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22nd September 2023

Cimarrón joins forces with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO
The production company based in Uruguay, Argentina and Mexico is one of Latin America’s most prominent players in series and film production

Founded by producers Hernán Musaluppi, Diego Robino and Santiago López

THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, the international content creation, production, and distribution company of GRUP MEDIAPRO, and Cimarrón, a benchmark player in the audiovisual sector in Latin America, have reached an agreement for it to join the cluster of production companies under the STUDIO, with the objective of promoting projects and productions aimed at the international market, not only in Spanish-speaking territories, but globally.

This operation holds very significant value for THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, further bolstering its production structure and signing a factory with enormous potential for creation and development onto its team. Hernán Musaluppi, Diego Robino, and Santiago López, founders of Cimarrón, will continue at the helm of the company, which will maintain total creative independence, while relying on the resources, equipment, and global positioning of the STUDIO. Both companies share a passion for unique, quality content, as well as a profound respect for talent and creativity.

"With Cimarrón, Hernán, Diego, and Santiago have built an excellent production project which we are proud to welcome to THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO. Their talent and wealth of expertise will now form the basis for an essential ally in content creation and in the international expansion strategy of the STUDIO, not only in Latin America, but throughout the world," says Laura Fernández Espeso, CEO of THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO.

“For us, this agreement with THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO opens up a new stage of expansion with fresh challenges that will enable us to increase the number of projects in which we are involved, and add more talent and continue expanding our capabilities alongside a travelling companion who boasts a globally strategic position, who also knows our work very well and respects and values our creative independence,” comment Hernán Musaluppi, Diego Robino, and Santiago López.

Cimarrón came about in 2018 after an agreement between three major producers: Argentina’s Hernán Musaluppi, Diego Robino’s Uruguayan team, and Santiago López, who contributed their respective trajectories in order to maximize their experience and development at a time of major production expansion in Latin America. Based in Uruguay, Argentina, and Mexico, the production company has become one of the region’s key players with the production of quality international films and series, including original content and services for television channels and platforms such as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, and Netflix.

With over twenty productions under their belt since its foundation, Cimarrón’s most recent titlesinclude full length features A Ravaging Wind, by Paula Hernández, which premiered worldwide in Toronto and San Sebastián, Guillermo Rocamora’s Family Album, selected to represent the Uruguayan film industry and in the upcoming Oscars®, The Visitor, by Martin Boulocq, and The Broken Land by Matías Lucchesi, both released in 2022, and the series Club Hooligans, by Jesús Braceras, soon to premiere on Amazon Prime Video, along with the Amazon Prime Video original, Verdict, created in Brazil by Paula Knudsen, and Amsterdam, directed by Gustavo Taretto for HBO Max.

Moreover, Cimarrón offers services to other companies with collaborations on titles such as Yosi, the Regretful Spy, a series created by Daniel Burman and produced by Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) for Amazon Prime Video, and the film Society of the Snow, directed by J.A. Bayona and produced by Netflix, selected by the Spanish Film Academy as the Spanish candidate for Best International Feature Film at the upcoming Oscars.

15th September 2023

GRUP MEDIAPRO develops PRIMERAN, the new streaming platform in Basque
The OTT has been developed in line with the latest industry standards, placing itself in the same league as global content platforms

PRIMERAN is accessible via the website, from all main SmartTV devices and in app format on Android and iOS devices

GRUP MEDIAPRO, a leading group in the European audiovisual sector unique in content integration, audiovisual production and distribution, is responsible for the technical development of PRIMERAN, the new streaming platform in Basque launched this Friday. PRIMERAN, endorsed by the Basque Country, is accessible via the website, on all main SmartTV devices and in app format on Android and iOS devices.

This new Basque digital window open to the world offers more than 3,000 episodes of content, almost entirely in Basque, which features Basque and international production series, cinema, documentaries, sports, cooking shows, music and children's content, among others, as well as content created exclusively for PRIMERAN. The new free platform aims to disseminate both the Basque language as well as Basque audiovisual content throughout the world.

PRIMERAN is the largest digital platform for quality content in Basque and was developed by GRUP MEDIAPRO. The platform was created with the end user in mind, seeking to offer a personalized experience through multiple functionalities. PRIMERAN allows for the creation of several user profiles, favourites lists, a "continue watching" function, downloads for viewing offline, predictive search engine, recommendations and multiple layouts for optimal presentation of content, among many other features.

The platform was developed in line with the very latest industry standards, positioning itself in the same league as global content platforms, and is designed to grow and evolve in accordance with viewers’ needs, trends and the entertainment market.

GRUP MEDIAPRO has developed other highly successful content platforms such as Gol Mundial, Bar TV, CaixaForum+ and Liceu+, among others. The group operates an Audiovisual Platforms Department, within the framework of the Innovation Area, which designs, develops and provides service throughout the OTT value chain.

13rd September 2023

“One Hell of a Battle”, produced by THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, will screen to conclude the new America’s Cup Experience Official Exhibition Centre tour in Barcelona
The large format documentary will evolve in line with the competition itself

The Mediapro Studio (GRUP MEDIAPRO) has produced "One Hell of a Battle", a large-format documentary film set to be screened at the America's Cup Experience; the official exhibition centre located in the former IMAX cinema complex in Barcelona's Port Vell, to portray the regatta’s 172-year history, the world’s oldest international competition still operating in any sport. The film will be screening on the largest screen in Spain and the second largest in Europe within the America's Cup Experience Auditorium, with technology developed by Telefónica. Mediapro Exhibitions, the GRUP MEDIAPRO company specializing in the creation of exhibition and museum projects, also participated in the conceptualization during the initial phase of the project for the exhibition centre.

"One Hell of a Battle" will enable those visiting the centre to experience the spirit of the regatta, showcasing the technological and sporting challenges involved in a competition of this nature. The teams, each comprising over 100 members, work under absolute secrecy to develop boats capable of reaching speeds touching 100 kilometers (50 knots) per hour. Featuring a host of iconic moments including the tight victory of Alinghi in 2003, and Oracle Team USA’s epic comeback in 2013, the film endeavors to convey all the emotion, risk and adrenaline which accompanies this historic and arduous competition.

Produced by Gilbert Arroyo and Lola Clemente and directed by Juanma Arizmendi and Víctor Rins, “One Hell of a Battle” features a soundtrack designed by multi-award-winning music composer Lucas Vidal and Fabiola Ordoyo, recent Goya award-winner for sound design on Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s “As Bestas”.

“One Hell of a Battle” will evolve in unison with the competition itself, with content being updated and featuring unpublished material from the 6 teams as they prepare for the 37th edition of the competition, being held in Barcelona between August and October 2024.

GRUP MEDIAPRO and The Mediapro Studio boast a wealth of accumulated and extensive experience and acclaim in the production of audiovisual content associated with the world of sports, with STUDIO series released worldwide including “Six Dreams” (Prime Video), winner of two Emmy awards, “Fernando” (Prime Video), “MotoGP Unlimited” (Prime Video, Disney+) and “All or Nothing: Manchester City (Prime Video), as well as large format and immersive content for museum spaces such as the Barça Immersive Tour in Barcelona, the FIFA Museum in Zurich, Territorio Atleti in Madrid and the Messi Experience Park in China, among others.

8th September 2023

La 1 estrena “El Conquistador”, la aventura más extrema de la televisión presentada por Raquel Sánchez Silva y Julian Iantzi
La primera edición nacional de este exitoso formato es una producción de RTVE en colaboración con Hostoil (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)

La primera edición nacional de este exitoso formato es una producción de RTVE en colaboración con Hostoil (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO)

Patxi Salinas, Joana Pastrana y Cesc Escolà son los capitanes de tres equipos compuestos por 33 concursantes que competirán en las condiciones ambientales más salvajes

Paula Vázquez y Marc Calderó se pondrán al frente de un debate sobre el concurso

“El Conquistador”, el concurso de aventura más extremo y real de la televisión, se estrena los próximos 11 y 12 de septiembre. Producido por RTVE en colaboración con Hostoil (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), es un espectáculo con la naturaleza salvaje del Caribe como escenario, que llega a la televisión pública nacional avalado por las 19 temporadas de éxito consecutivo en el País Vasco, donde es un auténtico fenómeno social con enorme repercusión entre los jóvenes.

Raquel Sánchez Silva y Julian Iantzi son los presentadores del programa y encabezan una expedición de 33 aventureros capitaneados por los deportistas Joana Pastrana, Patxi Salinas y Cesc Escolà. Los creadores de este formato único son Patxi Alonso, que también ejerce de productor ejecutivo, y Joxan Goñi, director.

“El Conquistador” pone a prueba la fortaleza física y mental de los concursantes. Divididos en tres equipos, ATABEY (chicas), YOCAHU (chicos) y COROCOTE (mixto), los participantes tendrán que mezclar astucia, afán de superación y deportividad para enfrentarse a retos tan arduos como originales, si quieren hacerse con los 100.000 euros del premio. Todo ello en medio de una naturaleza salvaje y una climatología extrema, donde la ausencia de comida y la falta de sueño son un reto para la convivencia.

Un equipo de 250 personas ha grabado el programa en los agrestes parajes del Parque Nacional de los Haitises (República Dominicana). Un paradisiaco escenario enmarcado en la Bahía de Samaná, donde se encuentran playas, cayos, manglares, montañas y cavernas con una fauna y flora sorprendentes. En semejante escenario, el equipo del programa ha cumplido a rajatabla una exhaustiva normativa para que el respeto por el entorno natural fuera exquisito.

Raquel Sánchez Silva y Julian Iantzi
Raquel Sánchez Silva, periodista y veterana presentadora de televisión, es una experta al frente de concursos de aventura y supervivencia. Además, es uno de los rostros más conocidos de RTVE tras cinco temporadas como anfitriona de ‘Maestros de la costura’. La versátil presentadora es una pieza fundamental para hacer llegar a toda España la versión nacional de “El Conquistador”.

Con casi 20 años de experiencia al frente del concurso original en ETB2, Julian Iantzi también es una cara conocida de los espectadores de RTVE, como encargado de la retransmisión de los sanfermines 2022 y 2023. Iantzi es el perfecto animador de los concursantes en los momentos más bajos, al mismo tiempo que sabe ejercer su autoridad cuando salta el conflicto. Nadie mejor que él conoce lo que cuesta conquistar el primer puesto en este concurso que mezcla aventura, deporte y supervivencia.

Deportistas de alto nivel como capitanes
Joana Pastrana, exboxeadora y ahora empresaria, fue la primera mujer en ganar y revalidar por cuatro veces el título de campeona de Europa de peso mínimo y ganó el título mundial en tres ocasiones. Patxi Salinas, exfutbolista del Athletic de Bilbao, internacional con la selección española y actualmente entrenador de equipos internacionales, es un veterano que repite como capitán después de ejercer como tal en la edición de 2016. Y Cesc Escolà, el conocido profesional del mundo del fitness, ya tiene experiencia en dos programas de RTVE: ‘Operación Triunfo’ y ‘Muévete en casa’.

Los 33 héroes de “El Conquistador”
Los 33 concursantes llegados desde distintos puntos de España tienen muy variadas ocupaciones y aficiones. En “El Conquistador” aflorarán sus verdaderas personalidades, sus ilusiones y sus frustraciones.

Entre los deportistas destaca Mireia Cabañes, surfista valenciana que perdió una pierna siendo niña. Ha llegado a lo más alto de su disciplina y logrado en 2022 el título de campeona de España y subcampeona del mundo de parasurfing. David Seco es otro de los expertos deportistas que se ha coronado como campeón de España de ciclocrós en varias ocasiones. Seco también es un veterano en este concurso, del que resultó ganador en la octava temporada y donde también ejerció de capitán en cinco ediciones.

Además de deportistas, hay estudiantes, funcionarios, profesionales de la hostelería, entrenadores personales, un bailarín, una modelo, un militar, un carnicero, un barrendero y hasta un panadero nómada, entre otros. El programa tampoco se ha olvidado del mundo influencers, representado por Carmen Estéfano (Trimadre) o los hermanos Pao y Mario Ramírez (Keroseno y Finito).

La relación de concursantes, en orden alfabético, es la siguiente:
Agustí Sarrias, ‘Agus’ 24 años. Barcelona
Amaia Blanco, ‘Amayita’ 35 años. Gipuzkoa
Andrea Azkune, 32 años. Gipuzkoa
Andrea Llorca, 28 años. Alicante
Anna Arboleda, ‘Anita Williams’ 25 años. Barcelona
Azucena Tejada, ‘Azu’, 25 años. La Rioja
Carlos Azofra, ‘Azo’, 22 años. Canarias
Carmen Estefano, 37 años. Bizkaia
Daniel y Miguel Our, 31 años. Castellón
David Seco, 50 años. Bizkaia
Euxebi Hidalgo, 25 años. Gipuzkoa
Gorka Ibarguren, 29 años. Gipuzkoa
Jaime Polvillo, 22 años. Sevilla
Joana Flaviano, 33 años. Bizkaia
José Carlos Montoya, 29 años. Sevilla
Juan Antonio Elena, ‘El Carni’, 44 años. Sevilla
Lorenzo Durán, ‘Loren’ 43 años. Navarra
Lucas Ramis, ‘Chase’, 31 años. Madrid
Magda Venegas, 41 años. Barcelona
Mar Garrido, 46 años. Cádiz
María Garrido, ‘Garri’ 25 años. Granada
Mario y Pao Ramírez, ‘Finito’ y ‘Keroseno’, 26 y 25 años. Málaga
Matías Padial, ‘Mati’ 35 años. Mallorca
Mireia Cabañes, 36 años. Valencia
Naiara Gil, ‘Nai’ 35 años. Barcelona
Paula Olmos, ‘Pau’ 25 años. Alicante
Perla Alí, 40 años. Málaga
Pepa Sanz, 54 años. Jaén
Valentín de Prado, ‘Puma’, 39 años. León
Yasel Ochoa, ‘Guyo’ 33 años. Madrid
Yuri de Andrés, 24 años. Madrid

El debate de “El Conquistador”, con Paula Vázquez y Marc Calderó
La primera edición nacional de “El Conquistador” incorpora un programa debate semanal que analizará lo sucedido en la emisión anterior del concurso.

Será un debate en directo realizado desde los estudios de RTVE en Sant Cugat y presentado por dos figuras muy conocidas por la audiencia y vinculadas a RTVE: Paula Vázquez, que ha regresado este verano a La 1 con ‘El puente de las mentiras’, y Marc Calderó, copresentador de ‘Hablando claro’ durante toda la temporada pasada. Estarán al frente de estos programas que ofrecerán contenidos extra a los seguidores de “El Conquistador” y analizarán lo sucedido en el concurso, con la participación de sus protagonistas.

7th September 2023

Prime Video’s new Spanish original series “Romancero” will launch on November 3rd
Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), the series stars Sasha Cócola, Elena Matic, Ricardo Gómez, Guillermo Toledo, Belén Cuesta, Julieta Cardinali and with the special participation of Alba Flores

Today Prime Video unveiled that the Original Spanish series “Romancero” will launch on November 3rd and shared the teaser trailer and first-look images for the series. Romancero is a supernatural thriller written by Fernando Navarro (Venus, Verónica) and directed by Tomás Peña, member of the Manson collective, that will be premiered during the 56 Sitges International Film Festival. Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), “Romancero” will be a part of the savings, convenience and entertainment that Prime members enjoy in a single membership.

“Romancero” brings together an eclectic cast of promising young actors and established stars from Spanish film and television. The cast is led by Sasha Cocola (Techo y comida, Los hombres de Paco) and Elena Matic, who is making her debut in a Spanish series. The cast is completed by Ricardo Gómez (El sustituto, Cuéntame cómo pasó), Guillermo Toledo (Los favoritos de Midas, 7 vidas), and Goya Award winner Belén Cuesta (La trinchera infinita, La llamada). Joining the all-star cast is Argentine actress Julieta Cardinali (El Reino, Maradona: Sueño Bendito), and Alba Flores (La casa de papel, Vis a vis), who makes a special appearance.

Cornelia (Matic) is a girl whose childhood has been stolen. Jordan (Cocola) is not a boy, not a man either. They are two helpless young people escaping from the forces of the law, powerful supernatural creatures, and themselves. “Romancero” is the story of this escape, of the persecuted and the persecutors, set in a deserted and cruel Andalusia, as real as it is mythical, during a nightmare night plagued by demons, witches, and blood drinkers.

With a vibrant narrative, Fernando Navarro and Tomas Peña have drawn from diverse sources such as comics, gothic literature, stories of witches, ghosts and creatures, the poetry of Federico García Lorca and esotericism, all in an atmospheric setting, where the clichés of rural Spain coexist with supernatural creatures, ghostly apparitions, violence, revenge, redemption, and love.

Produced by 100 Balas (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), the series will consist of six half-hour episodes, all taking place in one single night. Laura Fdz. Espero serves a producer, while Javier Méndez, Alejandro Flórez, and Maya Maidagan serve as executive producers from THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO, together with Fernando Navarro.

7th September 2023

Look Images for Season Two of “Iosi, El Espia Arrepentido”, the Spy Thriller Inspired by Real-Life Events
The new season of the critically acclaimed Amazon Original Series will premiere exclusively on Prime Video on October 27

The new episodes address the bombing of the AMIA building, the deadliest terrorist attack in the history of Argentina

Prime Video unveiled the premiere date and first-look images for second season of the Argentinian Amazon Original series “Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido”. The star-packed cast includes Natalia Oreiro (“Casi Muerta”, “Santa Evita”), Gustavo Bassani (“Argentina”, “Tierra de Amor y Venganza”, “Señales del Fin del Mundo”), Mercedes Morán (“Maradona: Sueño Bendito”, “El Reino”), Alejandro Awada (“Historia de un Clan”, “Nueve Reinas”), Carla Quevedo (“Monzón”, “El Secreto de Sus Ojos”), Marco Antonio Caponi (“El Tigre Verón”, “Nadie Nos Mira”), Matías Mayer (“Barrabrava”, “Un Crimen Argentino”), Minerva Casero (“Argentina”, “Tierra de Amor y Venganza”, “Simona”), Damián Dreizik (“Loco Por Vos”, “Los olvidados”) and César Troncoso (“La noche de 12 años”, “Diciembre 2001”) and special appearances by Moran Rosenblatt (“Fauda”, “Hit & Run”) and Itzik Cohen (“Fauda”). The second season of “Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido” will premiere October 27 exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

“Iosi, El Espia Arrepentido” is produced by Oficina Burman (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO), an award-winning team led by series creator and showrunnerDaniel Burman. He also shares directing credits with Sebastián Borensztein, who is also the lead writer, and Martin Hodara (“Nueve Reinas”, “Nieve Negra”).

This season of the series addresses the bombing of the AMIA building, the bloodiest terrorist attack in Argentina’s history, which left hundreds of people dead or injured, as we find our protagonist Iosi still on the run and determined to speak up publicly with the help of a famous journalist when the Israeli Intelligence Services asks him to investigate the Argentinian best kept military secret: the Condor missile.

This new season will join the thousands of movies and TV shows in the Prime Video catalog, including Argentinian produced Amazon Original titles such as ”Barrabrava”, ”Argentina, 1985”, “El Fin del Amor”, “LOL: Last One Laughing Argentina”, ”Porno y Helado” and ”Maradona: Blessed Dream”, as well as award winning and critically acclaimed global Amazon Original series including “Citadel”, ”The Boys”, ”The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power”, “Tom Clancy’s” “Jack Ryan”, and “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, all on Prime Video, which is available at no extra cost for Amazon Prime members.

Prime Video customers will be able to watch the new season of “Iosi, El Espía Arrepentido” anywhere and anytime on the Prime Video app for smart TVs, and mobile devices, and can also stream online mobile devices, Fire TV, Fire TV stick, Fire tablets and Apple TV. In the Prime Video app, Prime members can download the series on their mobile devices and tablets and watch anywhere offline at no additional cost.

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