem in the role of the owner of a family business, this fierce and funny satire has an extensive cast that including names like Manolo Solo, Almudena Amor, Óscar de la Fuente, Sonia Almarcha, Fernando Albizu, Tarik Rmili, Rafa Castejón, Celso Bugallo, Martín Páez and Yael Belicha.

"The Good Boss" is Fernando León de Aranoa's tenth film in the director's chair and the fifth movie produced jointly in association with his own company Reposado P.C. and THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO after "Princesas" (3 Goya Awards including Best Actress for Candela Peña), "Amador" (2010), documentary "Politics, Instructions Manual" and "A Perfect Day" (2015), starring Benicio Del Toro and Tim Robbins which won a Goya Award for Best Screenplay. This is also the third collaboration between Fernando León de Aranoa and Javier Bardem, following the aforementioned "Mondays in The Sun" and "Loving Pablo" (Venice 2017 Official Selection). MK2 is responsible for the film's international sales.

Básculas Blanco, a Spanish company producing industrial scales in a provincial Spanish town awaits an imminent visit from a committee which holds their fate in their hands as to whether they merit a local Business Excellence award: everything has to be perfect when the time comes. Working against the clock, the company's proprietor, Blanco (Bardem) pulls out all the stops to address and resolve issues with his employees, crossing every imaginable line in the process, which sets off an explosive and unexpected sequence of events with unimaginable repercussions.

13rd September 2021

MEDIAPRO US provided production and broadcast services for the coverage of the 20th Anniversary of September 11
MEDIAPRO US offered a wide range of workspaces and technical equipment to provide coverage to national and international media

Clients were provided with production spaces including a terrace with views of the World Trade Center, and a large newsroom

For the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, the MEDIAPRO Group provided multiple production services to different media and television networks for the informative coverage of the commemoration.

MEDIAPRO US set up a press center, located in New York City's downtown, to provide coverage during September 11, as well as the day before and after. This space, which had the most advanced broadcast technology, was aimed at the media, both national and foreign, who were in New York City.

The Broadcast and Media Services division of the MEDIAPRO Group equipped different spaces for standups or full broadcast set ups during the daytime and nighttime on the 10th, 11th and 12th of September. From this location, MEDIAPRO US offered a selection of views of the World Trade Center as well as a large newsroom with connection to the rooftop, and direct access to satellite and different delivery methods.

A team of MEDIAPRO US professionals was in charge of providing services from this press center created for the specific occasion, as well as technical equipment such as cameras, lighting equipment, and editing.

MEDIAPRO currently has four production centers in the US: two located in Miami, the largest of which was inaugurated only weeks ago; as well as two other centers in New York City, one in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and, the most recent, located in the heart of Manhattan.

With over 25 years of experience and a team consisting of more than 200 broadcast professionals, MEDIAPRO US has provided news coverage for international and national networks for the US elections, produced concerts and sporting events, as well as produced and distributed CONCACAF's qualifying matches to the World Cup Qatar 2022.

Annually, MEDIAPRO US produces over 5,500 hours of content, post produces more than 30,000 hours, and operates the national and international television channels of beIN Sports USA, beIN Sports Canada, beIN Sports ñ, Hola TV LATAM, Hola TV US, Golf Channel Latam, Pasiones US, Pasiones LATAM, Centroamérica TV and Televisión Dominicana. 

10th September 2021

RTVE Play estrena "EDELWEISS", su primera serie documental original, el próximo 22 de septiembre
Producida en colaboración con 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), la serie documental aborda la historia del grupo de montaña Edelweiss, la secta más destructiva de España

Sus cuatro episodios se estrenarán el próximo 22 de septiembre en la nueva plataforma RTVE Play

Contará con los testimonios de algunos de sus principales protagonistas, además de los encargados de la investigación que acabó en el mayor juicio por corrupción de menores de nuestra historia

RTVE Play acaba de anunciar el estreno de "EDELWEISS", su nueva serie documental original, el primer contenido de creación propia que verá la luz en la recién estrenada plataforma digital de RTVE esta temporada.  Sus cuatro episodios estarán disponibles a partir del próximo 22 de septiembre.

"EDELWEISS", producida en colaboración con 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), aborda la historia de la organización Edelweiss, la secta más destructiva de España, que entre 1971 y 1984 captó a multitud de chicos de entre 10 y 13 años bajo la excusa de ser una agrupación de montaña. Bajo el liderazgo de Eduardo González Arenas "Eddie", que se presentaba ante los chicos como un príncipe de otro planeta que había venido a la Tierra para salvarles de un cataclismo mundial, la secta ejerció un control absoluto sobre los menores sometiendo su voluntad para que estuvieran al servicio de los oscuros planes de Eddie.

La serie documental, creada y dirigida por Eulogio Romero, narra cómo el grupo de montaña Edelweiss captó a cientos de chavales durante sus más de 10 años de existencia, primero en Madrid, donde surgió, para luego expandirse por el resto de la península. Lo que aparentemente era una asociación de actividades al aire libre escondía una secta peligrosa en la que las prácticas paramilitares y los abusos de todo tipo estaban a la orden del día bajo el liderazgo de Eddie, considerado casi como un Dios proveniente de otro planeta.

Sus 4 episodios incluyen la participación de expertos en el mundo de las sectas como Eduardo Bravo o Miguel Perlado; el inspector de policía encargado del caso, José A. Ávila; el periodista de investigación de la revista "Interviú" que más cerca tuvo a  Eddie, Perfecto Conde, y los duros testimonios de algunos de aquellos niños que fueron miembros de Edelweiss, incluso del lugarteniente de Eddie en la organización, Carlos de los Ríos, entre otros. 

Además de estos testimonios, "EDELWEISS" cuenta con imágenes de archivo y recreaciones ficcionadas que nos ayudan a comprender el fenómeno de esta secta, considerada la más destructiva de España, que acabó en el mayor juicio por corrupción de menores de nuestra historia en 1991, copando las portadas y titulares de la prensa de la época.

9th September 2021

After screening to widespread international critical acclaim at the Venice International Film Festival, "Official Competition" reveals its official poster
The movie, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO and directed by  Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat, stars Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez

The film "Official Competition", a THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO production directed by Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat ("The Distinguished Citizen", "My Masterpiece", "4x4", "The Man Next Door") and written by the renowned Argentine film makers together with Andrés Duprat, has revealed its official poster after screening at the Biennale, Venice International Film Festival.

After an excellent reception at the festival, the film will have its American premiere next week  at the Toronto Internacional Film Festival (TIFF), taking place between September 10 to 19, before the moment arrives to participate in the San Sebastian Festival, where "Official Competition" will inaugurate the Perlak section on September 17th in the presence of leading cast members and where a press conference is also scheduled for national and international media.

Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martínez lead the cast of the movie which also features José Luis Gómez, Nagore Aramburu, Irene Escolar, Manolo Solo and Pilar Castro. This will be the third film THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO produces with renowned Argentine directors Cohn and Duprat after "My Masterpiece" and "4x4".

"Official Competition" is set to open in theatres in Spain early next year, distributed by Buena Vista International and in Latin America by Star Distribution.

Protagonist Pictures is responsible for international sales.

In search of relevance and social prestige, a billionaire businessman decides to make a film to leave his mark. To do so, he hires the very best: a stellar team consisting of famous filmmaker Lola Cuevas (Penélope Cruz) and two renowned actors, both enormously talented and with even bigger egos: Hollywood star Félix Rivero (Antonio Banderas) and radical theater thespian Iván Torres (Oscar Martínez). Both legends, but not exactly the best of friends. Through a series of increasingly eccentric challenges set by Lola, Felix and Iván must not only confront each other, but also their own legacies.

9th September 2021

MEDIAPRO's new production center in Miami hosts the live production of the Univision show "Combate Global"
The shows are being produced in one of MEDIAPRO US's 12 studios over the next 4 months

Univision has chosen the new MEDIAPRO facility in Miami for the studio production of "Combate Global," a Hispanic mixed martial arts (HMMA) sports franchise already being aired to great success in the United States. The MEDIAPRO Group has signed an agreement with Univision to provide studio services for the production of a series of fights during 13 shows in the next four months.

One of the studios at the new production center in Miami is set to host these events, and in addition to the 10,440 sq. ft. studio, Mediapro US will also provide Univision with support areas, including several green rooms, a hair styling and makeup room and wardrobe, as well as audio equipment for the production of "Combate Global" among other services.

The first 90-minute show took place on September 3rd and the coming bouts are scheduled to take place until mid-December. "Combate Global" has been airing on Univision since 2018 with outstanding audience ratings and distributed to over 70 countries worldwide. The show is one of the highest-rated Spanish-language programs on television during its time period.

The MEDIAPRO Group has been present in the United States for 25 years, where it has 4 production centers equipped with a total of 12 studios: 9 at the two centers in Miami, 2 in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, with rooftop views of the Manhattan skyline, and 1 located at Hudson Yards in the heart of Manhattan.

Mediapro US routinely provides technical services, studio rentals, and broadcasts for television shows, commercials, concerts, music videos, photo shoots, music rehearsals, and many other productions at its New York and Miami facilities.

With a team of 200 broadcast professionals, Mediapro US is currently in charge of the production of several TV shows for clients including ESPN, beIN Sports, HOLATV, fuboTV, among others, to whom it provides production, post-production, studios, master control, and media management services, as well as extensive office space and support areas for productions.

2nd September 2021

MEDIAPRO leads content revolution targeting new audiences, hybrid production and virtual worlds
The Group presents its Innovation strategy at the 35th Meeting of the Digital Economy and Telecommunications in Santander

The MEDIAPRO Group seeks to lead the "content revolution", the new consumer scenario caused by technological advances and new consumer habits, as stated this afternoon by María Carmen Fernández, Director of Innovation and New Businesses at the MEDIAPRO Group, during her participation in the 35th Meeting of the Digital Economy and Telecommunications, organized by AMETIC, Banco Santander and the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP), held in Santander (Spain).

In her speech to the plenary, Fernández presented the Innovation strategy applied to content currently being promoted by the Group, one of the leading companies in the European audiovisual sector. MEDIAPRO's objective is to equip itself with the tools and talent necessary to lead this "content revolution", adding its wealth of knowledge accumulated over 25 years'  experience in content creation.

One of the pillars of the strategy is to reach new audiences not only by producing the content they consume, but also through the platforms they use. Thus, MEDIAPRO is a leader in Spanish-language eSports thanks to LVP, one of the largest operators of video game tournaments in the world with its own multiplatform for broadcasting content for new audiences, UBEAT (OTT and television channel). The group also produces new audiovisual formats, both in the field of entertainment and music with the most relevant creators of internet content applying the most advanced technology in the production of virtual, mixed, augmented and transmedia reality.

Moreover, the group has positioned itself as one of the benchmarks in hybrid production, one of the sectors that has grown the most during the pandemic. MEDIAPRO has produced hybrid events such as Smart City Live or connections with the nominees and winners of the Los Goya Awards Ceremony, having created specific platforms such as the CUPRA e-Garage, a virtual space to provide everything you need to know about the brand, but also to celebrate online events produced using hybrid technology.

MEDIAPRO is watchful of technological trends revolutionizing content creation and consumption and as such, it has successfully applied artificial intelligence with the market launch of AIProclips, a tool that automatically creates personalized summaries of sporting events, or notably integrates both the virtual audience and augmented reality in several sporting events. Fernández has announced that the Group is currently working on another of the most successful trends such as virtual worlds -the metaverse-, with the production of content such as virtual assets, avatars or metahumans (digital humans).

Public-private collaboration
During her presentation, Fernández also stressed the importance of public-private collaboration, and the opportunity European funds represent for the industrial fabric and the country in general; that these investments are aimed at supplying the most avant-garde infrastructures and tools, the most qualified talent and plans to link private industry with the most advanced innovation centers in order to guarantee competitiveness and leadership of the Spanish audiovisual industry at a European as well as a global level.

MEDIAPRO is a leading group in the European audiovisual sector, unique in content integration, production and audiovisual distribution, with activity throughout the world through its 58 offices on 4 continents. MEDIAPRO provides the creativity and technical solutions necessary to design, produce and distribute any audiovisual or multi-channel project in any corner of the world. Through the Innovation area, the Group leads the eSports sector with Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP), the largest Spanish-language eSports organization; and UBEAT, a multiplatform eSports and entertainment. The Group also includes VISYON, a pioneer company in the creation of immersive technology solutions such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and the areas of corporate innovation and audiovisual platforms.

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